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A weapon is an item in Stick Ranger. It is used by characters to attack.


    This shows a Long Sabel with a Berserk Card 3 and a Yellow Crystal 3 attached as compo items.


    Stick Ranger - 17th Weapons

    The video shows the 17th weapon for all classes except Rings which should give a clear presentation on how weapons work.

    Weapons can be acquired via the Shop or from enemies. All weapons have slots that allow compo items to be attached to the weapon. Weapons dropped from enemies can hold 2 compo items, while weapons bought from the shop can hold only 1 compo item (excluding some versions of weapons found in the Resort). The second slot is filled with a grey-coloured X (which displays "NG" upon rollover), and no compo items may fit into that slot.

    When a player hovers the mouse cursor on a weapon, regardless if placed in the inventory or equipped, the weapon menu will display its stats, as well as two black boxes at the bottom, representing the two compo item slots of a weapon. If the weapon has a compo item attached, it will be displayed in their respective boxes with the name of the compo item, otherwise the box will be blank and the word "none" is displayed.

    Magical Weapons

    Some weapons have bonus attacks or effects, displayed below the "range" value in the weapon menu. Often, MP is required to activate these bonus attacks. Such weapons are known as magical weapons, and while they can be used without MP, the weapon will not be as effective. Magical weapons are usually of an elemental type. Magicians, Priests, and Gunners do not have any magical weapons, as they do not use MP at all.

    Weapons with Usage Cost

    The only weapons which have usage costs are guns. All guns (except for the starting gun) use bullets which cost gold. It is therefore advised to keep the starting gun at all times, as those bought in the shop only allow one compo item instead of two. Gold is deducted from the player every time the gunner fires a shot. The amount of gold which has to be paid can be reduced by spending SP into MAG, down to a minimum of $1 per shot. Once out of gold, the Gunner still walks into shooting range of the enemies (if auto-move is enabled) and will attempt to shoot, but no bullets appear.

    Weapon Classification

    Each character is automatically equipped with a starting weapon upon creation of a new game. Each individual character class has its unique set of weapons that are unequippable by other classes. For example, a Sniper may only use bows, while a Boxer may only use gloves. Thus, weapons can be classified according to the characters that can equip them.

    Weapons can also be classified according to the depth at which they are found in the game. This is particularly useful when dealing with the Shop - the deeper in the game a weapon is found, the later it will be unlocked for sale in the Shop and the more expensive it will be. Hence, "1st Weapons" refer to the starting weapons, while "34th Weapons" refer to the weapons found deepest in the game (so far). All "19th Weapons" are Resort weapons, and can only be found at the Junk Shop. The Mountaintop (MT) weapons are not counted into the order as they are only available to Snipers and Gunners to avoid confusion that the other classes have missing weapons.

    Weapon List

    Note: So far, all starting (1st) weapons are physical weapons.

    Stick Ranger - Walkthrough, Tips, Review

    Dan-Ball, creators of the Powder Game sandbox games, as well as many other simple, cute Java games, are appealing to the traditional RPG fan with their recent offering Stick Ranger. If you recall Irritation Stickman, the controls are roughly the same, although the pacing is drastically different.

    Create your four-character party by assigning a class to each member—there are the Boxer, the Gladiator, the Sniper, the Magician, and the Priest—and send them on their way through stages with austere backdrops, fighting stick figure monsters for gold, items, weaponry and experience, not forgetting to grab little rice balls to restore HP, of course. You may interfere as you see fit by dragging them around the screen and managing equipment. Note that to exit an area, you have to drag (or, as I like to do, fling) a stickman to (at) the exit.

    The in-game option menu allows you to turn off the autopilot on any character, leaving it to stand slack-jawed as the rest of the party marches on. And you can access the World Map at any time to run away, crying, to the nearest town (although this nullifies your progress through the area you left).

    The town is what you'd expect in a game of this nature: a store with stuff that's inferior to what you find in the field, an inn that heals all wounds, and… citizens? Nope, but there's a Book o' Information you must pay an exorbitant fee to read from. And leveling up is accomplished by clicking the plus sign next to one of four stats (HP, strength, dexterity and magic) you wish to upgrade. All the makings of a fun, if standard, RPG.

    Analysis: Stickman Ranger is certainly physically accessible; the controls are simple, and things move slowly enough that even the most impaired of hands can operate it with minimal risk of total party kills.

    Score one point for Dan-Ball there, but, to be blunt, I don't feel like it delivers on the fun. Stick Ranger feels an awful lot like an ant farm with the trappings of an RPG. Sure, you get to do all the RPG work, but you barely figure into the combat—maybe you drag a guy over to food or smack them into some gold, but it's mostly their game. It's hard to feel involved in a game that runs on autopilot, especially one so abstract.

    The stripped-down look of Dan-Ball games usually lends to their simple charm, especially in the more toy-like games, Powder Game being a perfect example. It also works well in silly, action-oriented games, where you hardly even notice your character. But it unfortunately alienates the player in an RPG, a type of game in which your rapport with the characters is vital.

    Still, as you invest more time in it, the item system is detailed, the combat is more or less balanced, and the world map is quite large. These are merits not to be overlooked.

    Whether you like Stickman Ranger depends on what you're looking for. If you like RPG item management, or exploration, but you can take or leave the hack'n'slash action, Stickman Ranger will suit you fine. If you really need to feel involved with your characters, you will find it less than satisfying.

    Funnyman - Most RPGs work by meticulously balancing the three S's: Story, Skill, and Statistics. The Story involves you emotionally, mastering the required Skill keeps you busy, and the Statistics give you a sense of accomplishment as they grow. If any of the three fail, it can be fatal to the game.

    Stick Ranger takes this finely-tuned technique and throws it out the window. This is a game about Statistics, with only the thinnest veneer of Story and Skill. The game becomes an upwards spiral, with nothing to distract you from the sense of accomplishment when you gain a level or pick up a new item. Like mySQLgame, Stick Ranger strips the genre down to its bare essentials, and it works. If you're looking for a game that pulls at your heartstrings, this isn't it. But if level grinding is one of your guilty pleasures, give it a try.

    Play Stick Ranger

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    The "Player's Class Selection", shown when a new game is started. The selected characters are in the upper row. The classes from which the player can choose from are in the lower row. From right to left: a Gladiator, a Sniper and a Boxer was selected. The fourth character at the left is still unassigned.

    A class (or profession) is an attribute of a character in Stick Ranger. It determines the starting weapon of a character, the weapons a character can equip as well as the stats that increase when SP is invested. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses.

