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Network Notepad Professional Edition 1.0.223 + crack

Improvements and changesImproved several journal entries to be clearer to the player if quests get closed automaticallyAdded several items and related journal updates to improve links between certain NPCs and story linesJournal update XP gains are now shown alongside the corresponding updateImproved performance in very specific locations, related to items being equipped by players or NPCsAdded Pick up and send to wares and Steal and add to wares in context menu of world itemsIncreased prices of unique weapons sold in ArxAdded missing weapon skills to unique two-handed weaponsFlaming Crescendo should now correctly receive bonus damage from IntelligenceUsing the Equalise skill is now a hostile actionSkills from items now correctly respect weapon requirementsReactive shot no longer deals damage on castingYou can now enter Sneak mode after activating the Play Dead skillAdded several new effects to make important dialog moments stand out moreAdjusted Meistrs Vault so that it gives a ritual dagger and ritual bowl each time the player opens it, if the player does not have it in his inventoryImproved detection for being able to flee from combatSkill preview trajectory should now be more accurate when fighting certain enemiesImproved landing position of Backlash skillBlessing an electrified steam cloud now results in a blessed steam cloudBlood Totem is now immune to Decaying statusImproved AI behavior that was leading to skipped turns incorrectlyPartial Action Points, after moving a small amount, are now saved correctlyAdded several new iconsFramed Frost runes and Framed Thunder runes now have the correct bonusesFixed several crafting recipes that incorrectly required very specific items or gave incorrect resultsItems dragged from equipment slot to inventory are now placed in the correct slotYou can now examine an enemy, even when it is not your turnRoses increase Wits when consumedWhen stealing a container, cost of its contents should be added to the cost of the containerDemonic Tutelage and Flaming Tongues now attack enemies until their duration runs out instead of only attacking first three enemiesCharm is now cleared when the charmer diesCharm is now cleared from summons when the owner is uncharmedUpdated several skill tooltips to take into account extra modifiersUpdated several audio effectsTemporarily allied NPCs no longer have crime investigation behaviors about the crimes they helped commitHenchmen now correctly have Source skills depending on where the player is in the storylineGratiana now sells back Soul Jars from other NPCs if the player gave them to herEnd game Arena combat was made clearer to the player. Arena combatants are now clearly marked and they will target each other firstUpdated Empyreo the Stalwarts stats and abilitiesOutlines now include corpsesAdded player feedback when being Enwebbed, Crippled, Entangled or EncumberedImproved Inner Demon, Demonic Tutelage and Terrify visual effects

Bug FixesFixed Tarquins location and dialog after finishing his quest lineFixed sorting by last picked upFixed ghosts spawning in incorrect locationsFixed auras not correctly reapplying under certain conditionsFixed forced group formation initializing when using certain spells to initiate combatFixed a problem with characters not following the party correctly anymoreFixed Party Follower NPCs possibly getting stuck in dialog when talking to the wrong Player CharacterFixed triggering the unconsciousness of Dallis or Lucian only once if they are lying on a damaging surfaceFixed rested status blocking dialog with Malady at the end of the gameFixed Kniles not participating in combat if he's teleported into a closed cageDisabled trading with companions before recruiting themFixed Dallis moving closet on the Lady VengeanceFixed characters not being reassigned to the correct player after loading a co-op game from main menuFixed a dialog issue between Fane and Lohse after visiting the Hall of Echoes with Fane. The correct god is now mentioned in the dialogFixed several dialog issues related to genderFixed several dialog issues that would result in dialog loops or incorrect flags being setFixed several XP reward issues related to quests and certain enemiesFixed the Red Prince being invisible during the wagon scene with the Red PrincessFixed flaming pig not being blessed or cursed when talking to a shrine for the first timeFixed a visual issue with electrified surfaces re-appearing after it wears offFixed an audio issue during the Council of Seven Arena, when talking to the embodiments of the godsFixed the sewer pipe exit to Fort Joy swamps. It can no longer be destroyedFixed the Scroll of Atonement disappearing from inventoryFixed the Cathedral door being blocked in ArxFixed characters becoming stuck after summoning a totem in combat and then running out of combatFixed being able to save right before entering the magic mirrorFixed being able to use the magic mirror with party followers by using context menuFixed an issue wherein a player joins the host for the first time and is being assigned the main character when host is controlling a companionFixed a crash related to dialog flags not being removed properlyFixed Higba incorrectly being a party member later in the game due to Charmed statusFixed a crash related to summoning totems near certain objectsFixed a crash when transitioning to certain regions or instantly reloading the last savegame twice (runtime error)Fixed wrong spirit appearing after killing JonathanFixed dialog getting stuck when a charmed character enters the dialogFixed dialog history not showing up when a client player joins a dialogFixed a blocking issue during the Kraken fight when instantly killing Braccus during the first turnFixed turn order issue when characters transform (for example: The Doctor)Fixed several journal updates triggering incorrectly under certain conditionsFixed a crash when trying to teleport an item that has been picked up by someone elseFixed several audio issues with the Kraken combatFixed several issues related to multiple tutorial messages popping upFixed Malady thinking Gareth is missing when he has left the area correctlyFixed not being able to re-recruit party members on the Lady Vengeance due to a message saying the party is fullFixed several issues with end game combat when the main character dies, but the player still defeats BraccusFixed Magister Borris not dropping Ifans contractFixed Ifan having Pet Pal talent regardless of which class you want him to be when recruiting himFixed Maladys attitude dropping lower than intendedFixed Jahan becoming hostile on the Lady Vengeance if the player frees the demonsFixed tooltip for Evidence ChestFixed not being able to deal any damage to a number of specific NPCsFixed bears attacking when player uses Source Skills near themFixed not being able to get Infiltration achievement for lockpicking as an undeadFixed Gareths dialog on the Lady Vengeance if he followed the path of light in Reapers Coast and spared AlexandarFixed several automated dialogs repeating at incorrect times or too frequentlyFixed being able to craft scrolls with important letters, destroying them in the processFixed Sallow Man dialog. In certain cases, he would not give out the CapacitorFixed Fane incorrectly being placed into a crime dialog after being dismissedFixed the Doctor having incorrect stats after transformingFixed being able to log in with more than 2 profiles when using controllersFixed being able to flee from certain situations when the player is not supposed toFixed being able to target corpses correctly when using a controllerFixed dialog not scrolling anymore after loading while in a dialogFixed Avatar character not being assigned to player anymore after specific party death scenarioFixed alignment issue causing player characters to be neutral after being resurrectedFixed losing Black Rose status effect during certain story eventsFixed dialog issue with trespassing in Fort Joy near certain MagistersFixed Shackles of Pain effect after loadingFixed Throw Explosive Trap skill in Arena ModeFixed barter trader exploit when using a controllerFixed not being able to disable certain add-ons after campaign creationFixed various minor animation issuesFixed a dialog issue in when fleeing from the fight with SaheilaFixed Tarquin Skill Book selling issueFixed several issues related to destroying Soul JarsFixed target picking issues when near Noxious Voidwoken bodiesFixed an issue with Elemental Affinity not updating the Skillbar correctly in certain casesFixed some cases when Blitz Attack and Backlash would ignore Ruptured TendonsFixed several map markersFixed being able to break the Krakens skill Fate of the Sworn by spamming ESC as he is casting itFixed having a summon time out in the Hall of Echoes resulting in the camera going to an incorrect locationFixed empty catacombs pipe puzzle in Arx

UI FixesImproved tooltips for runesMinimap now shows the direction of pings from other players when they are out of rangeFixed tooltips for surfaces not being displayed when using a controllerAdded extra feedback for controller mode when not being able to pick something up due to not having enough strengthFixed refresh issue of tooltips when players send items to each otherCharacter Creation: players can now edit their name while navigating any tabAssigning points in Constitution in controller mode character screen should not increase Vitality until the point distribution is confirmed by exiting character screenFixed Direct Connect option in controller modeFixed being able to see target health bars when it is not your turn in controller modeUpdated the Options menuAdded UI fallback font for Chinese charactersAdded turn timer in Arena Mode when using a controllerFixed action bar getting stuck when skill bar is hidden by other interfacesIncompatible saves now have a version indicator on the load screenFixed an issue in Arena Mode where one player would be unable to select heroesFixed a blocking issue at the end of the game when you deny Ifan having his revenge

GM ModeUpdated music tab. Added new music and fixed several playback issuesAdded support for multi-region levels in GM modeYou can now drag items with or without snapping to terrain (by pressing the Caps Lock button)Fixed inconsistency when spawning and dragging an existing itemFix for characters sometimes not being assigned to anyone when a player disconnects from a GM sessionFixed error 300 and error 302 issues and related crash when trying to load zones that had a global entity removedFixed not being able to see custom stats tab when playing with controllerFixed a crash related to NPCs joining dialogFixed a crash related to duplicate characters not being cleared correctlyFixed a crash when dragging certain items to inventoryFixed AI type panel and Alignment context menu not closing when GM changes characterFixed an issue causing the encounter panel to display characters in the wrong order if there is a global characterGMs are now able to change the layout of add-ons for savegames (active sessions), as well as add new add-ons for already ongoing sessionsFixed player character being teleported incorrectly when GM takes item that player was sitting or lying onUsers no longer lose Action Points when the GM manages their items during combatFixed exported characters not having the correct skills memorizedFixed item use state being broken after GM has moved it to his inventory and back into the worldFixed peace mode after saving and loadingFixed cancel button in Level Templates search fieldFixed swapping around items not being synced correctly to clientsFixed being able to load a pin with a deleted sceneFixed Character Sheet background after managing a CharacterFixed incorrect tier of items being generated for creaturesFixed GM not being able to do a GM roll during combat when possessing a characterPlayers can now load add-ons when loading a savegame

ModdingFixed an issue with downloading add-ons from the host when entering a multiplayer gameFixed a possible global entity duplication issue when downloading an add-on into an existing campaignNew items in mods now get added to an existing savegame if the savegame already contained the mod and the mod is of a newer version than the version in the savegameMods now get loaded after the lobby screen in order to avoid players having to download mods just to enter the lobby (for Campaign and Game Master)

Network Notepad

Merge Script Objects

Format > Merge Script Objects enables one or more script objects to be merged in to a single Script Object. Text can also be merged. In the following example a simple hub is built up from components in the online Script Objects Library and then merged:

1. Add the parent object which will act as a container for the other components.I have used Format Script Object to create a simple box and given the script a new unique name (this is important).

script "Netgear FE104" 158 25 0.5 brush blue_brush &h8B4001& 255path name Boxpath addrectangle 0 0 158 25fill "Box" blue_brush

2. Copy and paste script components from the online library on to the parent object.I have added 4 RJ45 sockets and then using the Text tool added a brand label.

3. Put the parent box and child components in to a group.Select the parent Box first followed by the 4 sockets and the label, then select Format > Group on the ring menu.The objects are now loosely bound together.

4. Select the group by clicking the parent box and then select Format > Merge Script Objects.The parent box and the 5 child objects are now merged into a single Script Object.

script "Netgear FE104 Hub" 158 25 0.6brush blue_brush &h8B4001& 255brush black_brush &h000000& 255brush silver_brush &hd0d8dc& 255brush brush2 &hFFFFFF& 255 path name Boxpath addrectangle 0 0 158 25path name rj45downpath addlines 2 7 2 9 3.5 9 3.5 10 9 10 9 9 10.5 9 10.5 7 12.5 7 12.5 0 0 0 0 7path name single_port path addrectangle 0 0 15 12path name path2path addstring 0 0 NETGEAR arial 3 1fill "Box" blue_brush fill single_port silver_brush 111.5 8fill rj45down black_brush 112.5 19 1 -1fill single_port silver_brush 66.5 8fill rj45down black_brush 67.5 19 1 -1fill single_port silver_brush 81.5 8fill rj45down black_brush 82.5 19 1 -1fill single_port silver_brush 96.5 8fill rj45down black_brush 97.5 19 1 -1fill path2 brush2 5.25 2.25
5. Email me a copy of your new scripts (or any new components) for inclusion in the online library!

There are a number of restrictions with the Merge Script Objects feature:

  • The component objects must not be rotated.

  • The component objects must use their default x-scale and y-scale settings (That will be 1,2 or 4 depending on the Format > Resolution setting).

  • Text to be merged must be on a single line. Multi-line text support will be available in the next release.

  • Name and Address labels are excluded from a merge.

Fomat Script Object

Format Script Object provides an environment for creating and modifying Script Objects. Access it from the Format menu or right-click a Script Object in a diagram or the library window.

$ADDRLIST Variable

You can create a special object which is used to start NNPing for multiple nodes at once.Add an object and label it "Ping all".In the Address property for the object, list the IP addresses of multiple nodes separated by ";" characters e.g.;;;;

Configure a function button like this:

Command:NNPing $ADDRLIST 5000 3 up.wav 3 down.wavDisplay:NNPing List


Network Notepad Scripts

Network Notepad Script Objects are a way to construct vector-based graphics for use in Network Notepad. Click the Copy button next to the examples below and then paste in to Network Notepad. Some browsers prompt you to allow access to the clipboard when you click the Copy button.Scripts are also available from the scripts library.

Network Notepad Scripts Help

A Script Object consists of the following statements:

1. The script statement sets the name, overall size of the object, and the revision number.

  script "Test object" 50 20 0.1 script <name> <width> <height> <revision>
    <name> - name of the script object. If the name contains spaces then enclose it in "quotation marks". The name should be globally unique.
    <width> - width of the object.
    <height> - height of object.The width and height set the size of the outline box displayed when pasting the object.In the examples I am using a default scale of 1pixel per mm.
    <revision> - Revision number of the script. When pasting scripts which already exist in the diagram, the script will only be replaced if the new script is a higher revision.
2. Align statements optionally enable objects to be automatically aligned when one object is pasted or dragged and dropped on to another object.
  align + screw -11 6 454 6 -11 50.5 align <+ or -> <type> <points>
     <+ or ->. A "+" script can only align with a "-" script.
    <type> For scripts to align the type must match between the two scripts.
    <points> A list of X Y alignment points.

3. Path statements define the shapes, lines and text in the object.

  path name test path name <name><name> - name of graphics path.
  path startfigure Starts a new path rather than drawing a line from the last position to the next position.
  path addline 10 10 10 20 path addline from <x1> <y1> to <x2> <y2>Adds a line to the current path.
  path addlines 10 10 10 20 30 15 path addlines <x1> <y1> <x2> <y2>... <xn> <yn>Adds a series of lines to the current path.
  path addrectangle 10 20 30 40 path addrectangle <x1> <y1> <width> <height>Adds a rectangle at the position specified with the width and height specified.
  path addarc 41 4 5 5 270 90 path addarc <x> <y> <width> <height> <start angle> <sweep angle>Adds an arc to the current path<x> <y> <width> <height> defines a rectangle which forms the bounds of the arc.<start angle> measured in degrees clockwise from the x-axis. <sweep angle> angle swept from start angle.
  path addstring 39 2 "McGoozon" arial 3 1 path addstring <x> <y> <"text"> <font name> <font size> <font style> <x> <y> specify the top left corner position of the text. <"text"> text string to draw.<font name> Name of font. Enclose in quotation marks if the font name contains spaces. <font size> <font style> Numeric value, Regular=0, Bold=1, Italic=2, Bold Italic=3, Underline=4, Strikeout=8Use a fill command to draw text. If you use a draw command the outline of the text is drawn.
  path closefigure Draws a line from the current position to the start point in the current path.

4. Pen and Brush statements define the pens and brushes used in the commands section below.

  pen black_pen0.5 &h000000& 255 0.5 pen <name> <colour> <transparency> <width>Pens are used with draw commands to draw the outline of a a path.<name> named of the pen. <colour> Blue green and Red values in Hex.<transparency> 0-255 where 255 is solid colour.<width> width of line drawn with the pen.
  brush grey_brush &ha0a0a0& 255 brush <name> <colour> <transparency>Brushes are used with fill commands to fill an area enclosed by a path.<name> named of the brush.<colour> Blue green and Red values in Hex. <transparency> 0-255 where 255 is solid colour.

5. Commands are used to draw paths using pens and fill paths using brushes. The options command enables optional drawing commands to be executed at runtime by right clicking an object and selecting "Options".

  fill "test" grey_brush 20 10 fill <path> <brush> <x> <y> [<xscale> <yscale>] [angle]Fill an area enclosed by a path using the specified brush. Draw at position <x> <y> and apply an optional local scale transform.<path> name of path to fill.<brush> name of brush to use.<x> <y> position of drawing.<xscale> <yscale> scale transform. Negative values are used to flip the drawing about the x or y-axis. For an example of this see the left and right brackets in the 2960 switch which use the same path but flipped about the y-axis.<angle> optional rotation in degrees.
  draw "top box" black_pen0.5 20 10 draw <path> <pen> <x> <y> [<xscale> <yscale>] [angle]Draw the outline of a path using the specified pen. Draw at position <x> <y> and apply an optional local scale transform. <path> name of path to draw.<pen> name of pen to use. <x> <y> position of drawing.<xscale> <yscale> scale transform. Negative values are used to flip the drawing about the x or y-axis.<angle> optional rotation in degrees.
  option "brackets" option <name>The option command is followed by optional fill and draw statements which can be enabled or disabled at run-time by right-clicking the object and choosing "Options". E.g. See the brackets and screws options in the 2960 switch example.<name> is the name of the option which will be displayed in the options menu.

Grouping and Locking

Group objects by first selecting the parent object followed by any child objects, then select Format > Group.Selecting the parent object now also selects all child objects when copying, nudging, dragging and dropping, etc.

To Lock a group, right click the parent object and choose Lock > Group Lock.Now when you resize the parent object, all child objects are proportionally resized as well.


Wake-On-LAN Plugin

Define a "Wake Up" function button like this:

NNPing $ipaddress 1000 3 up.wav 3 down.wav on&&nnwol.exe $VAR1

Where user variable $VAR1 is set to provide <broadcast IP address> <port> <mac-address>

e.g. " 9 21-3a-55-37-6e-76"

This will start NNping for the object selected and then send a WOL magic packet to it.The $VAR1 user variable is configured in the object's properties page on the Misc Tab. "&&" enables multiple functions to be executed in one definition.The nnping "on" parameter disables the toggling state of nnping.


Open Multiple Documents Simultaneously

You can now open more than one document at once. Each open document presents its own tab bar at the bottom of the window, where you can select pages from any open document instantly. You can also drag and drop or copy and paste pages between documents using the page tabs. These features are mainly useful if you work with many multi-page documents so it is disabled by default. To enable it, set the "Maximum Open Documents" setting in the Setup Form to a sensible figure such as 6.

Nested Link Styles

E.g. in the following drawing the Dual 10G links consist of a red link 5 pixels wide with a secondary white link which is 3 pixels wide. See the Format Link Styles menu option for more information.

Copy and paste this section in to Network Notepad Professional Edition to reproduce this diagram:

Network Notepad Clipping v2.1label 1 -64.75 3.25 "Dual 10G<<crlf>>Links" "microsoft sans serif" 8 true false false false &hFF& ! object &hFFFFFF& ! 0 255 0 ! 51.5 51.5 25.5 -64.75 3.25 0 0 0 ! 0 0object 4 "data centre switch" -32.5 -52 2 ! ! ! 3 .5 .5 1 0 0 0 false 37.5 54.5 false 0 ! ! 37.5 54.5 -32.5 -52 0object 5 "data centre switch" 85.5 -52 4 ! ! ! 5 .5 .5 1 0 0 0 false 37.5 54.5 false 0 ! ! 37.5 54.5 85.5 -52 0 object 6 fileserver -37 52 6 ! ! ! 7 .5 .5 1 0 0 0 false 28 43.5 false 0 ! ! 28 43.5 -37 52 0object 7 fileserver 26.5 52 8 ! ! ! 9 .5 .5 1 0 0 0 false 28 43.5 false 0 ! ! 28 43.5 26.5 52 0object 8 fileserver 90.5 52 10 ! ! ! 11 .5 .5 1 0 0 0 false 28 43.5 false 0 ! ! 28 43.5 90.5 52 0label 2 n -35.75 SW1 ! ! ! ! false ! &h0& 4 object ! ! 0 255 0 ! 28 34 17 -32.5 -87.75 0 -1130.5 -310 ! -1130.5 -310label 3 n -27.25 ! ! ! ! ! false ! &h0& 4 ip ! ! 0 255 0 ! 0 0 0 -32.5 -79.25 0 -1130.5 -310 ! -1130.5 -310label 4 n -35.75 SW2 ! ! ! ! false ! &h0& 5 object ! ! 0 255 0 ! 28 34 17 85.5 -87.75 0 -1130.5 -310 ! -1130.5 -310 label 5 n -27.25 ! ! ! ! ! false ! &h0& 5 ip ! ! 0 255 0 ! 0 0 0 85.5 -79.25 0 -1130.5 -310 ! -1130.5 -310label 6 s 30.25 Server1 ! ! ! ! false ! &h0& 6 object ! ! 0 255 0 ! 43.5 52.5 17 -37 82.25 0 -1130.5 -310 ! -1130.5 -310 label 7 n -21.75 ! ! ! ! ! false ! &h0& 6 ip ! ! 0 255 0 ! 0 0 0 -37 30.25 0 -1130.5 -310 ! -1130.5 -310label 8 s 30.25 Server2 ! ! ! ! false ! &h0& 7 object ! ! 0 255 0 ! 43.5 52.5 17 26.5 82.25 0 -1130.5 -310 ! -1130.5 -310 label 9 n -21.75 ! ! ! ! ! false ! &h0& 7 ip ! ! 0 255 0 ! 0 0 0 26.5 30.25 0 -1130.5 -310 ! -1130.5 -310label 10 s 30.25 Server3 ! ! ! ! false ! &h0& 8 object ! ! 0 255 0 ! 43.5 52.5 17 90.5 82.25 0 -1130.5 -310 ! -1130.5 -310 label 11 n -21.75 ! ! ! ! ! false ! &h0& 8 ip ! ! 0 255 0 ! 0 0 0 90.5 30.25 0 -1130.5 -310 ! -1130.5 -310link_object 1 4 6 red5 ! ! ! ! ! ! 0 0 0 0 ! False 3link_object 2 6 5 red5 ! ! ! ! ! ! 0 0 0 0 ! False 3link_object 3 4 7 red5 ! ! ! ! ! ! 0 0 0 0 ! False 3link_object 4 4 8 red5 ! ! ! ! ! ! 0 0 0 0 ! False 3link_object 5 8 5 red5 ! ! ! ! ! ! 0 0 0 0 ! False 3 link_object 6 5 7 red5 ! ! ! ! ! ! 0 0 0 0 ! False 3link_object 7 4 5 red5 ! ! ! ! ! ! 0 0 0 0 ! False 3link_object 8 4 5 red5 ! ! ! ! ! ! 9.5 -13 -10.5 -13 ! False 3define_link red5 0 &hFF& 1 5 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 255 False white3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0define_link white3 0 &hFFFFFF& 1 3 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 255 False None 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


NNPing Plugin for Network Notepad Professional Edition

The NNPing plugin provides a real time visual and audio indication of the state of objects in your diagram. NNPing is installed and configured automatically in recent installations. For earlier installations, upgrade to the latest version and then define a function button like this:

Command(0,11)=nnping $ipaddress 1000 3 up.wav 3 down.wav Display(0,11)=NNPing $IPADDRESS AutoMin(0,11)=False

The NNPing arguments shown above are as follows: nnping <ipaddress> <timeout> <up retries> <up sound> <down retries> <down sound>


Rotate and Resize Using The Mouse  


Network Notepad Professional Edition

  • Compatibility - It's a major rewrite using Microsoft .NET, so it offers better compatibility and stability with the latest Windows operating systems compared to the freeware edition.
  • Zoom - Work with and edit diagrams at any zoom level.
  • Resolution - Draft, Fine and Superfine modes for improved graphics and printing.
  • Rotate - Rotate text and rotate objects to any angle. Drag-and-Rotate.
  • Workspace - Supports larger workspace bitmap / larger diagrams.
  • Multi-page diagrams - Add as many pages to a diagram/ document as you wish and access the pages instantly using the onscreen page tabs.
  • Custom shapes - Create your own customizable shapes inside of Network Notepad Professional Edition.
  • Grouping and Locking - Combine two or more objects to make composite objects.
  • Auto-align links - Can be enabled for a link style or for an individual link so that connection alignment is maintained horizontally and vertically.
  • Library Search - Find objects in all of your libraries using keywords. Save the result as a new library.
  • Enhanced Link Styles - New lightning and curve link styles.
  • Template Diagrams - When you start a new diagram, select from the list of templates to set the page size, orientation, link styles, and any default drawing such as a title block and border.
  • Print Preview.

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Network Notepad CDP Neighbor Tool

Network Notepad CDP Neighbor Tool adds auto-discovery features to Network Notepad if you have a network with Cisco products and other products which support Cisco Discovery Protocol.

  • Right click an object and select "Discover Neighbors".
  • Click the paste button in Network Notepad to draw the discovered devices, along with links, interface descriptions and float text showing the model types.
  • Automatically shows the relevant icon for switches, routers, access points etc.

More info...

Network Notepad

           Network Notepad Professional Edition Help               

The Toolbar



To pan around either use the scrollbar or position the mouse pointer over the background of the diagram, hold down the right mouse button and move the mouse. To follow a link to another diagram - Right click the object and select "Goto next diagram". Objects which link to another diagram have a blue caption by default. The toolbar back and forward buttons may also be used to jump to the previous or next diagram.The Home button loads the default diagram if one has been specified in the Setup form. Network Notepad Professional Edition supports multi-page diagrams. The Tab bar along the bottom of the window shows a tab for each page in the diagram.

Using The Zoom Buttons

-+ Zoom buttons and Zoom Dropdown list lets you quickly zoom in and out the view of the current page. CTRL+Mousewheel also operates the Zoom. You can work on diagrams at any zoom level as normal, though it usually helps when rotating objects and text to return the view to the default 100% scale.

Tip: Right click the Zoom dropdown list to quickly default the view back to 100%.

Adding Objects To A Diagram

Click the Object Libraries Button  to display the current Object Library. Drag and drop Objects from the Library to the diagram.You may also paste Library objects by selecting the object from the library and then closing or minimising it. Point the cross hair where you want to place the objects. To automatically hide the Object Library whenever you select a new object, enable "Auto Hide" in the setup dialogue or from the Object Library ring menu. The Paste button performs a single paste operation and exits paste mode. The Paste Multiple button performs multiple paste operations without exiting paste mode.