      List of classes

      There are 8 classes overall. Every class has pros and cons, which are listed below.

      A pro [+] means that the class has a certain strength. A neutral [=] fact means that the class can either be beneficial or detrimental depending on the setup and situation the player is in. A con [-] indicates a weakness that the class has.


      • [+] Fastest class in the game (lowest AGI)
      • [+] Great DPS
      • [+] Intense magical attacks
      • [=] Can't handle big mobs well (unless using the Sonic Gloves, equipping an Explosion's Card, having extremely high DPS, and/or having very intense magical attacks like Spark Gloves)
      • [=] Requires a good amount of MP (especially Charge Punch 5)
      • [-] Lowest range in the game (range of 15), that can only be increased indirectly with a Big Card
      • [-] Most flying enemies can kill them easily unless supported by a ranged character
      • [-] Most eels are hard to defeat because they will swim away quickly (unless supported by a ranged character or other melees)


      • [+] Can handle mobs well
      • [+] Twice (or more) the range of a Boxer
      • [+] Flexible min-max AT range
      • [=] Requires a good amount of MP
      • [=] Jumps and gets closer to the enemy while attacking
      • [=] Has a medium amount of range for melee characters, which can only be increased by the Long Sword's Card and Katana's Card
      • [-] Most magical effects are not so intense compared to Boxers and Whippers
      • [-] Can't handle single enemies well compared to other melee characters
      • [-] Most swords do not accept the Bullet's Card


      • [+] High Range that can be increased with STR
      • [+] MP efficient
      • [+] Powerful Poison and Fire attacks
      • [=] Reliable but low AT (can be increased with DEX and Red/Yellow Crystal)
      • [=] Extremely effective at dealing with enemies far away but less effective at defeating nearby enemies (except for using Shot type bows, or at extreme close range)
      • [-] Enemies can dodge slower attacks
      • [-] Limited weapon types available
      • [-] Attacks can be blocked by the terrain (unless using the Pierce's Card, Fire Shot, Pierce Arrow or Flame Shot)


      • [+] Can be both supportive or damaging
      • [+] Intense magical effects
      • [+] Does not require MP
      • [+] Attacks usually come with many bullets
      • [+] Most orbs start with a decent range (usually 80 or 90)
      • [=] Many orbs are good at dealing with many enemies at once, but are less effective against single enemies.
      • [-] High AGI (can be improved with DEX/Quick's Card to some extent)
      • [-] Some attacks can be blocked by the terrain


      • [+] Can increase AT and Defense of all characters within the range of the Priest
      • [+] Range can be improved with MAG and/or a Catapult's Card
      • [+] Most staves' attacks ignore terrain and cannot miss
      • [+] Can handle mobs well for most staves
      • [+] Long staves start with high range
      • [+] Does not require MP
      • [+] Has weapons of all 6 types
      • [=] Attacking mobs very close together with some staves results in one of the enemies taking all the damage and the other(s) taking none (except when using staves that deal splash damage)
      • [=] Most staves start with mid range (usually 70)
      • [-] Most staves have low AT and weak magical effects (except for example some late-game Poison/Thunder staves)
      • [-] High AGI (80-90) which can only be lowered with Quick's Card
      • [-] Most staves can't handle single enemies well
      • [-] Lower vertical range than other classes
      • [-] Lower LP multiplier in VS mode


      • [+] High AT at medium range of usually 50 or 60
      • [=] Various AGI ranges for different guns
      • [=] Few but powerful magical weapons
      • [-] Burns money on most guns (except the starting gun)
      • [-] Most attacks are blocked by terrain (unless equipped with a Pierce's Card or weapons that have piercing projectiles such as Laser Gun)
      • [-] Cannot increase range without using the Catapult's Card, however can be ineffective for some guns depending on the level of the card as the projectiles eventually disappear after a short distance or crash on the ground due to gravity before reaching the enemy (can be fixed with a Reflection Card for Cannon like Weapons).
      • [-] Lower LP multiplier in VS mode


      • [+] Intense magical effects
      • [+] Can increase amount of projectiles of magical attacks without using a Bullet's Card (when using a Bullet's Card, the effect is calculated after the increment by the Bullet statistic)
      • [+] High range compared with other melee characters, which can be increased indirectly with the Big Card
      • [+] Can attack flying enemies easily with certain weapons
      • [+] Can attack mobs like a Gladiator
      • [+] Has weapons of all 6 types
      • [=] When the character makes an attempt to attack an enemy and misses, it is possible to drag the Whipper to a flying enemy high in the air and hurting them by just the ball of the whip touching the enemy (will not work when travelling to another room)
      • [-] Most whips have low Physical AT
      • [-] Whips require very high MP
      • [-] Most whips have low accuracy


      • [+] Fairly intense magical effects
      • [+] Has better range than average Gunner
      • [+] Rings fly around the target, hitting all enemies around it
      • [+] All rings penetrate through terrain and enemies, damaging them as the ring returns to the Angel
      • [+] Has more LP than the other ranged classes
      • [+] Has a decent DPS for ranged characters (e.g. with the Fire God)
      • [=] Can increase amount of rings with DEX and Ring's Card, with a maximum amount of 6
      • [=] Most rings act like Fire-type weapons (can linger around and pierce enemies), even though its elemental type might not necessarily be Fire
      • [=] Rings have a unique system for how frequently a ring can damage enemies during its flight. Most rings have an ability to hit enemies 2 times per second for each ring. This rate is independent from AGI and thus cannot be increased with a Quick's Card.
      • [-] Weapons require an intense amount of MP; many more than whips, especially Charge Chakram 6 with 600 MP (highest in the game so far)
      • [-] Cannot increase range without using a Catapult's Card
      • [-] Rings must come back to the angel before being thrown again, making Quick's Card not very useful (unless having high DEX and/or a low range, and/or is attacking a large spreaded group of enemies)

      Selecting classes for a team

      When starting a new game, the player's first task will be to assign a class to each of the four characters. Thereafter, the characters' classes may not be changed. Typical recommendations to new players for the class selection are:

      • Choose four different classes.
      • Or, at least one character should have a melee class (Boxer/Gladiator/Whipper), which is good against fast ground enemies, and at least one character should have a ranged class (Sniper/Magician/Priest/Gunner/Angel), which is good against slower, flying enemies.
      • The Priest is also recommended because of its supportive aura, but a 4 Priest team is not the best choice since it has low damage in the beginning, but, it can become very strong later.
      • If the team is going to have two melee characters, it's suggested to have a Boxer and a Gladiator/Whipper. The Boxer can serve as a living shield (also known as "wall"/"tank") while the Gladiator or the Whipper can safely deal with any mobs by attacking behind it. The same effect can be accomplished with the Gladiator and Angel.
      • Beginners are not recommended to have more than 1 Gunner as it's easy to run out of money. Players should always keep the starting gun in case they run out of money. Blue Stones and investing MAG can help reduce the cost of the Gun Shot but cannot be reduced below 1, which does not lower it very much. Though it may seem fun using guns as weapons, the fun won't last long without money for each bullet, and even one single gunner can cause a rather massive dent in money for weapons, items, and revival.
      • Magical attacks and effects can be very efficient, so a Magician can be helpful and are extremely versatile. Some classes also can have intense magical attacks if SP is invested properly.
      • A useful setup for beginners is: 1 Sniper/Gunner. If you pick the Gunner, then have a Priest to help with costs. Have a Gladiator or a Whipper. Pick your remaining classes by choosing 1 ranged and 1 melee, or if you have the Gunner, Priest and Gladiator/Whipper, pick a Boxer.


      When the game was first created, only four classes existed: Boxer, Gladiator, Sniper, and Magician. The Priest was added in ver2.2 BETA, the Gunner was added in ver3.4 BETA, the Whipper was added in ver6.3, and the Angel was added in ver9.2.

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      Orbs are weapons that are used by Magicians. While only the Ice Orb 6 and Thunder Orb 6 have the word "orb" in their weapon names, all of them are shaped like spheres, hence the name. The name of orbs often refer to their elemental type. Orbs tend to have higher damage and more intense magical effects than other weapons, but, in exchange, have higher AGI and therefore a lower rate of fire than most other weapons. Instead of name differences like most other weapons have between levels, orbs have differences in the icon outlines: level 1-2 orbs more or less just have a simple orb as their icon, at levels 3-4, they gain a sparkly bit on the upper left part of the icon, at level 5-6, it looks as though there's two thin rings circling the orbs, and at level 7-8, there is a single fiery ring within a cloud surrounding a small point of light, and the orb's edge cannot be seen. Orbs have 5 types: Physical, Fire, Thunder, Ice, and Freeze.

      Icon Weapon LV AT PC AGI Range Type MP Bonus AT RPC Dropped by Buy Sell Magic 5-10 1 80-90 90 Physical 100 12 Note: Starting weapon. It is the only orb with type Physical. Explosion 1 5-10 1 80-90 90 Fire 5-10 1 (OS) 250 31 Note: Shoots a ball like the Magic, but creates an explosion upon hitting enemies or the terrain dealing splash damage. The explosion is large enough to penetrate the thinnest floating panels, dealing damage to enemies on the other side. Adding a Garnet to it will make the explosion stay longer if it hasn't hit an enemy yet. Ice 1 5-10 1 80-90 90 Ice Slow 30% (GL1) 500 62 Fire 1 2-6 1 80-90 80 Fire 2-6 (Burn 8%) 1 (GL2) 750 93 Note: Shoots a fire which turns into a ground fire upon collision with said ground. The fire shot lasts for 2s, while the ground fire lasts for 4s and deals splash damage. A Garnet can increase both the time of the fire shot and the ground fire produced. Equipping a Guide's Card makes it effective on flying enemies and most fish, but ineffective against some ground enemies. Thunder 1 1-30 3 80-90 80 Thunder (GL5) 1000 125 Note: 3 bolts of lightning appear in the sky and travel straight toward the enemy. It can be equipped with a Bullet's Card to increase the number of bolts to 4, 5, 6, or 9 thus increasing damage by 33%, 67%, 100%, or 200%. Freeze 2 5-10 1 80-90 90 Freeze Freeze time 1.0s (GL7) 1500 187 Note: Shoots a bolt that freezes enemies, even in midair. Very effective on fast enemies. It is recommended to equip a Quick's Card, a Diamond, and have 30 DEX on the Magician to help keep enemies constantly frozen. It is not as effective on bosses or freeze-immune enemies. Blizzard 2 5-10 9 120-135 90 Ice Slow 30% (CG) 2000 250 Note: This is an improvement of the "Ice" orb. It summons a blizzard, and it occurs near an enemy within the Magician's range. 9 hailstones drop from mid-air onto the ground. The hailstones are staggered, and the orb can be equipped with a Bullet's Card to increase hailstones dropped to 10, 11, 15, 18 or 20. This orb is effective when used against a group of enemies or big enemies, and useful for defeating the Castle Boss. Volcano 2 2-6 1 120-135 80 Fire 2-6 (Burn 5%) 9 (F1) 2500 312 Note: This is an improvement of the "Fire" orb. Shoots a pellet which lasts for 2s, and spews 9 fires upon contact with the ground. Each fire damages individually, does splash damage and lasts for 2s. It does very high damage, making it an ideal weapon for the early parts of the game. The Garnet can also increase both the time of the pellet and the fire produced. A Ruby is also recommended for even more damage. Thunder Storm 2 1-30 12 120-135 90 Thunder (CV1) 3000 375 Note: This is an improvement of the "Thunder" orb. It is similar to the Blizzard orb; If an enemy is within the Magician's range, 12 lightning bolts drop from mid-air onto the ground and do individual damage. The lightning bolts are staggered, and the orb can be equipped with a Bullet's Card to increase lightning bolts dropped to 13, 14, 18, 21, or 24. This orb is effective when used against a group of enemies or big enemies. Delta Explosion 3 10-20 3 80-90 80 Fire (S2) 4000 500 Note: This is an improvement of the "Explosion" orb. If an enemy is within the Magician's range, 3 oval-shaped explosions occur when the Magician attacks that can deal damage to nearby enemies. It penetrates enemies and thin panels, making it an ideal weapon in crowded areas, such as ??? , and can be equipped with a Bullet's Card to increase the number of explosions to 4, 5, 6, or 9. Adding a Garnet will cause the explosion to last longer if it hasn't hit an enemy yet, and a Guide's Card will cause the explosions to turn around, hitting the enemy if it hasn't already. Icicle 3 15-25 1 80-90 90 Ice Slow 35% (S4) 4500 562 Note: This orb fires a short icicle that slows the enemy down. Can be considered an improved version of the Ice orb. Fire Rise 3 2-6 5 80-90 80 Fire Burn 3% (SM1) 5000 625 Note: This is an improvement of the "Fire" orb. This orb fires five flames in a U-shaped path toward the enemy. Each flame lasts for 2s. The amount that the flames curve upward makes them ineffective against low-lying enemies such as Walkers and Trees. A Guide's Card is a good choice for this weapon, which makes the fire home. Adding a Garnet will also increase the range of this weapon, and adding a Bullet's Card will increase the number of flames. This is not an ideal weapon for VS mode, because the fire goes up and ends up dealing very little damage. Big Thunder 3 1-150 1 80-90 80 Thunder (MG2) 5500 687 Note: Fires a large lightning bolt that passes through terrain and deals splash damage. It is a very useful weapon on strong enemies and bosses, although the Thunder orb can potentially deal more damage because AT increases are multiplied by the number of bolts. Also, Thunder orb can be equipped with a Bullet's Card to increase damage whereas the Big Thunder cannot. It is recommended to equip a Quick's Card and a Topaz so it deals greater damage in a shorter time. Big Icicle 4 10-20 1 80-90 90 Freeze Freeze time 1.0s (MG3) 6000 750 Note: Similar to Big Thunder, the projectiles of this weapon can pass through terrain and deal splash damage. It can be considered an improved version of the Freeze orb, although the Freeze length is the same. If this orb is equipped with a Quick's Card and a Diamond, then its Freeze length will be long enough to keep a non-resistant enemy constantly frozen. It is highly recommended for levels with large numbers of enemies such as Seaside 4, Mist Grove 2, ??? and Snowfield 7, as the projectile can hit as many as 20 enemies at once, and it can help keep other team members alive for that amount of time. Ice Meteor 4 100-150 1 120-135 90 Ice 10-15, Slow 30% 9 (D1) 6500 812 Note: Fires a fast-moving projectile that splits into 9 randomly aimed projectiles when hitting ground or an enemy that slows enemies on impact. This is also an effective weapon for the VS mode. The projectiles cannot be guided with the Guide's Card, but that is not a big problem because they don't do much damage. Priests with high STR are very useful for this weapon. Super Volcano 4 2-6 1 120-135 80 Fire 4-8 (Burn 5%) 15 (D4) 7000 875 Note: Just like Volcano, it shoots a pellet which produces fire. However, when it hits the ground, it shoots the fire residues upwards (because of that, this orb can deal with flying enemies, sometimes) and less horizontally than Volcano. Also, 15 fire is produced instead of 9. As a result, it will deal more damage to a single enemy and the enemies around it. Both the pellet and the fire residue last for 2s and can be increased at the same time with a Garnet, but only the fire residue deals splash damage. Thunder Spear 4 1-30 24 120-135 90 Thunder (O) 7500 937

      Note: Similar to Thunder Storm, but it summons 24 thunder bolts straight down at the enemy. Highly effective on large, slow enemies, especially when there is a Bullet's Card 4 equipped, which will double the amount of bullets to 48. Fast enemies, however, can simply move out of the way to avoid most of the spears. When a Guide's Card is added, the spears that miss will travel on the ground towards other enemies because the spears linger on the ground for a short moment when hitting it and can sometimes shoot at an angle if the enemy moves when it shoots.

      Time Explosion 5 20-40 1 80-90 80 Fire 15-25 10 (D7) 8000 1000 Note: Releases a pellet that rolls on the ground. The pellet explodes into 10 heat gases dealing splash damage when an enemy touches the pellet, or when the pellet hits the wall. Using a Pierce's Card on this weapon is counterproductive as the pellet will drop through the ground and cannot deal damage. A Guide's Card will be helpful in VS mode. A Quick's Card will make it release more pellets in a shorter time, making it easier to defeat bosses with high LP. This weapon is useful when dealing with grouped enemies. Atomic Ray 5 10-20 1 80-90 90 Fire Burn 8% (Resort) 8500/85000 1062 Note: Releases a laser beam that travels in a linear fashion that can bounce off the ground. Equipping a Guide's Card to this and using it against crowds of flying enemies will devastate them, as the projectile's fairly slow movement will allow it to make 360° turns and continuously hit enemies in the crowd. If the Magician uses this weapon in Cavern Stages, the laser beam bounces in great numbers, damaging loads of enemies with a single shot. The beam lasts for 20 seconds. Attaching a Guide's Card (preferably of the highest possible level) and a Knockback's Card 4 or 5 can cause this weapon to take enemies off on a rather damaging ride (especially with high MAG), allowing the Magician to turn their attention to other enemies. Ice Spike 5 15-25 1 80-90 90 Ice 5-15, Slow 40% 3 (CV4) 8500 1062 Note: Shoots a needle similar to Icicle, but splits into 3 more needles upon hit which can bounce off terrain. This weapon is very good for slowing down bosses with an Aquamarine 6 (Slow 70%). However, its low damage makes it not suitable for dealing large amounts of damage (unless when equipped with a Sapphire and lots of MAG). Inferno 5 2-6 7 80-90 60 Fire Burn 3% (SF2) 9000 1125 Note: Shoots 7 heat gases in a straight line. Equipping a Guide's Card makes the gases home on enemies, which makes them clump up in a fireball, dealing far more damage to enemies. Adding a Bullet's Card 4 and investing SP in MAG can make this attack rather deadly. Each heat gas lasts for 4s. A Magician with a high range may not be able to handle this weapon well because the heat gases move slowly and may disappear before reaching the enemies. A Garnet may help in this situation if the range is not too high. Before ver11.2, this weapon had a range of 80, making this the first weapon to be weakened. Electric Shock 5 1-20 30 80-90 30 Thunder (SF4) 9500 1187 Note: Produces 30 thunderbolts spreading out slightly at the same position one by one. A Bullet's Card can increase the number of thunderbolts to 31, 32, 36, 52, 60 or 67. It also has the lowest range among all orbs, and because of this, a Catapult's Card or high STR is highly recommended so the deadly effect of this weapon can be executed at a safe distance. It is very deadly with a Bullet's Card 4 and a Catapult's Card 5 on a Magician with very high MAG, as the AT boost is multiplied by 60 bolts and the range is high enough to keep the Magician safe. Freeze Explosion 6 5-10 6 80-90 90 Freeze Freeze time 0.2s (SF5) 10000 1250

      Note: This weapon behaves like the Delta Explosion: 6 large freezing one-arrows will appear if an enemy enters the Magician's range. While Delta Explosion will pierce terrain, this attack will bounce off terrain instead. Although this weapon can potentially keep a group frozen more reliably than Big Icicle due to the fact that it's arrows always spread out evenly from the center of the nearest enemy, whereas Big Icicle comes in from somewhat random angles, it's much lower freeze time means the Magician will likely need at least 30 DEX, a Diamond, and a Quick's Card of the highest available levels to reliably keep a group frozen solid. If enemies with lots of strong resistances are encountered, this weapon has extremely deadly damage potential for decimating them with Bullet's Card 4 or 5 and Quick's Card 5 if the Magician has lots of MAG, as freeze damage cannot be reduced by enemy resistances. Even with such large DPS, it is still not recommended on single enemies except for the biggest ones and those immune to all types.