The Online Libraries Button opens a list of objects available online.

Tip: Double right click the background to toggle the last used mode (Paste, Text, or Link) off and on.

Cutting And Deleting Objects From A Diagram

Highlight the objects you wish to cut or delete by left clicking them and then hit the Cut Button  to place them on the clipboard. Click the Delete Button  on the toolbar to remove selected items.

Selecting/ Deselecting Single/ Multiple objects

Objects need to be selected (Red highlight) and deselected  for cutting and pasting. To select an object, left click it. To select multiple objects at once, drag a "rubber band" around them with the left mouse button. You must start selection with the mouse pointer positioned over a blank piece of background. To select or unselect additional objects, hold the CTRL key down while selecting. To select no objects, left click the background or choose Edit and then Select None from the ring menu.  CTRL-A also toggles between selecting all and selecting none.

Tip: CTRL-A toggles between selecting all and selecting none.

Aligning Objects

To align objects, first select the item to align to and then select items to be aligned with the first item. Choose Format and Align Horizontal or Align Vertical from the Ring Menu or click the horizontal and vertical align buttons , and then select whether to align centres or edges of the objects from the sub menu.When pasting objects and drawing links, objects and lines are automatically aligned if the Auto Align button is selected.

Resizing Objects

Use Shift + and Shift - to adjust the size of the current object retaining it's current proportions. You can also resize an object by dragging the edge or corners. Objects can also be resized by changing the x and y scale in the Object Properties form.


Linking Objects

To link two objects, firstly use the Link Style Dropdown Box to choose the desired type of Link. Click the link button , the mouse pointer will indicate you are in Link Mode. Click on pairs of objects to join them. You may also right-click an object and choose "Link" to enter link mode. To finish linking objects, click the link button  again or hit the escape key. Clicking the background whilst in link mode enables you to form joins (elbows) in links.Clicking an existing link automatically sets the Link Style Dropdown Box to the matching link style.

Tip: Double right click the background to toggle the last used mode (Paste, Text, or Link) off and on.  


Linking To Part of An Object

The Connection Points button selects whether links are automatically centred when a connection is made or whether the link connects to the point on the object which was clicked.The option can also be set using the Format Connection Points option on the main ring menu.Connection points can be centred by right clicking a link and selecting "Centre Connection Point".Connection points can also be positioned using drag-and-drop, nudge and align.


Layers (Drawing Order)

You can control the drawing order for objects, text and links by setting the layer. Layer 5 is drawn first through to layer 0 which is topmost. Set the layer using one of these methods:

  • Right-click and choose the layer (Objects, Text and Links).
  • Set the layer in the properties form (Objects only).
  • Use the Bring-to-Front or Send-to-Back buttons on the toolbar  (Objects, Text and Links).



Background Objects

Setting an object to be a background object in the Object Properties form enables you to draw multi-segment links over the top of an object without connecting to it.

Unlinking Objects

To remove links between objects, right-click the link and choose delete or select the objects which are linked and then click the Unlink Button .

Using the Link Break Feature

The Link Break Feature enables you to break a link and create a join anywhere on an existing link. When you right-click the link  and select Break a new "link-node" is highlighted which you can then drag and drop or nudge to the desired position.To remove a join select the link-node which forms the join and delete it.

 Moving and Copying Objects

To move selected objects, hold down the Shift Key and drag the object to it's new position. To copy objects, select them and then click then Copy Button . Click the Paste Button  to enter Paste Mode and the position the cross hair and left click to paste copies of the objects. To finish pasting, click the Paste Button again, or double right click the background to exit the current mode, or hit the escape key.

Nudging Objects

To nudge selected objects, hold down the Shift key while pressing one of the cursor keys.

Changing The Name (Or IP Address) Of An Object

To change the name of an object or change it's  IP address, Double Left Click on current name or IP address and type in the new details. Press Enter to complete. You may also change these details by right clicking the object and selecting "Properties". To insert a Carriage Return in an Object or IP Label use Shift + Enter.

Adding Text To A Diagram

Click the Text Mode Button  and observe that the mouse pointer changes to a cross hair 1. Click the diagram to position the text entry box and then enter your text. To finish entering text, click the Text Mode button again or press the Escape key.

Tip: Double right click the background to toggle the last used mode (Paste, Text, or Link) off and on.



Editing Text

Double click text to start editing it. The Text Mode button will indicate you are in text mode. Press ESC to finish editing the text, or click the text mode button on the toolbar. To delete a Text Box, double click it and then hit backspace. Press ESC or click the text mode button to exit text mode.

Formatting Text

To Format Text, right click text in your diagram and select Format Text. The Format Text window is now displayed. From here you can set the Font, Font Size, Colours, Transparency, Effects and also set the angle of rotation in degrees. You can also select Format > Text Styles from the main ring menu to make adjustments to Text Styles.

Text Style: Commonly used text formats can be created and named using these settings. Right click text in your diagram and choose Set Text Style to select from defined text styles. Text Styles can be saved to and loaded from file.

Make This The Default Text Format: Sets the default text format to the settings shown. The default text format is used when adding text to a new diagram. 

Moving Text

To move text, hold the SHIFT key down and drag the text. To Rotate Text, hold the SHIFT key down and drag one of the corners of the text.

Adding Float Text To Objects

Information can be displayed when the pointer is held over an object for a few seconds. To Add or Edit Float Text, right click the object and select Edit Float Text. Enter text into the Float Text entry box and hit escape when complete.


Adding Horizontal And Vertical Backbones

Add horizontal and vertical backbones to your diagram by selecting them from the Backbones object library.Position the cross hair roughly where you want the centre of the backbone to be and click the left mouse button.

Resizing And Moving Backbones

To resize a backbone, position the mouse pointer over either end then hold the left mouse button down to drag the backbone larger or smaller. To move a backbone, hold the shift key down whilst dragging the backbone to a new position.

Customizing Backbone Styles

Backbones are Shapes and they can be customised by right clicking and select Format Shape.

Linking An Object To A Backbone

To link an object to a backbone, click on the link mode button  and then join the backbone to the object. 


Grouping and Locking

Objects may be grouped together and then locked in position relative to each other to form composite objects.

The first object you select will become the "parent" object and further objects selected will be "child" objects. Select the parent object, followed by the child objects and then select Format > Group from the ring menu to group the objects together. At this point, you may still move the objects relative to each other. Copying and pasting the parent object will copy and paste all of the child objects as well. To lock the child objects position relative to the parent object, right click the child object and select "Lock" from the menu. Now when you move the child object, the parent and all of its child objects are moved together. If you resize the parent object all locked child objects are also proportionally resized and moved. Right-clicking a parent object and selecting Lock > Group Lock or Group Unlock locks or unlocks all child objects and labels associated with the object.To ungroup objects, select each of the members of the group and then click Format > Ungroup on the ring menu.

Example using the two shapes created in the Custom Shapes section to form a composite Title Box object:

Position the two shapes to form a title box. Select the parent box and then the title bar box (CTRL-left click), then Format and Group from the ring menu. Right click the title bar box and select "Lock" to lock it's position relative to the main box.

Locking objects which are not a member of a group is used to lock the position of the object on the page. This is useful for things like template borders and title blocks which don't normally need to be moved. Objects locked to the page have the following properties:

  • They cannot be moved with drag and drop.
  • They cannot be selected with CTRL-A or by dragging a band around them.

Anchoring and Locking

Anchoring fixes the position of objects and text relative to one of the four corners of the page. This is useful when resizing the page to ensure a title block and border remain fixed to the edge. Select objects and text to be anchored and then Format > Anchor from the menu.Locking objects and text prevents them from being dragged to a new position (relative to their parent) and also prevents them from being selected and unselected using CTRL-A. It is useful if the title block and border are locked. You can then select your diagram using CTRL-A and reposition it using drag and drop or nudge, without adjusting the position of the title block and border.Select objects (link nodes) and text to be locked and then Format > Lock or right click objects or text and select Lock.


Rotating Objects and Text

Rotate objects and text using any of the following methods:

  1. Specify a rotate angle in the Object Properties Form and in the Format Text Form.
  2. Drag any of the four corners of the text or object with the mouse. Hold down the SHIFT key when dragging. The mouse pointer indicates when you are correctly positioned for this as shown in the example here.
  3. CTRL +/- rotates the currently selected text or object in 1 degree steps.

Hiding IP Addresses

To Reveal or Hide IP addresses, toggle the IP Address Button .  

User-Defined Apps

A list of user-defined Apps is presented for execution when you right click an object. The first 6 of the Apps are also available using the function buttons on the main toolbar: . Variables such as IP address or hostname of the object can be included in the App definition.A set of user-defined Apps is called a toolset. Up to 10 different toolsets can be configured for use with different types of equipment and then assigned to the objects in your diagram.

Configuring User-Defined Apps



  • Use SSH to connect to a device using Putty:

    "C:\Program Files\putty\putty.exe" -ssh $IPADDRESS 

  • Use Putty in telnet mode to connect to a device:

    "C:\Program Files\putty\putty.exe" -telnet $IPADDRESS 

  • Remote control a device using VNC:

    "C:\Program Files\UltraVNC\vncviewer.exe" $IPADDRESS 

  • Remote Desktop:

    C:\windows\system32\mstsc.exe /v:$IPADDRESS 

  • NNPing Plugin:

    NNPing $ipaddress 1000 3 up.wav 3 down.wav

  • Wake-On-Lan Plugin:

    NNPing $ipaddress 1000 3 up.wav 3 down.wav on&&nnwol.exe $VAR1

    Where && is used to separate and execute multiple functions. User variable $VAR1 is configured in the Object Properties form on the Misc Tab and is set to provide  <broadcast IP address> <port> <mac-address> e.g. 9 21-3a-55-37-6e-76

    The nnping "on" parameter overrides the usual toggle-on, toggle-off state when calling nnping.

Tip: Enclose file pathnames containing spaces with quotation marks as shown in the first three examples above. If you don't do this then Windows cannot distinguish the difference between c:\program files and c:\program.exe for example.  

Toolset: Network Notepad Professional Edition allows you to define up to 10 toolsets. You can choose a toolset to use with an object in the object's properties form.Naming Toolsets: Toolsets can be named by entering text in the Toolset dropdown list in place of the default numbers 1-10.

Edit Button : Toolset definitions are stored in a local tooldefs.txt file. This button enables you to edit the file directly, making it easy to copy, paste and share toolsets. Here is an excerpt from a tooldefs.txt file:

Toolset(0)=1. Routers

Command(0,1)=$APPDIRputty.exe -telnet $ipaddressDisplay(0,1)=telnet $IPADDRESSAutoMin(0,1)=FalseMultiple(0,1)=False

Command(0,2)=Copy2Clipboard $IPADDRESSDisplay(0,2)=AutoMin(0,2)=FalseMultiple(0,2)=False

Command(0,3)=$explore http://$IPADDRESSDisplay(0,3)=AutoMin(0,3)=False Multiple(0,2)=False

Command(0,4)=ping -t $IPADDRESSDisplay(0,4)=AutoMin(0,4)=False Multiple(0,4)=True

Toolset(1)=2. Synology

Command(1,1)=$browse http://$ipaddress:5000Display(1,1)=AutoMin(1,1)=False Multiple(1,1)=False

Command(1,2)=$browse//$IPADDRESSDisplay(1,2)=AutoMin(1,2)=False Multiple(1,2)=False

When editing the tooldefs.txt file keep the numbers in brackets in order. That is the is (toolset number) in the case of the Toolset statement and (toolset number, tool number) in the case of the Command, Display,Automin and Multiple statements.When editing the tooldefs.txt file, be sure to click the Refresh button before clicking OK in the setup form.

Refresh Button : The refresh button is used to re-read the tooldefs.txt file after editing it outside of Network Notepad. The tooldefs.txt file is written to when you click the OK button.

Page Setup

Use the Page Setup form to select the paper size and orientation used when printing the current page. These are set individually for each page in the document.


To print a diagram use the print button on the toolbar. Diagrams are sized to fit the printed page, so if you have large canvas dimensions then objects will appear small when printed. Drag the canvas smaller or reduce the Canvas width and height in the Diagram Properties form to make the objects to appear larger when printed.

Print Preview

The print preview menu option gives you an idea how your document will look when it is printed.

Searching Diagrams

To search a diagram, press CTRL-F to display the find dialog. Enter the text to find in the text box. Use F3 to Find Next. Tick the Search All Pages box to search for the text in all pages of your document.Tick the Search All Open Documents box to search for the text in all open documents.

Tip: Network Notepad Files are stored as plain text. Use Windows "Search for Files" to scan through all your diagrams and find what you are looking for.

Customizing Link Styles

Select Format > Link Styles on the ring menu or right-click a link and select Format Link style.


Link Style: Select an existing link style to modify. New Link Type: Click this button to create a new link style. You will be prompted to enter a name. Rename: Rename the current selected link style.Delete: Delete the selected link style.The Up and Down Arrow buttons enable you to change the order in which Link Styles are presented.