      Ice Orb 6 0-0 1 120-135 60 Ice 10-15, Slow 30% 50% (SF8) 11000 1375 Note: Fires a slow-moving projectile that does no damage, but constantly produces slowing needles like the attack from the White Boss Vampire Tree. However, the attack from this orb does not have the bouncing capabilities like the attack from the boss. Equipping a Guide's Card will increase the moving speed of the ball when the attack homes towards the enemies. Extremely deadly at close range with about 75 DEX, a Quick's Card 5 or a Sapphire 5, and a Guide's Card 5, dealing massive damage to anything not resistant to Ice type damage. It is useless at high range as the effect lasts for just 3s and the slow-moving orb cannot reach enemies in that amount of time. It is worth mentioning that, despite the fact that the orb itself can gain AT from investing SP into MAG, it will never truly do damage directly. Before ver12.7, this weapon had a range of 90. Lava 6 2-6 1 120-135 80 Fire 6-9 (Burn 5%) 30 (SF9) 12000 1500 Note: Shoots a pellet which produces fire like Volcano and Super Volcano. However, this orb produces 30 fire with splashing capabilities which slides on ground in one direction. Both the pellet and the fire lasts for 2s, and they can be further increased with a Garnet. Thunder Orb 6 0-0 1 120-135 60 Thunder 1-90 25% (F6) 13000 1625 Note: Essentially the Thunder type variant of the Ice Orb 6. This orb shoots a harmless ball which produces mines that deal thunder damage like the attack from the Yellow Boss Box Eel (Oasis). The projectile also travels faster than the Ice Orb, and lasts slightly longer (4s), effectively increasing range. A Guide's Card may be used to let the harmless ball stay on one enemy for a longer time, causing more mines to spawn on top of the enemy, dealing more damage. While it doesn't have as big a problem with higher range as Ice Orb does, it still runs into one of Ice Orb's problems; past LV 39, the 75 DEX mark, there are no further ways to boost the damage or usefulness by leveling up. This means, like the Ice Orb, it's most useful in the hands of a lower level team that's aiming for really good weapons for lower rank VS Mode. Spread Explosion 7 20-40 10 80-90 80 Fire 30-50 1 (h4) 15000 1875 Note: Shoots out 10 pellets in the same fashion as the Yellow Demon Eel which bounce off terrain. After 1s of pellet creation, when they hit an enemy, it will explode dealing splash damage. Essentially a stronger version of the Time Explosion 5, albeit with less splash clouds after detonation, but an averagely higher splash range, and massively increased damage as a result of the heavy increase of projectiles. When combined with a high-level Quick's Card and a Bullet's Card 6, the Magician will be spewing the projectiles out at an alarmingly rapid rate. A Guide's Card and/or a Pierce's Card will also be useful in reducing waste caused by the rather great spread of projectiles or aiming at ground enemies blocked by raised terrain. Ice Bolt 7 25-35 3 80-90 90 Ice Slow 45% (H6) 16000 2000 Note: Essentially a fusion of the Thunder 1 and Icicle 3 orbs. This weapon is very good for slowing down bosses when equipped with an Aquamarine 7 (Slow 80%). A Quick's Card or a Bullet's Card may also help in damage. Before ver16.0, this weapon was bought for $15000 and sold for $1875. Hell Fire 7 2-6 30 80-90 40 Fire Burn 5% (IF2) 17000 2125 Note: Spews out 30 heat clouds at close range. The clouds, while densely packed, travel slowly and lasts for 1.6s so a Garnet is recommended to increase the effective range of the weapon. Alternatively, combining this weapon with a max level Bullet's Card and Guide's Card makes an incredibly powerful short ranged weapon that can shred enemies not resistant to fire, in a similar fashion to the Flame Sabel 4. Lightning 7 1-90 30 80-90 80 Thunder (CV7) 18000 2250 Note: Shoots 30 sparks towards the target like the magical effect of the Thunder Rings. The sparks do not bounce off terrain like the Rings though. Combined with the Quick's Card 7 and Bullet's Card 7, this attack can deal incredible amounts of damage to enemies and big targets, such as bosses. However, it lacks the useful utility of appearing directly on top of an enemy, like the Electric Shock 5, though it deals much more raw damage than the Electric Shock. Permafrost 8 15-25 6 80-90 90 Freeze Freeze time 0.6s (CV8) 19000 2375 Note: Essentially an upgrade of the Freeze Explosion 6. This weapon creates blazes instead of one arrows, and has tripled freezing time and increased AT. The increased freeze time makes this weapon far more reliable at freezing hordes at once than the Freeze Explosion 6, making this essentially a straight upgrade. Ice Missile 8 0-0 3 120-135 90 Ice 10-15, Slow 30% 90% (H7) 20000 2500 Note: Essentially an upgraded Ice Orb 6. Shoots 3 harmless bullets which constantly produces clouds as the main hit. The bullets travel much faster and further than the orb from Ice Orb 6 even though the effect time is reduced to 2s, making this weapon viable on also Magicians with semi-high range. However, the projectiles have no bouncing or piercing capabilities like the Ice Orb 6. Pyroclastic Flow 8 2-6 1 120-135 90 Fire 9-12 (Burn 5%) 50% (H8) 21000 2625 Note: Shoots a pellet which leaves a trail of fire. The fire falls slowly, slides on terrain and deals splash damage. The pellet lasts for 4s while the fire lasts for 3s. Overall this weapon is much more effective on flying enemies and/or at long range, but Lava can be a stronger alternative at close range and/or if there is a need of focused damage. Equipping a Guide's Card 7 can cause the pellet to chain along groups of enemies at long ranges, and remain on top of enemies at short ranges. Both of these will increase the time the pellet remains on screen, as will a Reflection Card 4. Thunderbolt 8 0-0 1 120-135 90 Thunder 1-999 1 (HG) 22000 2750 Note: Shoots a ball which does minimal damage, and releases a large vertical laser that cuts through the whole screen like the Grey Big Box Snake's attack when it hits an enemy or the terrain. The laser deals splash damage. Equipping a Topaz or investing SP into MAG will also increase the AT of the ball above 0, which in turn allows the AT of the ball be affected by the Priest's Aura (AT). Because the laser has roughly 11 times the AT of a bullet from Lightning 7 (which naturally shoots 30 bullets), in order to match Lightning 7's compoless DPS on a Magician with 75 DEX the big laser needs to hit at least 3 enemies every shot; counting for Bullet's Card 7 on the Lightning 7 (bringing its bullet count to 75), the big laser would need to hit at least 7 enemies per shot. As such, while this weapon has the potential to quickly decimate a crowd of enemies that are swarming the Magician, it will usually be inferior to Lightning 7 in most scenarios.

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      #tiUfEF0D 2017/10/24 21:49

      COMMENTS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i angry :/


      #tiUfEF0D 2017/10/23 18:36

      @U HAVE 2 VOTE!!!stop it idiot

      U HAVE 2 VOTE!!!

      #oivMsWIR 2017/10/23 12:23

      SR = RAGE GAME

      Dark Doctor

      #UssduMir 2017/10/22 21:40

      Also, ha55ii wouldn't remove a game he worked hard and long on.

      Dark Doctor

      #UssduMir 2017/10/22 21:36

      Because he's upset that PG and/or PG2 are not getting updates and neither is SR. Besides it wouldn't matter if he got rid of SR because we still have modding.


      #tiUfEF0D 2017/10/22 17:15

      @U HAVE 2 VOTE!!!go the hell !this game is cool !why you hate this game ?!

      U HAVE 2 VOTE!!!

      #oivMsWIR 2017/10/22 14:13

      Stick Ranger SU.CKS!!!!!!!ha55ii PLEASE REMOVE THIS GAME FOR DAN-BALL FOREVER!!!!!!!!Powder Game ,Aqua Box, 100bit, Rockets, Ham Race, Irritation Stickman,etc. are BETTER THAN SR.SR SU.CKS!!!! >:(


      #2xxXEq6h 2017/10/21 16:29

      A heads up for ha55ii, somebody route this to him, the desert heat animation is not working. The heat waves in the background are supposed to be moving and were before. I've been meaning to post this for a while.


      #Uh48cZZD 2017/10/20 22:31

      to play the mods, but to use with other things, I prefer the Chrome


      #Uh48cZZD 2017/10/20 22:30

      I always use firefox


      #orMlzzo2 2017/10/20 03:47

      do not use chrome to play mods. best option is electron, but if for some reason you dont want to use that, use firefox

      Le Ronan

      #l0BfXzrn 2017/10/20 02:12

      @nitro567How do you get your mod to work with chrome? I unzipped the folder and the html is chrome by default but when I open it the game window doesn't appear, just the BG and get/set bar.


      #8i6Uazku 2017/10/18 22:19

      I like turtles!


      #tiUfEF0D 2017/10/18 17:58



      #MfemCi86 2017/10/18 15:20

      hey do you guys like eggs

      Lightning Lord

      #QPzQXSKS 2017/10/18 08:18



      #D5Zdki7l 2017/10/16 11:01

      @Dark DoctorThat's like saying North Korea is irrelevant....Oh wait.


      #tiUfEF0D 2017/10/16 01:13

      oh wait its "This PC"and i can copydone now its hereI cried in vain -_-


      #tiUfEF0D 2017/10/16 01:06

      my computer IS GONE NOOOOOOO !I DON'T KNOW WHY !

      Dark Doctor

      #UssduMir 2017/10/15 23:23

      VS mode is irrelevant


      #2xxXEq6h 2017/10/15 14:10

      Update: eocb's really good team falls the majority of the time to the following party: Char,LP,STR,DEX,MAG,Weapon,Compo,CompoPriest,0,196,0,0,InfernoRod7,BlackCrystal7,RedStone7Priest,0,196,0,0,InfernoRod7,BlackCrystal7,RedStone7Gunner,0,98,98,0,RailGun7,QuicksCard7,Catapult7Gunner,0,98,98,0,RailGun7,QuicksCard7,Catapult7The noted team is not undefeatable, though. It can be beat with a really good tank used as a block while snipers nail the priests and gunners.


      #2xxXEq6h 2017/10/15 12:40

      There is a Rank S team called "try me" by eocb. You guys should see if you can beat it, it is one of the toughest teams I've versed.


      #9vjxBgNL 2017/10/14 18:05

      Nothing to share!Nothing to DO!Ahhh!


      #StWzwMxl 2017/10/14 15:37

      @LB85: Don't you know yourself?


      #9vjxBgNL 2017/10/14 03:38

      Here am I...This place is scary...I Dont know anyone!


      #7IDjFjOu 2017/10/13 19:45 is more active than powder gsme 1.Also I have stick tsnger.All wizard.pretty high level but Im stuck ın a boss.Any tips?

      Lightning Lord

      #QPzQXSKS 2017/10/12 06:19

      it's on my laptop because that what i use to work on it.


      #A49zb0aG 2017/10/11 21:49

      if version 4.0 is in your laptop, what are you waiting to launch?


      #tiUfEF0D 2017/10/11 02:28

      @Dark Doctorokay

      Dark Doctor

      #UssduMir 2017/10/11 01:41

      There is a 0.001% chance that v4.0 will be done tomorrow.


      #JHKRhKcD 2017/10/10 02:35

      @powergggggghuhhhh sorryi'm having no progress in my mods:P

      Dark Doctor

      #UssduMir 2017/10/10 01:17

      Guy's I never said 4.0 was done XD


      #tiUfEF0D 2017/10/09 02:20

      @marcossanchesits not done ?!come on dude !


      #tiUfEF0D 2017/10/08 17:04

      @Dark Doctorreally ? verison 4.0 its not here

      Dark Doctor

      #UssduMir 2017/10/08 09:30

      On my laptop.


      #NdypcPM1 2017/10/08 07:25

      @Dark Doctorversion 4.0? where

      Dark Doctor

      #UssduMir 2017/10/08 05:30

      @OmegaNo thanks


      #tiUfEF0D 2017/10/07 15:20

      @Lightning Lordthank you


      #D5Zdki7l 2017/10/07 12:38

      The only thing I can say here now is...█▀▄▀█ █▀▀█ █▀▀▄ █▀▄▀█ █░░█ █▀▀█ █▀▀ █▀▀█░▀░█ █░░█ █░░█ █░▀░█ █▄▄█ █▄▄█ ▀▀█ ▀▀█▀░░░▀ ▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀░ ▀░░░▀ ▄▄▄█ ▀░░▀ ▀▀▀ ▀▀▀

      Lightning Lord

      #QPzQXSKS 2017/10/07 12:03

      version 4.0


      #tiUfEF0D 2017/10/05 16:21

      oh my god stop please

      Dark Doctor

      #UssduMir 2017/10/05 10:25

      tfw you're bad a stickranger.