Style Settings

Format: Choose between Line, Lightning, Lightning2, Legacy Arrows, Curve and Curve2 Styles. For the Lightning style to be effective set the width to 14 or more. Colour: Select Colour of the link. The slider sets the transparency.Style: Select from Opaque and various dashed line styles. Width: Width of Link. Angle: Selects the angle for arrow heads. Length: Selects the size of arrow heads. Option: For arrow link styles choose between  solid and open arrow heads.Startcap, Endcap: Selects from a range of built-in startcap/ endcap and custom startcap/ endcap styles. The appearance of the former is dependent on the width of the link and hence is fairly limited. Selecting Custom startcap/ endcap gives much more control over the appearance. The graphic in the top right of the form shows how the X,Y,W and H custom cap parameters control the dimensions and position of the cap. You must set the Format: to Line when working with startcaps/ endcaps.Dashcap: Selects style for dashed lines.Align: Link styles which have Align set causes adjacent points in a link a automatically re-aligned horizontally and vertically. The option can also be switched on or off by right-clicking a link.

Legacy Arrow Style: It is recommended to use custom end caps for drawing arrows rather than legacy arrow style. Legacy arrow style has one nice feature though; If the link connection point is centred the arrow head is automatically drawn where it crosses the boundary of the object as shown in the example below.The Legacy Arrow style is selected by choosing "------->","<-------" or "<------->" in the Format dropdown list. 

Secondary Style: Enables the link to be drawn using more than one link style. Click the Format button to work on the secondary style.

The Save, Load and Load Default options may be used to load and save a set of link styles. Link styles are saved with diagrams.  

Curve Link Style
Curve2 Link Style



Object Properties Form

Network Notepad

Click Here for earlier versions.

'v4.0.0 ''Internationalised label positions NSEWC 'v4.0.1 'bug fix. Error viewing/submitting backbone properties 'v4.0.3 'bug fix. Error dragdrop objects off of page 'Added more error trapping 'Added extra debugging to various procedures 'v4.0.4 'Fixed instances of calling single_arg_extract function to get numeric value from string without using val. 'Tidied up load_diagram2 and save_dgram function calling 'Fixed File not found error in load_diagram2 - could report wrong file name 'Added trims to connect() to prevent extra spaces appearing in linknode entries 'Can now paste text on top of an object 'Added Delete button '$hostname and $ipaddress resolved and displayed in pop_menu 'v4.0.5 'Bug Fix: Selecting " " as the position for either the Name or IP labels in properties form caused fatal error. 'Widened the NSEW Combo box as W too wide when using large fonts. 'v4.0.6 'Language updates. 'v4.0.7 'Improved handling of Object Library auto-hide 'v4.0.8 'Fixed Notes not shown in diagram properties 'Internationalised Delete Caption in main ring menu 'Fixed Error when viewing backbone properties 'v4.0.9 'Improved exit save changes yes no cancel 'Added shortcuts to menu items 'Improved cursor keys operation 'v4.1.0 'Outlines drawn in correct position on paste 'Added code for nudging objects and text using Ctrl + cursor keys. 'v4.1.1 'Bug fix. Error deleting backbones if width=16 'v4.1.2 'Bug fix. 'v4.1.3 'Bug Fix. Runtime error 13 if copy and paste + view properties of object with blank labels. 'v4.1.4 'Bug Fix. Double click to edit text sometimes results in message box saying hold down shift or control to move object. 'v4.1.5 'Bug Fix. Problem with drag drop if label index matched object index in mulitple drag drop. 'v4.1.6 'Added code to mop up unused link nodes when deleting objects and links. 'v4.1.7 'Improved Toolbar refresh 'v4.1.8 'Bug Fix. Link nodes could be erroneously deleted 'v4.1.9 'Added trims to nudge 'Added code to mop up orphaned labels when deleting objects and links. 'v4.2.0 'Diagram refreshed only on key up when nudging 'Dutch Language Updates 'Added combo_triggers_load boolean to prevent initial combo index change triggering a second load. 'Corrected overlapping objects on initial install 'Added Extra debugging to extended_savepicture 'v4.2.1 'Fixed missing deleteobject from api_line routine causing (GDI?) memory leak 'Bug fix. Objects could disappear miles off page on label drag drop if view offset negative 'v4.2.2 'Drop_em() failing stage 6 on some systems. Changed position of bracket. Declared shift vars as long 'Similar bracket problem in paste. val(string+int) should have been val(string)+int. 'cursor key scroll causing complete refresh on keyup 'fixed mousepointer could be left in wrong state on double click mode swap and then right click obj 'Added F6 'Made sure fkeys defaults set otherwise all default to telnet on first run 'Added support for custom icons for function buttons 'v4.2.3 'Added support for more complex objects 'Improved object library query unload save 'Internationalised "Save changes to object library" prompt 'Bug fix. Could get stuck in a loop if library not found 'v4.2.4 'Bug fix. Old style flow chart objects not converted to new style correctly. 'Tweaked printing to support multiple printers. Does it work? 'v4.2.5 'Bug Fix. insert_object missing field 9 causing problems accessing IP address 'v4.2.6 'Splash screen more stable 'Bug fix. Pasting new objects to library, file not updated in correct format. 'Added quick resize keys. Use Shift + and Shift - to resize current object. Format > Resize Mode to select Both/Horizontal/Vertical resizing. 'Added Turkish language support. 'v4.2.7 'Started adding code to remove frmsplash if error during load. 'Friendly error if you exceed allowable number of Object Libraries. 'Added support for loading langauges direct from language.csv file. Just copy language.csv to c:\program files\network notepad folder. 'v4.2.8 'Backdrop redrawn on resizing canvas 'Backdrop redrawn after changing diagram properties 'Todo: Grid lines incompatible with use of backdrop at the moment. 'Added support for spaces in backdrop filename 'Scroll bars now work in zoom mode 'Export to bitmap file now prompts to overwrite existing files. 'X now correctly queries unload 'Bug fix. Cancel now works on prompt save when moving to recent file. 'Added more Modified_Diagram flags to prompt to save changes 'Back Forward now correctly handles prompt to save. 'Diagram name now shown in Form Caption 'Restricted offering backbone resize to non modes. 'No longer allows duplicate link style names when naming new link styles or renaming existing ones. 'Added multiple zoom settings 'Toolbar back and forward button states correct after zoom 'Escape key exits text cross hair mode 'v4.2.9 'Can save empty diagram 'Bug fix. Jumping diagram on right click. 'v4.3.0 'Added mouse wheel support 'Zoom Improvements 'French Language updates 'v4.3.1 'Fixed find. Search was reset on closing find dialog. 'More frm_splash.hides at err msgboxes 'optimised code for internationalisation 'bug fix. Could resize canvas negative and cause error. 'bug fix. File > Exit not working in Object Library form. Removed extra Exit menu option. 'bug fix. Nudge keys check objects selected before doing anything 'bug fix. Quick resize attempted to work after file > new. 'bug fix. Closing main form whilst splash present left splash displayed. Added frmSplash.Hide to close_down. 'bug fix. Nice msgbox rather than error if you attempt to add too many objects to a library 'Czech translation added. 'Todo language registry entry too simplistic 'Bug fix. Cancel option wasn't working at save changes prompt when edit source selected. 'Improved mouse pointer code 'Improved toggle selection of pallette_form objects 'Added file pickers for backdrop and hosts file. 'bug fix. default hosts file name corrected v4.3.2 'bug fix. Error using move diagram if objects selected. 'v4.3.3 'OLE Server 'Format resize mode, current selection checked. 'Swedish translation added. 'v4.3.5 'Font dialog now supports underline and strikethrough 'Can switch off annoying Shift/CTRL drag prompt 'New print routine using VBPrnDlg.dll 'Ratio displayed when setting canvas height/ width 'v4.3.6/7/8 'Added support for locked labels. (When you drag a locked label it moves the object it's associated with). 'Bug fix. Space in file name caused problems with drag and drop to object library. 'Bug fix. Align. Overlapping objects message now reported once only. 'v4.4.0 'Bug fix. Clicking an object while editing an object label caused new label to be added. 'bug fix. can't place text on object 'v4.3.9 'added modified_diagram flags for changes to labels 'v4.4.1 'Added trims to Connect() 'Float text only displayed in default mode 'v4.4.2 'Added $browse function to call default browser 'Help now uses default browser 'Bug Fix: Resizing Object Library to Zero caused error and program to halt. 'Bug Fix: Library_Combo correctly positioned if using large fonts. 'Language combo now alphabetical 'Prevented removal of IP address label as no code present to add one again. 'Added code to add a new IP label to an object if it doesn't have one when IP entered in properties. 'New Feature: Can now drag and drop a .ndg file on to the canvas to create a "goto" link. 'Fixed link text colour not being set 'Copy and paste now uses the Windows clipboard 'Removed function buttons from toolbar. Increased the number of user-defined applications to 10. 'Added Polish Translation. Is it ok? 'v4.4.3 'Reinstated the six function buttons by popular demand...well... one person anyway. 'v4.4.4 'Format Text Font from ring menu now shows Effects section. 'Tidied up link styles fields with additional trims to remove extra spaces/ quotes. 'Tidied up Copy() so blank lines not present 'Bug Fix: Pass focus back to frame was set if escape key hit while editing label. 'v4.4.5 'Bug fix: Line2 sometimes not drawn in correct style. 'Enhanced link_object to enable drawing arrows to link nodes. 'v4.4.6 'Tidied up deleted link entries in .ndg file 'v4.4.7 'Improved handling of error where the default font is not available. 'v4.4.8 'Bezier Curves 'v4.4.9 'New feature: Drag and drop objects in object library to rearrange objects. 'Removed auto spacing for object library if spacing specified at start of library. 'Option to set spacing manually from menu in Object Library 'Tidied up offering of canvas resize. 'Bug Fix: Newer versions of program are correctly associated with previous installations. 'Uninstall option in Start Programs 'Installation automatically registers .ndg file association 'Bug fix: Long file names not handled correctly if passed via %1 argument 'v4.5.0 'Can resize object selected by dragging a box around it (previously had to click it) 'Find highlights object 'Bug fix: Scroll bars not updated on resizing window vertically. 'Bug fix: editing the most recently added label would only offer "undo add label" when undoing 'Nudge now uses half twips 'v4.5.1 'Bug fix: paste object > edit object label > paste label > edit label - did not undo correctly 'New feature: Using GDI+ to give built in support for saving as .gif and .png 'removed plugin feature for exporting to graphics files 'New feature: Default diagram option 'v4.5.2 'New feature: $field variable 'Bug Fix: Grid lines working better/ work in conjunction with background picture 'Fixed backdrop dragdrop not updating display 'Japanese translation 'International fonts and character sets 'Uses individual language .txt translation files rather than resource file or csv file. 'Default paper size for printing is A4 instead of Letter. 'v4.5.3 'Bug fix: Tweak to label key input routines to fix fussy shift enter 'Bug fix: Float text less likely to be displayed at wrong time 'Bug Fix: Copy paste backbone not drawn correctly 'New Feature: Display text for user defined functions 'New Feature: Select direction for right click Pan and Scroll in the Setup Form. 'v4.5.4 'Bug fix: Help button didn't move when properties dialog resized 'Bug fix: Menu Insert backbone when already in paste mode failed. 'Bug fix: Pan and scroll works correctly in Zoom mode and when you click outside the diagram 'Added Hungarian translation. 'Updated German translation. 'Added Serbian translation. 'v4.6.0 'New Feature: Layers 'Dutch language update 'v4.6.1 'bug fix: Default IP not working. 'bug fix: Overflow sometimes when working on diagrams >32768 wide 'bug fix: Backdrop image was not drawn. '4.6.2 'bug fix: undo link with link nodes followed by paste new object. new object inherited some node properties. 'Added support for paste with links to existing objects. 'bug fix: Invalid Property Value when printing to pdf creator. Now it will only try to set the paperbin if a different value is read. 'Added align horizontal and vertical toolbar buttons. 'Added Chinese translation. 'Updated French translation. 'v4.6.3 'bug fix: switch_off_text_entrybox making latest label visible rather than the one being edited 'bug fix: Position of outlines on initiating drag drop 'Increased array limits 'Uses error raising to detect missing bitmap files rather than checkexists() on every file 'Bug fix: aligning labels didn't always work correctly 'Performance: Only loads bitmap if different to last bitmap loaded 'New feature: Ctrl-A now toggles between selecting none and selecting all 'New feature: Clickable links 'New feature: The default paper size for each language is set in the second line of each language .txt file. 'v4.6.4 'Increased the number of fields supported in palette list (number of labels in a title box etc). 'Uninstall now deletes the registry settings. 'Bug fix: Illegal character entered in "safety copies" option causes the program to fail to start with a Type Mismatch Error. 'Bug fix: File > New retained some data on links from previous diagram. 'Bug fix: User definable tools didn't get focus sometimes. 'v4.6.5 'Bug fix: Possibly some systems did not remember the display IP addresses option. 'Bug fix: Deleting the link termination node deleted lots of other things. 'v4.6.6 'Added more error trapping to palette form load and activate 'fixed broken backdrop image 'v4.6.7 'region_check area_check value initialised too low. Caused scaled up icons to not respond to click. 'Bug fix right click link termination and selecting properties caused crash 'Updated Polish translation 'Added Thai translation 'v4.6.8 ''Changed use of Shift and Ctrl when moving and selecting items to be in line with Professional Edition. 'v4.6.9 'Bug fix. Clicking background to form elbows and bends in links was broken.