      #MfemCi86 2017/10/05 10:24

      @powergggggghI have a suggestion for you: put duct tape on the back of your dog. It will make it last longer on walks to the airport when you're claiming reimbursement money.


      #5EcgArGT 2017/10/04 13:33

      @AdamsRadThe Angel has Charge Ring 2; a weapon that's among the best PvE weapons in the entire game in my opinion. Just keep upgrading the Ruby and Garnet on it every chance you get all the way up to tier 7 for each. Charge Ring 2 can even handle many situations better than Fire God 7 can. 60 DEX 100 MAG rest LP works wonders for the Charge Ring 2.The other decent weapons for the Angel are: Thunder God 7 w/ 90 MAG, 100 DEX, Bullet's 7, + Ring's 6 can utterly destroy many enemies; Quick God 8 w/ 50 MAG, 100 DEX, Bullet's 7, + Ring's 6 can do some decent splashing physical DPS; and Thorn God 8 can rip up a flying swarm with 160 MAG, 30 DEX, Bullet's 7, + Ring's 6.


      #orMlzzo2 2017/10/03 07:03

      i use Angelfav class for sure


      #qoIU6p2L 2017/10/03 05:34

      Does anyone actually use the angel?


      #JjXI41O8 2017/10/03 02:08

      For the whipper I suggest:MAG =(50), DEX =(Rest)Weapon: Explosion Whip 2Compo: Quick's Card (best you can get, the better)Compo2: Bullet's Card (Since with 146 DEX the Whipper stays with 29+ bullets so you can use Bullet's 4, 6, or 7)


      #5EcgArGT 2017/10/03 00:11

      Angel: 30 DEX 100 MAG rest LP (Charge Ring 2 should carry you through most of the game)Magician: 30 DEX (optional 24~60 MAG) rest STR (can easily handle flying enemies + outrange some tougher enemies that you don't want your melees near)Gladiator: 26 MAG rest LP (main tank, can make effective use of Lightsabers and Flame-series swords)Whipper: 1 MAG rest DEX. (I jest. Try to find a more optimal build than this lol xD Just don't invest in STR no matter what; STR is the definition of "useless" for Whippers, don't be fooled by the existence of the Iron-series whips)


      #4UTdbUKR 2017/10/02 04:19

      Could someone help me? I have a Gladiator, a Whipper, an Angel, and a Magician. What kinds of builds should make?

      Dark Doctor

      #UssduMir 2017/10/01 22:55

      I cant find it

      Fire InThe hole

      #j7nWv87q 2017/10/01 16:13

      On that note, join the DBCB Discord, if you want. There's a whole channel dedicated to mod downloads and updates. (I know the link's been posted before; I'll only post it if people can't find it.)


      #2xxXEq6h 2017/09/30 15:46

      I can see that things have definitely become interesting since last I played this game. I've never modded it before, and I'm quite curious about this x8 stickmen thing that Lightning Lord created. How do I install it?


      #MfemCi86 2017/09/30 06:21

      ...Who even IS Stick Ranger, by the way?


      #gqe3yqDi 2017/09/28 03:36

      if I had a dolar for every letter that I saw on the internet I would go to mars or something


      #tiUfEF0D 2017/09/28 00:09

      @Dark Doctorok sorry---LL's Mod v(3.5)

      Dark Doctor

      #UssduMir 2017/09/27 23:40

      @powergggggghPlease, refer it to as "LL's mod".


      #5EcgArGT 2017/09/27 15:44

      ... "Ice Meteor Magician knockback capabilities" Lmao no xDOn the other hand, "Ice Missile w/ Quick's for deadly ranged DPS" sounds *almost* plausible. Not quite though; because Sapphire 7, Bullet's 5, Guide's 7, and Quick's 7 all together would be the bare minimum to make it actually at all deadly against crowds and particularly larger enemies. So unless someone makes at least a 3-compo mod if not a 4-compo mod, no "dice" for that idea.That utter gibberish tho; gotta love the COMMENT BOT >.> xD


      #h4LXayCp 2017/09/27 11:57

      @Omega16so im on ice meteor magician knockback capabilities comes out on his talk about stick ranger keep just talking about ice missile quicks for a deadly ranged damager or the dicier quicks is the sniper can find more modsbut i beat it to beat it sounds like atomic ray with nothing.


      #A49zb0aG 2017/09/25 21:38

      @OmegaPiratePlease, politics no. the world is already full of people arguing politics, lets keep just talking about stick ranger ok??


      #J6zxNgtx 2017/09/25 09:53

      @RDB & DarkIf I had a nickel for every time someone typed something stupid into the internet, I would still have no money because the far-right steals all of it.


      #tiUfEF0D 2017/09/23 23:39

      no one comments againgoddamnit


      #tiUfEF0D 2017/09/23 17:40

      @Dark Doctori can't wait "My Stick Ranger Mod! v(4.0)" :P


      #5EcgArGT 2017/09/23 17:11

      Lol, if Google had a penny for every word every person using the internet typed, *they'd* be rich. Oh wait....

      Dark Doctor

      #UssduMir 2017/09/22 23:40

      @RadiantDarkBlazeIf I had a penny for every word you type, I'd be rich.


      #5EcgArGT 2017/09/22 14:58

      @Mont314That's "Thunder 1"; not "Lightning 1"~ ;P I don't think of Thunder 1 as a suitable knockback weapon myself, but it at least won't ever pull enemies backwards like Atomic Ray 5 can on occasion. Bullet's 5 + Knockback's 5 is probably most suitable because of the lower projectile count, however you'll really have to hope that the first knockback shot comes out by the second shot or the enemies will probably get too close and attack.


      #ThE7mUFZ 2017/09/22 06:31

      @RDBHe asked a question. I gave an answer. That's all there is to it.Side note: Got a Discord, finally. Tried to find the Dan-Ball link but came up with nothing.


      #tiUfEF0D 2017/09/22 01:38

      @Dark Doctoroh sorry


      #YMHFdv8f 2017/09/22 01:26

      @RadiantDarkBlazeThat thunder-type magician orb in Grassland 5. It shoots 3 thunder straight at [email protected] must register an account in order to use that feature.


      #WWIbgETo 2017/09/22 00:09

      ummmm how do i fix the user registration is required pls help:(

      Dark Doctor

      #UssduMir 2017/09/21 23:59

      @powergggggghNope, just signed in.