Network Notepad

'V1.0 first public issue. 'fixed bug where ip addresses displayed for non-visible objects 'V1.3 Added floating text ' added jump to next diagram, back and forward buttons ' bug in arg_update when changing a quoted text argument? ' bug is that argupdate strips out quotes causing problems next time 'V1.4 fixed bug in arg update for quoted text ' added stripquote function ' set scroll bars and view offsets to zero on loading diagram 'V1.5 updated File Open and Save As code ' Added object1.dragdrop so you can drag objects a small amount ' changed hightlight and unhighlight to use a shape 'V1.6 fixed bug in scroll buttons ' switched off ip_addresses checkbox on loading file ' added crosshair paste ' fixed bug in dgram_label keypress 'v1.6.1 started pallette paste code ' removed references to clipboard data from canvas code. ' cursor bitmap change prevents pallette resize working. ' hostdir$ now stored in registry 'v1.6.6 many changes ' missing lcase on link_type$ ' moved objects selected count to start of load so that can select objects during load 'v1.6.7 Added splash screen. Fixed get setting still pointing to d: 'v1.6.8 Check file exists before can goto. ' find resets on changing find spec ' numerous mods ' minimum software version for latest diagrams is v1.6 'v.1.7.0 bodge for scroll bar values exceeding min and max when doing a find ' fixed bug in resolver finding hostnames ending in chr$(10) if no comments after hostname 'v1.7.1 fixed drag and drop label to itself not updating labels database. 'v1.7.2 mod to prevent blanked Ip causing a problem in properties dialogue 'telnet now uses ip_label instead of resolving address 'v1.7.3 increased array for selecting objects from 100 to 500 'v1.7.4 added rubber band links 'v1.7.5 fixed bug in object properties ip address box 'added ip addresses button 'made sticky buttons for link mode and ip address button 'modified absolute pathname to suppress drive letter 'v1.8.0 first version to support backbones. Much work still to be done. 'v1.8.1 backbones resizable 'v1.8.2 fixed bugs in pallette form affecting filename and save pallette. 'fixed bug when saving diagram the cursor is changed, affecting link mode. 'added align horizontal and vertical. only checks overlap with main object. todo change colour of main? 'tidied pallette paste and save a bit. Bug: After deleting object, paste on main form crashes. 'v1.8.3 fixed bug in align routines. Incorrectly adding view_offset to objects_dbase$ values 'new object select and drag algorithm uses timer2 as one-shot 30ms timer before can drag. delay adjustable 'by changing registry entry "drag delay" 'v1.8.4 added click-drag delay to setup dialogue. set focus added to several pop-up dialogue boxes 'moved diagram up down left right to menu and removed icons from tool bar 'fixed bug where allowed telnet if no object selected 'tool tip text for function buttons now show functions 'now have to hold down shift to move objects 'can specify how many safety copies of diagram to keep 'added autominimise option to pallette form menu 'v1.8.5 Export to BMP file is now working. 'v1.8.5a fixed bug in export. Shows deleted objects 'obj_menu now gets focus when selected 'unload pallette_form when exiting 'v1.8.5b fixed END so that all forms closed. 'v1.8.6 converted pictures to images 'bug image dragdrop did not update label positions 'Uses common dialogue for file operations 'Tickbox to decide whether to minimise canvas/pallette when running user defined app. 'bug in save prompted to save modified diagram before saving! 'Added support for multiline labels 'bug in prompt save fixed 'bug in refreshlinksfast. Rewrote routine. Much faster now! 'improvements to recent files list 'v1.8.7 canvas updates every 11 objects during loading of diagram 'v1.8.8 bug in paste vertical backbone fixed 'added link_mode variable to more reliably define when in link mode as popup menu seem to lose mouse pointer 'right click object now has all 3 user defined functions 'v1.8.9 new tool bar icons 'bug in minimise logic for function buttons fixed 'bug fixed screen.mouseicon value was being set to 1 instead of 0. same for savedicon 'bug fixed was usinging instead of saveas 'improved routine for renaming objects in pallette 'prevented multiline captions for objects 'updated quote_strip to cope with single quote 'Added text mode button to tool bar 'Cursor keys now fully operational 'general improvements to text mode 'v1.9.0 improved handling of blank object labels 'fixed bug where prompt to save just before goto would save to wrong filename! 'added globalbutton to frame1.mousedown and doubleclick to prevent button one double click changing mode 'v1.9.1 updated object properties menu so that if loaded but out of focus, boxes are not reset. 'new blank labels not added to database 'cancel print now ignored 'added common dialogue to pallette form so that it looks neater when loading / saving pallette files 'canvas now hides rather than minimises 'fixed after adding object to canvas. save, load does not show object unless restart program 'fixed save pallette does not save new name in compiled version of program 'improved pallette scroll bar value adjustment. 'v1.9.2 fixed bug. Cancel err not selected in new common dialogue control in pallette. 'fixed but in find_it. Not using y_offset 'backbone now labelled as LAN if left with default name 'v1.9.3 started adding undo redo functionality 'v1.9.4 add_undo_redo transaction blanks the following transaction to prevent looping 'goundo checks transaction number stack to see if valid transaction next 'upped to 150 transactions per undo redo + introduced max_undoredos variable 'menu_ip_addresses state stored in registry and restored during read_ini 'toolbar back and forward now prompt to save changes 'url stored with search data 'find_it now scrolls to object smoothlyish 'fixed scroll bars out of sync with canvas position after find_it scroll 'bug in draw object not centering object properly 'bug - missing update objects case in goredo 'added separate x and y scales 'fixed bug in paste object not using new centre of object method 'fixed bug in align objects not using new centre of object method 'changed load_diagram to be a function. result is true if loaded ok. 'recent files now adds entry to url_list$ 'bug in align objects: saved object not using centre of object method 'fixed bug in space issue 'fixed bug in dragdrop events not using centre of object method 'Removed ctrl-v short cut from menu so that ctrl-v works normally in text_entrybox 'removed edit paste from main menu 'Added table to object properties dialogue 'set link_type$ to Ethernet for links to backbone 'v2.0.0 Major revamp with separate labels for ip and captions, reordered database entries 'could affect links to other diagrams? no it won't cos you can't paste an object which will be already linked. 'v2.0.1 added quotes to text fields in properties table 'missing declaration for file_name$ 'bug in resize backbone mouseup - not saving view offsets 'v2.0.2 added multi-selection capability 'added outline of object when pasting 'bug in single_argextract meant extracting a field higher than available returned highest field available. 'caused overflow in drag and drop no relative text 'v2.0.3 hopefully fixed bug in upgrade for labels with blank text 'added copy and paste 'v2.0.4 'modified paste to use copy_buffer$ as source of data so now copies x,yscale 'bug fixed. Dropping text onto object caused crash or incorrect object used to calculated new x/y for text 'ctrl copy selected objects added 'v2.0.5 'fixed bug. incorrect use of of xy_view_offsets with drag/ copy 'fixed bug with explore tool button 'possibly fixed bug causing error on start up with slow drives. Looks like splash set focus in form activate. modified 'v2.0.6 'now handles ctrl-v more nicely. looks at carriage returns when ctrl-v typed 'further mods to try and prevent error 5 on startup with slow drives 'fixed bug in menu insert text 'v2.0.7 'fixed double click when in link mode 'added message box if object number out of sync with objects_dbase 'improved delete 'v2.0.8 'inserting backbones now draws outlines 'delete improved 'fixed bug where could select deleted object 'delete is now cut 'fixed bug in pop up menu with 4th tool option 'fixed bug causing height of text entry box to be wrong after doing big text 'v2.0.9 'fixed bug link_mode not switched off going to text mode. 'default pallette filename is now general.plf 'bug fix. mouse move rubber band was disrupting position of new link when choosing link from obj_menu 'implemented double right click toggle mode 'local pallette file now fixed location 'fixed but in text drop on to object 'picture box in properties dialogue now working 'fixed bug whereby selecting obj_menu didn't take current mode in to account. 'fixed bug. Not loading no_insert_label labels during load. 'v2.1.0 'disabled extended debugging 'limited selection to 100 objects and redimensioned copy buffers to 400 'remd out do_link_label 'mod to use lcase(object_type) to check for "blank" object 'bug in mouse move routines. unreliable method was being used to check if in paste mode 'tidied menu_ipaddresses 'removed reassignment of dgram_label in draw_label 'various tidy ups 'removed pre v2.0 upgrade from load sub 'fixed bug in process table where it was adding labels for blank enties 'v2.1.1 'modified menu insert horiz/vert backbone to add complete string to copy buffer. fixes offset shape2 problem 'fixed bug in obj_menu link. Not selecting correct next_link number(?) 'v2.1.2 'tidied shapes when selecting pallette after multiple copy. 'Fixed Selecting new object whilst still in link mode causes paste to fail followed by link. 'fixed selecting backbone whilst already in paste object mode is fault 'deactivate_shapes now called after selecting multiple objects 'fixed bug in find_it seeking wrong position on screen due to thinking "0" for arg$(13) meant relative 'v2.1.3 'added Grid Lines to options 'added zoom mode 'fixed bug selecting backbone in the middle of multiple paste mode 'fixed recent files list 'added vbhourglass to zoom mode 'click zoom in now working 'v2.1.4 'fixed bug in load where incrementing line number in wrong place 'rem'd out deactivate outlines in frame1.mouseup after finding it causes a bug when selecting multiple 'objects after recently pasting multiple objects. 'v2.1.5 'fixed go undo delete link 'pos fixed bug in go redo link objects 'fixed bug in go redo delete link 'prevented undo if in link mode and link step=1 'still not 100% right when in link mode and undo a link 'reinstated redo description in menu 'added quote_strip to tools 'fixed bug in properties form. Assigning wrong link number when updating link. 'implemented add_quotes routine where neccessary 'diagram now saves and loads link definitions 'v2.1.6 'implemented format link styles 'v2.1.7 added protection for zero/negative line width values 'automin for application 4 was not being saved in the registry 'fixed incorrect undo description after updating object scale 'fixed incorrect cursor when loading whilst not in "normal" mode 'v2.2.0 now loads default link styles from linkdefs.txt file 'fixed a$=lcase(a$) which was causing link_type to be lcase also in set_link_style 'fixed bug in add_to_recent_list 'save_as now adds url 'improved method for adding new link. eliminated tab key issue 'updated link_selection drop down to include all link types in properties dialogue 'fixed bug in export and print routines where error produced if diagram contains a blank 'v2.2.1 'fixed bug where double clicking text whilst in link mode screws up link number 'fixed bug where hex code for link color being interpreted as negative integer - added & after 'fixed bug where cannot undo updated link type in object properties 'prevented telnet etc to ! address 'load diagram now adds new link styles to link_selection combo 'improvements to text handling 'modified label_type2$ to maintain current font details 'fixed double clicking text doesn't always select correct font for text_entry_box 'v2.2.3 '2nd Internet Release 'v2.2.4 'fixed export_to_bmp. Incorrectly assumed arg$(1) may be "no" on its own 'fixed export_to_bmp. Unobtainable bmps cause export and print to crash. Dubious fix using on error resume 'remd out redundant object_find function 'remd out redundant pallette_paste_Click sub 'pal_saveas_dialogue now uses general save_pallette function to do the actual saving 'pallette overhaul. File1.refresh crucial to making new pallette files instantly available 'rem'd out one of the get pallette file parms 'v2.2.5 fixed bug. Draw object was still getting it's own pallette file parms 'fixed bug (I think) where newly added object in pallette file is not instantly available to be pasted on to canvas. 'combination of looping until master list is refreshed and changing paste to be on mouse up. 'when image is cut from pallette paste mode is switched off. 'added unknown.bmp 'adding new object to pallette now updates spacing between objects if required. 'modified text entry routines to process text box when losing focus 'removed more redundant code 'goundo was not putting stuff on stack for add label so that goredo redraws label 'observed weird bug where pallette menu has seep through to canvas if they overlap. Only exit button? 'just dragging pallette over and back does not restore button state correctly 'removed surplus ip_label label control 'having moved a$=text_entrybox.text to switch off textbox, now get crlf on ip and object boxes. Resolved? 'moved code from keyup to keydown for updating textentrybox size as it's less prone to flicker, 'especially with auto repeated keys 'moved position of code for setting text_entrybox.height to after font details set. Seems better? 'fixed bug in properties form where updating links calls argextract for second time when doing labels 'trashed index for label 'added undoredo transaction for changes to labels made in properties link table 'new link method uses line2 and loads new line only when link needed. Fixes undo in link mode problems 'fixed changing link style whilst link step=1 does not always update line2 ' now updates link style immediately instead of using mouse move 'updated F1-F4 icons 'fixed bug with undo/redo. Dummy transaction caused object 0 to be visibile top left 'backbone width now actually draws main bones the correct width 'v2.3.0 3rd internet edition 'v2.3.1 'added trims to memlinkobjects to remove extra spaces 'also has redundant x and y scale options 'fixed broken print option + rationalised code for generating picture2 used by print and export bmp 'paste amended for backbones. Now sets field 14 for label to be object so that CR terminates edit. 'v2.3.2 'fixed format link styles > new 'fixed bug in process table. Posn$="" was incorrectly detected as instr("nsew") 'added support for ! label position to hide label but still present in properties 'changed properties table text box to be processed on losing focus 'properties, grid click changed to mouseup as can check which button. Right click previously not recognised correctly. 'amended picture2 routine to draw background after so that text on top of obects is shown 'added ability to change label positions in properties page 'added file edit source option 'fixed link_selection drop down box now positioned correctly if using large fonts/ resizing form. 'Fixed variables use to draw grid lines were integers causing crash if frame1 width >32Kpixels 'fixed snapshot not taking canvas.left and .top into account 'Snapshot rewritten. Was not taking canvas position into account 'labels properly bound to table where neccessary 'snapshot rewritten again 'added support for backdrop 'added bookmark feature 'implemented .move method extensively. 'scroll bar positions now updated in paint event rather than resize 'increase area for resize prompt 'v2.4.2 'added save&restore_mouse_pointer proceedures + added to print 'added support for multiple copies 'grid lines now redrawn when backdrop in place 'remed out cls in frame.activate event. Not sure what it does. Added grid_requies_refresh event 'scroll bars now drawn in form paint as slightly better positioning achieved (scruffy form splash as a result though) 'updates to refresh ip addresses 'fixed frame1 now cleared after viewing properties 'now uses bitblt to draw gridlines. much faster 'disabled support for GIFs 'fixed looking at properties for backbone causes text to be drawn in blue. 'v2.4.3 'master_find now checks for the existance of the file it finds and calls checkisjif using masterfind reference 'checkisjif checks master_list col 2 to see if has already been run (redim master_list array). 'check is jif col 2 500 = ignored 'passed directory to master_find 'removed position scrollbars call from form.activate as it was causing invalid proceedure call. Seems ok without it. 'set large change for scroll bars to be much higher so that clicking scroll bar body does fast scroll. 'fixed problem where copy/paste backbones incorrectly added label for an ip address 'fixed undo redo for copy/pasted backbones 'made change to paste routine to not set font specifically to current font. Don't know reason was orig done. 'set large change for vertical scroll bar on pallette form 'drop down combo changed to list (also in properties form). 'Can rename link styles now 'focus now automatically returned to frame1 'escape key checked in all modes now and exits the current mode 'fixed quotes added to link styles in drop down lists 'v2.5.0 - Internet version 'v2.5.1 - quotes not being stripped when link style loaded from diagram 'v2.5.5 Link styles are reset whenever a new diagram is loaded unless diagram does not contain link styles 'v2.5.6 'Added toolbar to pallette form 'Added progress indicator for saving diagrams 'added abs to scrollbar resize to prevent crash if form sized to small 'v2.5.7 'improved focus and text selection on find dialogue 'Added on error resume to cope with attempt to cut .icos in pallette form 'new icons 'hide button instead of minimise menu option 'Fixed only 9 entries displayed in recent files list and it includes a bank entry. 'Fixed clicking object whilst in text mode does not exit text mode properly 'dropping text onto object changes text zorder to 0 (top) 'v2.6.0 'used trim in argextract and single_argextract and also properties ip address processing 'v2.6.1 'fixed master_find could return blank and cause error/crash if cannot find entry in master list 'improved master_find so does not use exit function part way through while wend loop 'v2.6.2 'adjusted the way calulated to try and eliminate line below it on some systems 'Fixed right click object when any mode does not maintain status quo 'changed argextract and single_argextract to use do while loop 'also method for clearing unused arg$() in argextract moved to end of function 'got rid of a few gotos 'v2.6.3 'Converted to use bitmap methods for drawing lines 'bug in label mousemove not updtaing position of outlines 'updated backdrop and gridlines routines 'speeded up paste draw outlines by only making visible after outlines have been positioned 'remed out secondary links stuff as drawmode shows both link styles now 'v2.6.4 'link_object now converts between border styles and link styles correctly 'fixed bug. After "You must upgrade" is reported, you cannot load any diagrams at all due to not resetting file_is_open. 'had to set drawwidth in draw_gridlines otherwise gridlines followed width of lines 'had to put erase link in goredo for update link 'integrated lightning link format 'v2.6.5 'fixed bug in single_argextract where seeking field 13 in a 12 field string returning field 12 instead of "" 'v2.6.6 'modified lightning to look better 'added frame1.refresh to all dragdrops 'removed checks for ".gif" prior to calling checkisjif. < Needs checking? 'added frame1.Refresh to end of diagram load and align routines 'Format link styles now auto selects correct line/lightning option. 'further mods to lighning to make proportional to length 'added $explore to tool 'v2.6.7 'modified tool to do space independent exchange for $ipaddress and $hostname 'added option to cancel load if objects missing 'bug in load diagram x= undefinded causing abort 'added logic to form.activate to prevent multiple redraws 'started adding File menu and toolbar to format link styles diaglogue 'added refresh counter (set to 50) to refresh links fast 'added drag and drop to palette form. 'prevented telnet to ! if no ip address supplied 'added drag and drop backdrop to canvas 'v2.6.8 'added toolbar1.refresh to canvas.form.activate to prevent icons disappearing 'ability to load and save link style files now operational 'must create link style backbone when formatting new set of link styles 'added support for changing label background colour 'now cannot remove phantom ip for backbones in properties page 'rationalised align horizontal and verical to single align proceedure 'rationalised menu insert backbones to single sub 'rationalised menu moves to single sub. 'Speeded up menu moves by using refreshlinks_fast instead of refresh_link 'rationalised tool bar back and forward routines into single sub 'added check to link_object to make sure borderwidth not 0 before setting it 'added delete link style to properties table 'remed out code for deleting latest label as could delete lan label and leave invalid entry in objects_dbase$ 'reinstated draw object and labels at close of properties dialogue box to update labels 'can now undo redo links deleted in properties page 'v2.7.0 'label colors now saved in hex 'workaround now in draw_label and label_bkgnd for not realising colors have a 4th high byte for desktop constant colors 'fixed bug where viewing canvas whilst properties form open displayed no links/background 'fixed load diagram. Routine for drawing numbered links labels inefficient. was being called for every line label possible. 'improved add_url routine to only add file if its a new name. Also rem'd out add url in save diagram. 'added get_filename function to extract file name and directory from full path 'f5 now done. 'temporary remd out checkisgif in load pictures 'v2.7.2 'fixed bug where loading diagram at startup causes invalid proceedure call error in timer1 'new web page url 'fixed properties not being redrawn if changing to different object properties while object properties open. 'properties page now only repainted when neccessary. prevents losing changes made so far to links table. 'modifications to properties form improved entered data in links table 'v2.7.3 'fixed problem with undo/redo deleting latest label 'v2.7.4 'recompiled due to distribution with incorrect linkdefs.nls file 'v2.7.5 'added preliminary support for quotes in labels using translation techniques 'added error_handler to copy to help diagnose toolbar delete error. 'v2.7.6 'fixed dragging objects off of canvas left outlines on screen and subsequently caused a crash. 'fixed autoredraw for canvas set wrong after printing. scroll bars not reset on resizing form. 'added a bit of translation for caption_text in properties pages. 'default hosts table filename is now in directory where diagram is stored. 'format link styles new now sets both combo lists to new link style name 'fixed printing where horizontal line drawn across top of diagram. 'can now resize canvas on the hoof 'fixed cursor being upset if panning across right/bottom of canvas/ resizing 'added error trap to draw_label to give msgbox if it fails to set the font 'optional fields for changing default scale now works in pallette file 'rem'd out tool_open2 redundant code 'added toolbar refresh following filenot found on selecting goto. 'back and forward now remembers last canvas position 'v2.7.7 'finalised memorising of frame left and top with url list 'added effects capability to draw picture 'v2.7.8 'spelling for palette button tool tip text corrected 'removed bug introduced since v274 whereby outlines drawn at ofset in object mousemove 'added flash_list array 'v2.7.9 'version$ set by App.XX variables 'v2.8.0 'modified form load to not check exists argument supplied file name. Presume load will do it. 'Done to try and narrow down hyperlink problem in work 'rem'd out unselect_all_objects() 'rem'd out hide_selections() 'v2.8.1 'palette form now loads and draws objects in one go to avoid overlapping 'started adding spacing parameter to palette file 'v2.8.2 'added quote_strip to object type when drawing properties page 'added hourglass to load of palette objects 'added object number to properties dialogue 'v2.8.3 'now uses vbcopypen method for drawing links 'v2.8.4 'added frame1.refresh to unlink to force fresh screen update 'code in unselect all objects was remed out for some reason. 'delete linknode needs to look at link lists and be removed from them 'v2.8.5 'added auto align option 'v2.8.6 'adjustments to auto align for start of linking object 'modified properties form to support link nodes (reverse order if second object selected) 'added auto align for linknode to final object 'todo...redo link possibly fixed 'v2.8.7 'added frame1.refresh to connect to fix lightning link style not showing up on connect 'can now change link style in the middle of drawing a multiple hop link 'fixed copy to remove from buttons broken in properties page 'fixed horizontal line at top of frame when grid lines on. Why was it using vbnotsrccopy?? 'unresolved bug when changing text background back to white/transparent. label double click does not read background successfully. 'v2.8.8 'lightning to linknode links now shown correctly during linking 'fixed bug where cannot paste object or text onto text box. 'extra code added to lable mouse up to enable linking via nodes over text 'added condition check to prevent dde interface addressing non existant objects 'v2.8.9 'fixed undo says move object instead of link after link via link nodes and autoalign last linknode 'added backcolor option 'added edit options to right click of object 'todo undo redo unreliable when deleting objects 'reinstated draw label in goredo update label. fixed labels not being removed on redo delete objects 'copy changed to a function so that copy does not report no objects selected as well as delete 'added refresh_backbones so that backbones are redrawn after formating their width 'removed extra column from properties links table 'backbone default diameter now set as per linkdefs file 'right click object no longer leaves it selected if that's how it was before hand 'todo unlink button doesnt work for link nodes 'added lightning2 link style...needs more work though 'added right click paste option 'mod to text click to prevent spurious new text boxes <= changed to < 'v2.9.1 'fixed multi dragdrop onto object/ text not refreshing link positions 'fixed unlink not working for lightning link styles 'fixed bug in align sometimes not moving labels 'v2.9.2 'added link_selection lost focus to object properties page 'no longer switches focus to frame if link_selection changed on object properties page. 'added selection dependant menu options 'safety copies now stored in netpadsafe directory 'fixed link appearing to 0,0 when link nodes deleted 'fixed bug selected object undo paste select none crash 'v2.9.3 'updated text pasting.. still not 100% 'added refresh_toolbar proceedure 'improved processing of selected objects now does cut and unlink buttons 'v2.9.4 'Lines are now copied when multiple objects are copied 'v2.9.5 'debugging copy with links 'removed dec of undo redo transaction counter for past of linknode. Not sure why it was there. 'Caused undo to fail part way through if contained link nodes 'v2.9.6 'new mothod for drawing outlines stores offset in shape2.tag 'max undos now 250 'v2.9.7 'initial support for connecting to different points on the periphery of the objects 'made properties dialogue reverse connection points for second object in list 'v2.9.8 'fixed bug outline not drawn after toggling to paste mode. copy_count 0 now valid. not sure of effect 'bug in auto align causing misplaced objects when doing multi paste first time. Now only on for single pastes. 'v2.9.9 'new paste routing uses 4 pass build and draw routine 'v3.0.0 'fixed bug in filenew 'pressing enter in the middle of a ip/host label now keeps text after the enter 'can now put & symbols in text boxes 'palette now called "Object Library" 'v3.0.1 'prevented text flickering at wrong position during paste 'bug in paste was drawing object1(0) 'v3.0.2 'now uses string translations for quotes and cr lf 'bug in auto align fixed 'v3.0.3 'paste routine no longer pastes unconnected link nodes 'fixed bug in save routine. was creating netpadsafe even if 0 set 'fixed bug slow moving outlines over objects 'v3.0.4 'added chop function 'now uses <<seek>> instead of chr$(127) 'todo bug identified O...___...O 'working on new drag drop function 'bug> few...dragdrop...error 'enhanced debug.prints 'v3.0.5 'new uni drag drop routine 'v3.0.6 'shape2 now off the page so does not appear until Canvas form activated. 'copy button now enabled in process_selection_dependent_options 'fixed bug in connect. abort link followed by file new bombed with error checking non existant object.tag 'fixed bug outline count not set in palette form causing wrong number of outlines with toggling paste mode. 'added "C" for centred labels 'paste button now disabled if no objects copied 'v3.0.7 'fixed bug. Delete link broken. 'v3.0.8 'fixed bug when search complete msgbox displayed, toolbar icons disappear 'fixed bug when removing last selected item from selection list 'fixed nipples appearing on connections to backbones 'fixed toolbar disappearing partially after using save_as 'rewrote link_object to use variables instead of objectreferences 'new method for drawing backbones 'added unselect_all_objects to undo and redo prevents selecting blank space possible 'v3.0.9 'fixed backbone not erased when deleted 'v3.1.0 'mod to frame mouse up checks mode instead of mouse pointer when deciding whether to paste. 'Improved updating of filename on title-bar. 'File new now blanks diagram title variable 'v3.1.1 'Quotes added to saved hosts filename 're-instated code for label bachground color...and patched for unable to read transparent backcolor on double clicking label 'v3.1.2 'draw outlines now takes x/y_view_offset in to account 'prompt save called on exit 'fixed bug in split causing seek to wrong position on load/goto. 'v3.1.4 'objects can now be put in the background 'fixed right click object in paste mode causes cursor problem (form.mouseup called after mousedown on object) 'pasting sometimes happens to wrong position....may just be auto align? 'v3.1.5 'partially added dim effect 'added option to rename bitmap in pallette 'added option to rename object in pallette 'added support for spaces in object bitmap filename 'added option change default x y scale for object in pallette 'todo add refresh picture to above 'v3.1.7 'added special tick box to palette form 'added cross draw style 'v3.1.9 'fixed overflow in link when x/y > 32767 due to dim of link_list to integer values 'v3.2.0 'Added option to associate .ndg file extension with Network Notepad to Setup Dialogue 'started adding own tooltipstext routine to enable multiline 'v3.2.1 'deployment version. No new edit routine for new tooltips method yet 'v3.2.2 'Added edit capability for tooltips 'v3.2.3 'bug moving objects to position >32767 fixed 'bug pasting text after entering float text improved. 'v3.2.4 'fixed bug pasting text copying last float text height 'v3.2.5 'float text no longer displayed for backbones. 'edit float text no longer an option for backbones and linknodes 'tooltipstimer only fires once now 'added undo redo capability for float text 'deleting float text in edit mode now more removes text from database 'v3.2.6 'deleting label hides label. Some work to do to improve undo redo for latest label 'set form background to grey rather than windows colour. Should fix white background on some systems? 'fixed bad scrollbar positioning on Windows XP by using scaleheight instead of canvas.height 'v3.2.7 'Fixed <<quotes>> appearing in float text 'Changed text entry to blank label. Makes delete show up better. 'added some backspace handling to text boxes 'Got rid of reference to palette files in CD1 for palette file 'Got rid of superceded diagrams option 'Added close statement to err in save_dgram to fix file open error following disk full. 'v3.2.8 'Modified to keep <<crlf>> in text boxes, but not quite right as hitting return part way through gets 'transferred to label as blank line. 'Do not set text mode editing object and ip labels. 'Updates no_insert_labels for objects if adjusted. 'Font strikethrough and underline option needs further investigation 'v3.2.9 'improved text box entry. No glitch on line feed. 'v3.3.0 'Added nice grid lines 'resizing canvas now redraws grid 'shape3 visible false by default as noticed could appear in diagram at start 'v3.3.1 'added LEDs to DDE interface 'added support for varying default label positions 'v3.3.2 'imroved checking of location of pingagent program 'changed default palette file handling to remove drive o: present problems 'v3.3.3 'added exportandconvert dde dunction. 'v3.3.4 'added export plugin option 'removing border got rid of horizontal line 'v3.3.5 'improved float text positioning 'todo: Pasting link nodes go nto copy buffer and therefore cannot paste further objects after linking 'v3.3.6 'Float text now based on separate frame so can overlap edge of canvas 'todo edit float text position needs moving to same position as float text box 'v3.3.7 'Added support for saving and loading as a csv file 'v3.4.1 'Added flexible colours 'v3.4.2 'Fixed save as bmp not working 'v3.4.3 'Added "flow" type object labels 'v3.4.5 'export to grahics format now uses tmpfile.bmp 'fixed bug. Pasting backbone after multiple object paste loading one or more outlines and errors. 'added refresh to end of backbone resize to clear blank space left by backbone if not white background. 'v3.4.7 'object selection list extended to 1000 'v3.4.8 'now deletes remainder of line when deleting objects 'font bold, underline, strikethru etc properties now stored as boolean 'v3.4.9 'removed st0p statement 'v3.5.0 'Capital Letters for some of the saved config lines 'Fixed bug in csv handling. Not reinserting quotes for fields with spaces in. 'Save now functions as Save_As if filename is default 'v3.5.1 'mouse down event sets link point rather than mouse up 'v3.5.2 'get pal file parms option for kcc compilation 'v3.5.3 'fixed color common dialog not showing current color 'fixed shape2 could be displayed in wrong color after changing diagram colors 'v3.5.4 'fixed scroll bar wrong height in pallette form on XP. 'load_diagram now reports an error if an invalid file is loaded. 'file save as now prompts to overwrite existing file 'fixed absolute_path to cope with UNC path names 'v3.5.5 'workaround for redo not deleting labels 'v3.5.6 'Partial FTP Open 'Started Arrow from to link style 'French(France) internationalised version 'v3.5.7 'French version improvements 'Arrow link styles operational with customisable parameters. 'v3.5.8 'Auto position of arrow heads when link points = 1 'v3.5.9 'Fixed Bug in save as bitmap only working to one filename 'v3.6.0 'Added English (United States) to Res table 'v3.6.1 'Fixed bug arrow heads missing for one direction on loading diagram 'v3.6.3 'Fixed bug label disappears if clicking from editing one label to another. 'Improved right click select/edit 'Object unselected after editing float text 'v3.6.4 'improved format link syles form 'v3.6.5 'don't put up crosshair when double click editing text 'v3.6.6 'further improvements to text editing and mode switching 'possible fix for pallette form losing focus on load. 'Removed option to set backbone object to background which caused crash 'v3.6.7 'Fixed bug wrong number of outlines when pasting following multiple drag drop 'Added Connection Points button to tool bar 'v3.6.8 'Added spanish translation 'v3.6.9 'Spanish corrections 'v3.7.0 'Added Italian translation 'v3.7.2 'improved shape2 position after chosing object 'load no longer unloads palette form 'File>New now prompts to save changes 'Drawstyle for arrow links now set in link_object. Allows arrow heads on dash link styles 'v3.7.3 'Added <----> link style 'There is a minor irritation when save a diagram with a link and no objects - Does not save. 'v3.7.4 'Drawing link to label centred over an object now links to object 'shape 3 now drawn over centred labels when in link mode 'v3.7.5 'Links now drawn with Win32 API. Supports extended line styles 'v3.7.6 'Added preliminary APILightning sub 'preliminary converted arrow to use api line 'v3.7.7 'Can now select, cut, copy, paste and move text 'v3.7.9 'fixed arg_extract incorrectly trims leading spaces in text 'Fixed Dutch Lang. Should be Danish. 'v3.8.0 'Repackaged with more ocxs 'v3.8.1 'Fixed bug pallette directory saved even if file not found 'Made sure any attempt to load unknown.bmp is made to local objects directory 'v3.8.2 'Can now drag and drop from palette to canvas 'prevented redraw of whole diagram after minimise and after lost focus 'v3.8.3 'Added Combo List to Pallette Form 'v3.8.4 'Combo now updated when doing a file open. 'backbone type forced if linking to bacbone 'format link styles link_selection now follows last type edited. 'v3.8.5 'paste to pallette uses new load method for objects 'bug in cut also fixed. 'similar bug in oledragdrop also sorted. 'v3.8.6 'scrollbar reset on loading new pallette file 'leading space removed from link list 'removed extra space from label entries (object_scan) 'Caption missing from format connection points- 1 'Dutch language update 'v3.8.7 'Added German update 'v3.8.8 'various cosmetic fixes to accomodate German version 'Two new text strings in language table 'Bug fix. Cancel saving link styles would cause error 'V3.8.9 'Added support for shift enter in ip and object labels 'Added tube style horizontal backbone linked to width of backbone link style 'fixed bug in format link styles. Not saving/loading all fields 'fixed bug. Disabled align to label or with a label. Temporary fix until label support added. 'new load routine 'fixed bug. Not listing jpg etc files in export 'v3.9.1 'public release 'v3.9.2 'Working on integrating FTP 'Fixed not updating Undo Redo with international text 'v3.9.3 'N-way disconnect fixed 'Fixed copy to table and remove table options in properties form 'shown in task bar set to false for palette form so doesn't confuse alt-tabing 'v3.9.4 'Fixed bug. Various not drawn correctly when using large fonts 'Language now set on setup page 'Added Portuguese (Brazil) language 'v3.9.5 'Fixed default height width for prop_dialogue 'v3.9.6 'Language updates 'v3.9.7 'bug fix with auto align on completing link 'v3.9.8 'Danish language update 'v3.9.9 'Added "cut and paste" and "copy and paste" to edit menu 'Fixed but with multidrag drop of relative label onto relative label