      #tiUfEF0D 2017/09/21 15:24

      @Lightning Lordyou copy name ?

      Lightning Lord

      #QPzQXSKS 2017/09/21 02:53

      Quick note, Ill be "Lightning Lord" when im on pc and "Dark Doctor" when im on mobile.

      Lightning Lord

      #QPzQXSKS 2017/09/21 02:41



      #tiUfEF0D 2017/09/20 17:12

      @RadiantDarkBlazeoh hey new video again


      #5EcgArGT 2017/09/20 09:37

      Oh; I was typing that comment, left it to do other things for a bit, then came back + posted without refreshing the page first. Yes, the Sniper can also do really good knockback; in fact does much better than Magician for PvE knockback; however DanielSalmiDank wanted advice for what to do with a 2 Priest 2 Magician team that they were running. No Snipers on that team, so only Magician knockback was relevant to their team.


      #5EcgArGT 2017/09/20 09:31

      Probably referring to the video where I continually failed to solo the cactus superboss with a Gladiator in an earlier version of Ivan's mod, which is my newest video. It's over 1 month old by now though, so I don't really consider it "new" myself.I know what Lightning 7 is, but what's Lightning 1 Mont314? ;P xD


      #aJqdB2Ed 2017/09/20 08:56

      The archer is good with knockback too...

      Dark Doctor

      #UssduMir 2017/09/20 03:40

      tfw radiant didn't make a new videoXD


      #YMHFdv8f 2017/09/20 01:20

      Don't forget lightning 1 for knockback lulz


      #tiUfEF0D 2017/09/20 00:05

      @RadiantDarkBlazeYES FINALLY NEW VIDEO !thanks you so much


      #5EcgArGT 2017/09/19 15:38

      @luigge @Omega16Lightning 7, the far superior knockback weapon for the Magician, doesn't drop until Cavern 7. That is not helpful for someone who hasn't beaten Hell 5 yet, thus why I recommended Atomic Ray 5 for the time [email protected] you get to Cavern 7, upgrade from Atomic Ray 5 to Lightning 7 w/ Knockback's 4 + Quick's 5; and then upgrade the Quick's 5 to a Quick's 7 upon reaching Hell Gate. You'll also want two other Lightning 7s; one w/ Bullet's 7 + Quick's (5→7) and the other w/ Pierce's 4 + Quick's (5→7). Because you'll still have Cavern 8 ahead of you, I'd actually recommend working on composing the terrain piercing Lightning 7 first so that the particularly rough terrain in Cavern 8 doesn't block your otherwise perfectly good DPS.


      #ThE7mUFZ 2017/09/19 06:36

      Yes, it's much better than Atomic Ray 5.STR and DEX help it significantly.


      #A49zb0aG 2017/09/18 22:39

      isn't lightning 7 better?


      #A49zb0aG 2017/09/18 22:35

      atomic ray is good but sometimes pull the enemies backwards


      #5EcgArGT 2017/09/18 13:09

      If you're going to use the knockback strat as Mont314 suggested, first make sure that you've got superior range to the Hell 5 enemies. The one that shoots spears in an overhead spread is the most important one to fully outrange; the spears land more clustered at the very edges of its range, so just barely failing to outrange it is particularly disadvantageous.For using knockback to beat Hell 5, I'd recommend Atomic Ray 5 w/ Quick's 5 + Knockback's 5. The 30 knockback per hit from Knockback's 4 just won't do what it's needed to do for Atomic Ray 5, so you'll have to rely on the dicier 90 from Knockback's 5; the Quick's 5 will help ensure that a ray with the knockback capabilities comes out on time to keep the Hell 5 enemies away.


      #YMHFdv8f 2017/09/17 22:42

      @DanielSalmiDankA bit late to the party, but having a magician attack with knockback may make some enemies in Hell 5 unable to attack you.


      #iNoN6kq3 2017/09/17 07:16

      Hey, here is a thought, everyone stop replying to this guy. Also, Crystalzzz, 300 letters is literally 2 tweet boxes. That is not long. Also yes, I did call you one, especially if you think 300 characters is long.


      #aJqdB2Ed 2017/09/17 06:56

      @JT98BroBoth those comments are 300+ letters long..."takes less than 2 minutes to read if your reading speed is higher than that of a third grader."Did you just call me a 3rd [email protected]"Don't mistake my savagery for anger.">You're not smart enough to be a member of the guild, anyways. Just go ahead and forget about Discord's͏ ͏e͏xistence.>So, you started using Discord almost 10 years before it was even created? Impressive. With your secrets of time travel, we could change the world!Dumbass.>This is not a troll, this is a moron.My my, what an amazing comeback!>Jesus people are so stupid and can't understand...>My my, what an amazing comeback!>Jesus people are so stupid and can't understand...No, YOU are the stupid one because you can't convey what you're trying to say correctly. The fact that NOBODY can understand you is YOUR fault.And I don't want a 10-year-old telling me to get a life just because I got him butthurt and he's unable to come back at me with a worthy insult.Riiiightt.....


      #6gkHelVa 2017/09/16 22:47

      @CrystalzzzThere's no such thing as muting here. I got busy with stuff on Discord (my bot, moderation on guilds, etc)And I was never angry. Don't mistake my savagery for anger.


      #tiUfEF0D 2017/09/16 15:38

      and LV 139


      #tiUfEF0D 2017/09/16 15:38

      [SR Modding 7.0]PriestLP 652STR 426DEX -50MAG -50SniperLP 1018STR 80DEX 80MAG 60MagicianLP 998STR 60DEX 30MAG 120BoxerLP 1400STR 0DEX 30MAG 150


      #5EcgArGT 2017/09/16 14:36

      Oh right that. Freeze Explosion 6 w/ Bullet's 6 + Quick's 5 for semi-decent non-negatable damage against enemies that are essentially immune to pretty much everything else that you have, such as Hell 5. Upgrade to Permafrost 8 w/ Bullet's 7 + Quick's 7 later on. You shouldn't ever need a copy of either weapon composed for freezing anything though; the Priest's Freeze Exp (Staff 6/Rod 8) should probably have crowd freezing covered assuming that you follow my build for the Priests.


      #xXxoVv6Y 2017/09/16 10:56

      freeze explosion 6 for Hell 5


      #iNoN6kq3 2017/09/16 08:00

      You know, aside from the person asking the question? Also lmao, that's not even long. It takes less than 2 minutes to read if your reading speed is higher than that of a third grader.

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