Network Notepad

'v1.3.15'BugFix: Format Script Object Pen and Brush tables were sortable, causing problems.'BugFix: Clicking pen and brush table column 1 header would invoke colour picker.'Other cosmetic updates to Format Script Objects form.

'v1.3.14'New Feature: Format > Merge Script Objects (more information to follow).'Change: Connection points and Show IP Addresses toolbar icons change to reflect settings.'Change: Exit button in library closes library and cancels paste mode. Hide button closes library and enables paste mode. Previously both buttons did pretty much the same thing.'Replaced several references to MS Sans Serif font with Microsoft Sans Serif. 'BugFix: Validating X/Y scale in Object Properties form could fail with null reference error.

'v1.3.13'Change: Refreshed toolbar icons.

'v1.3.12'Bug Fix: Improved handling of failure to load font in Script Object path addstring command.

'v1.3.11'New Feature: Script object draw and fill commands now support rotation.'Bug Fix: An undo transaction could be corrupted following a large number of undos. 'Bug Fix: Undo/redo change to script objects could fail.

'v1.3.10'New Feature: Format Script form now has undo,redo,cut,copy and paste toolbars.'New Feature: Added Grouping options to object context menu.'Change: Child objects (objects in a group) now have an Orange highlight when parent is selected.'Improved Error window so it can be dragged to one side and provide information without interferring with work.

'v1.3.9'BugFix: Diagram would disappear (temporarily) following cancel of Format Text Form due to refrencing wrong memory bitmap. 'BugFix: Fixed decimal point handling for X/Y scale in Object Properties form for regions that use ",".'New Feature: Added +/- browse buttons to library toolbar.

'v1.3.8'Completed review of Library Form code.

'v1.3.7'BugFix: missing references to font sizes 5,6,7 at one point in Format Text Style form.'BugFix: Adding new objects to library could result in a NullReferenceException Error.'BugFix: Deleting an object from a library followed by adding an object to the library failed to display object.'BugFix: Library form Save As menu option was not working.

'v1.3.5'BugFix: Support for regions which use characters other than "." for decimal point.'Change: Removed "No Anchor" and "Anchormask" from start and end cap options in Format Link styles.'BugFix: Fixed start and endcap styles not working since the introduction of custom endcaps. 'Change: Improved textbox processing in forms. Gives feedback on enter and beeps on error.'Forms Review: F1 gives context sensitive help. Esc exits forms. Return either "accepts" the current form for simple forms or the current setting for dynamic forms.'Change: Allowed fractional font sizes in Format Text Form.

'v1.3.4'BugFix. Errors when working on script objects in some locales which use "," instead of "." as decimal point.

'v1.3.3'New Feature: The toolset setting "multiple" sets whether a tool runs for all objects selected or only the latest object selected.

'v1.3.2'BugFix: Fontsize for script objects adjusted to match fontsize for labels. Online script library updated with adjusted fontsizes. Existing diagrams will have the Script Object font sizes adjusted and saved as new File format version 8.0'BugFix: Format Script Object save to library failed after searching library.

'v1.3.1'New Feature: Format Script Object form.'New Feature: Right-clicking an object while in link mode creates a background link node instead of linking to the clicked object.'New Feature: You can now store Script Objects in local libraries.'Improved memory management when working with larger bitmaps.'New Feature: Zoom 300% and 400% options. 'Bug Fix: backdrop image not selected and displayed correctly in a multi-page document.'Bug Fix: Right-click script object which has no options incorrectly disabled the Options menu item on the toolbar instead of the Options in the context menu.'Bug Fix: Closed link startcaps and endcaps were not scaled correctly with zoom function.'Change: Blank name is allowed when renaming diagram.'Change: Export bitmap removed redundant code for export using plugin.'Bug Fix: Prompt to save changes to library interupted loading another library.

'v1.2.23'Bug Fix: Copy Page button on Page Tab context menu incorrectly copied script objects (missed out last line).

'v1.2.22'Re-enabled automatic updates for v1.1.39 and earlier.

'v1.2.21'New feature File>Reports.'New feature CTRL+Mousewheel zooms diagram.'Added font sizes 5,6 & 7 to default list of font sizes in Format Text Styles form.

'v1.2.20'Bug Fix: Save as .csv file was not working.'Bug Fix: Clear Link Styles menu option in the Format Link Styles form resulted in errors.'Bug Fix: When using export command line option, if there was an error message the application terminated before you could read it.'Bug Fix: Export command line argument did not support quotation marks/ spaces in the output filename.'Bug Fix: Removed the Associate .ndg File Extension button from the setup form. It didn't work/ it required admin rights. Re-installing will create the file association.'New Feature: A "Reload Diagram" button can be enabled on the toolbar. This is used to refresh the drawing when editing diagrams outside of Network Notepad. The option is enabled in the Setup form.

'v1.2.19'Grouped objects and text remain static when the parent object is resized (unless locked).

'v1.2.18'Links remain in a fixed position when a connected object is resized (unless the link is centered, in which case it remains centred). 'Disabled info message displayed if icon is not found (introduced in v1.2.11)

'v1.2.17'Reorganised Format Text form to fit small screens.'Bug Fix: Format Text form Font_size_txt not updated on form load.

'v1.2.16'Bug Fix: Background colour not displayed in Format Text form.'Bug Fix: Tabbing through initial entries in the Object Properties Toolbar caused a div by zero error.'Review of Format Text Styles Form. Text styles can now be saved to and loaded from file.'New feature: Selecting objects and labels now "sticky".'New feature: Label and object context menus now works for all selected items.'New feature: User functions are now executed for all selected objects.'Lock/Unlock does all selected objects and labels.

'v1.2.15'Completed review of Format Link Styles form.

'v1.2.13'Further improvements to Format Link Styles.

'v1.2.12 'Bug Fix: Several bug fixes in Format Link Styles.

'v1.2.11'Major Bug Fix: When inserting or deleting pages, scripts were not cloned correctly when shifting pages resulting in corrupted scripts.

'v1.2.10'Bug Fix: Further improvements to script align.'Change to dialog and URL displayed if no license is found.

'v1.2.9'Reinstated automatic updates from v1.2.8 upwards. Automatic updates for earlier versions will follow soon.

'v1.2.8'Bug Fix: Improvements to script auto align

 'v1.2.7 - Release date 21 Nov 2016'Bug Fix: Pasting an invalid statement caused Network Notepad Script objects to exit early. Now displays an error message. 'Bug Fix: Changing script object options did not set diagram modified flag. 'Bug Fix: Problem with script options condition value.

'v1.2.6 - Release date 20 Nov 2016'Bug Fix: Pasting higher revision script did not replace existing script correctly.

'v1.2.5 - Release date 17 Nov 2016'Bug Fix: CR in middle of label both entered label and truncated it.'New Feature: $ADDRLIST variable. See What's New?'License Manager installing an invalid license now displays the full hardware ID.'Bug Fix: Deleting the caption label for an object could lead to an Integrity Checker error and muddled labels.'Gpscripts renamed to "Network Notepad Scripts" as gpscript name is already in use.'New Feature: Alignment points for scripts.

'v1.2.4 - Release date 30 Aug 2016'Bug Fixes: Undo redo issues with grouped objects.

'v1.2.3 - Release date 23 Aug 2016'Bug Fix: Gpscript tag incorrectly set in object_unpack()

'v1.2.2 - Release date 18 Aug 2016'More work on gpscipts.

'v1.2.1 - Release date 15 May 2016'New feature: gpscripts.

'v1.2.0'Major rewrite of drawing code.'New Feature: Unlimited grouping.'New Feature: Locked objects and text are scaled with parent object.'New Feature: Group Lock Unlock feature locks or unlocks all subordinate objects and text.

'v1.1.39 'Current Version deployed through automatic updates. This will be updated as soon.'New Feature: Options > Show Object Properties Toolbar

'v1.1.38'Bug Fix: Labels added through the Links Table form could cause label_table array to overflow.

'v1.1.37'Bug Fix: Blank fields in Format Link Styles form caused error.'Bug Fix: Improved position of circle custom end cap.

'v1.1.36 'Further adjustments to recent new features

'v1.1.35'Further adjustments to recent new features

'v1.1.33'Rewrote Link-drawing code to use graphics paths. 'NewFeature: Format Link Styles now supports Custom End Caps.'Bug Fix: Version check runs for all open documents.'Bug Fix: Cursor could get stuck as hand icon if you start dragging diagram close to an object.

'v1.1.32'Bug Fix: Hyperlink improvements. Now supports seek "object n".

'v1.1.31'Bug Fix: Bug introduced in v1.1.30 with option to run multiple functions in one definition. Incorrectly handled quotes in tool definition.

'v1.1.30 'New Feature: You can now run multiple functions in one definition by separating them with "&&".'Updated NNPing.exe supports on/off/auto parameter.'New Feature: Wake On Lan pluggin nnwol.exe.'Define a "Wake Up" function button like this:'NNPing $ipaddress 1000 3 up.wav 3 down.wav on&&nnwol.exe $VAR1 'Where $VAR1 (user variable) is set to <broadcast IP address> <port> <mac-address> 'e.g. 9 21-3a-55-37-6e-76'This will start NNping for the object selected and then send a WOL magic packet to it.

'v1.1.29'Bug Fix: Space in address caused NNping not to mark object in diagram'Portuguese language translation added. Thank you Paulo. 'Bug Fix: Problem with Czech translation caused error on start.

'v1.1.28 'Improved Float Text handling when mouse pointer leaves window.'Improved handling of auto-aligned links to backbones.'Bug Fix: A page containing only text could cause Object Null Reference error.

'v1.1.27'Improved the way spaces in file pathnames are handled when shelling external processes.

'v1.1.26'Bug Fix: Adding new tool to a toolset could fail with subscript out of range error. 'Bug Fix: Help > License Manager failed to launch on some PCs.'Bug Fix: NNPing v1.0.0.11 fix for amber LED stuck on after flap.'Recent files list extended to 20 entries.

'v1.1.25'Bug fix: $address variable was truncated after /'Bug fix: cancelling format link style form after adding new link style caused error.'New feature: Left-click a link now also selects the current link style.'French translation updated - Thank you Hicham. 'Italian translation updated - Thank you Roberto.

'v1.1.24'DPI adjustment for width of some combo boxes added'Hyperlink settings have moved to the Misc tab on the object properties form to enable the form height to be reduced.'Further improvements to Variant dropdown box in Format Shape form.

'v1.1.23'New online help URL'Improved icon-based drop down lists for Options in Format link styles and Format shape forms.'Updated NNPing v1.0.0.10

'v1.1.22'Bug Fix: Menu Option File > Print was not working, although the print button on the toolbar worked.'Bug Fix: Printing a range of pages printed page numbers one less than requested.

'v1.1.21'Bug Fix: Drag and Drop link termination was broken in v1.1.20 'Italian language update. Thanks Roberto.

'v1.1.20'New Feature: You can now open more than one document at once. Each open document presents its own tab bar at the bottom of the window, where you can select pages from any open document instantly. You can also drag and drop or copy and paste pages between documents using the page tabs. These features are mainly useful if you work with many multi-page documents so it is disabled by default. To enable it, set the "Maximum Open Documents" setting in the Setup Form to a sensible figure such as 6.New Feature: An object hyperlink can open more than one file by specifying files separated by a ";" (file1;file2;file3;..).New Feature: $ADDRESS variable. This is similar to $IPADDRESS, but the whole address field is passed to the user-defined function without stripping text after a "/" character.New Feature: You can name toolsets.New Feature: German translation of the installer and application text has been added - Thank you Peter.New Feature: Transparency sliders now also have a textbox to allow values 0-255 to be entered.Bug Fix: Screen DPI awareness improved.Bug Fix: Loading and saving a diagram originally produced with the Freeware Edition would result in blank labels on reloading the diagram due to the foreground transparency values being reset to zero. A workaround is to right click hidden labels and reset the foreground transparency slider or use Format >Text style to reset the foreground transparency slider for the "default" text style.Bug Fix: Text entry box was left in place if it was open when using the "goto next diagram" feature or back/forward buttons on the toolbar. Bug Fix: Resizing .wmf-based objects could result in application crash with out of memory error.

'v1.0.223'Bug Fix: Non accessed pages were padded with ever increasing spaces down left hand side each time the document was saved.

'v1.0.222'New Feature: Text Styles.'Change: Colour Dialogs show all colours by default. 'Bug Fix: Comment cells in links table could show "!".

'v1.0.221'New Feature: Options > Show Link Nodes now draws a clickable dashed link between nodes for curved link styles.'Bug Fix: Adjusted position of curved links relative to link nodes.'New Feature: Long filenames in recent files list are trimmed.'New Feature: Long user-defined app strings are trimmed.'New Feature: Multiple NNPings can be initiated by configuring a special object with multiple IP addresses separated by semicolons e.g.;;;'Bug Fix: Horizontal and Vertical Tube backbone could be drawn incorrectly in Format Shape.'Bug Fix: Reduced messages from NNPing.'New Feature: NNPing draws LED for parent object only if parent object matches reply address.

'v1.0.220'Bug Fix: Fixed spurious link auto align issue.'New Feature: Table headings saved in file.'Bug Fix: Links Table Form caption was not set.

'v1.0.219'Bug Fix: Sometimes an error was produced on startup related to HideSplashScreen().

'v1.0.218'Bug Fixes: Printing improvements.

'v1.0.217 'page_restore() does some data integrity checks.'Added check to labelxpack(). 'Bug Fix: Format menu item Lock is now disabled if nothing is selected.'Bug Fix: Drag and drop .ndg file to page to create a hyperlink was broken.

'v1.0.216'Bug Fix: Auto-align problem. Linknode adjacent to moved object was not realigned.

'v1.0.215'Bug Fix: Drag and drop locked objects and labels fixed. 'Bug Fix: Don't offer resize for locked objects.'Added unhandled exception handler.'New Feature: Page lock option added to diagram properties form. Locked pages don't offer resize.

'v1.0.214 'Bug Fix: Selecting labels was inconsistent with previous versions.

'v1.0.213'New Feature: Selection box Anchor indicator.'New Feature: Lock/Unlock added to Format menu.'New Feature: Locked items have blue instead of red highlight.'Bug Fix: Auto-align would fail with anchored and locked link nodes.'New Feature: Executables are now signed.

'v1.0.212'Bug Fix: Undo resize of top right hand corner of page failed to move objects to correct position.

'v1.0.211'Bug Fix: Copy and paste anchored objects or text would fail with an error.'Bug Fix: Rubberband select would fail to select anchored text.'Bug Fix: CTRL-A failed to select unlocked anchored text.'Bug Fix: Multiple Drag and drop anchored items failed.

'v1.0.210'New Feature: Format > Anchor - enables the title block and border to be locked to the page corners, so now they stay in position when the page is resized. The bundled templates have been updated with this feature.'New Feature: Undo Redo works for page resize. 'New Feature: Added LED to NNPing Icon.'Bug Fix: Antialiasing switched on when drawing lightning2 style in Format Link Styles window.

'v1.0.208'Bug Fix: Spurious object was resized when using Shift +/- after clicking a label or connection point.'New Feature: Shift +/- resize now works with text.'New Feature: Ctrl +/- can now be used to nudge-rotate objects and text in 1 degree steps.

'v1.0.207'New Feature: Nested Link Styles.'Bug Fix: A link with more than 32 linknodes would cause the application to crash.

'v1.0.205'Bug Fix: Auto align reset when page is changed. 'Bug Fix: More selective use of auto align when switching modes.'Bug Fix: Resizing canvas could leave some links drawn with wrong offsets.'New Diagram Properties graphic.'Bug Fix: Backdrop position combo on diagram properties form could be populated multiple times.

'v1.0.204'New Feature: Home button on toolbar loads default diagram (if configured).'New feature: $var1 and $var2 variables definable on Misc tab in object properties form.

'v1.0.203'Bug Fix: Some settings were not saved if the form is maximised when the application is closed down.'New feature: Cli export option. dotnetpad.exe <filname> export <export filename>'New Feature: Elipsis button for selecting hyperlink filename.

'v1.0.202'Bug Fix: NNPing startup was unreliable. 'Licensing improvements.'Bug Fix: NNPing - flapping ping sometimes left object with amber LED when it is up.'Internationalised Automatic Updater. 'Internationalised License Manager.

'v1.0.201 'New feature: double left click object to follow hyperlink'Bug Fix: Corrected undo redo closing transaction for object resize'Bug Fix: Improved logic for rotate cursor indicator'Bug Fix: Handles bad library entries better

'v1.0.200'Improved corner and edge checking for rotating and resizing objects and text.'New feature: rotate cursor indicator added.'New feature: scroll cursor changed.'Bug Fix: Could not drag and drop .emf files to object library form.'Language.txt files support an entry to control the path to help pages.'Bug fix: New labels added through links table were not displayed immediately in diagram. 'Bug fix: Can no longer rotate a link node.'Bug fix: Tools no longer displayed for link node.

'v1.0.199'Changed the version format to'Bug Fix: Editing text after using the Set to Default Font and Colours option would use wrong fontsize in edit box. 'Region_check() factors in layer to help where two identical objects overlap. 'New feature: You can now resize objects using the mouse.'bug fix: Tag was not set for linknodes allowing access to properties and resizing.'bug fix: Closing the Format Link Styles form using the "X" in the corner would cause the Format combo to be double populated.'bug fix: Closing Format Text Form using the "X" in the corner caused font and font size combos to be double populated. 'bug fix: Corrected hwnd declared as integer instead of intptr.'bug fix: Comment2 field in links table was sometimes missing.'Italian translation updated. Thanks Roberto.

'v1.0.0.198'Bug Fix: NNPing did not always start pinging after loading. Increased time allowed for it to start to 3 seconds.'Bug Fix: Updated License Manager to better handle Windows renaming license temp file.'Position of NNPing LED changed. 'New Feature: Format > Make Same Size.

'v1.0.0.197'Bug Fix: Save as csv feature was broken. Page breaks did not have commas.'New feature: Support for Network Notepad Ping plugin.To use the Network Notepad Ping Plugin define a function button like this:Command: nnping $ipaddress 1000 3 up.wav 3 down.wavDisplay:NNPing $IPADDRESS

The fields are as follows:nnping <ipaddress> <timeout> <up retries> <up sound> <down retries> <down sound>

'v1.0.0.196 'Removed ring menu from diagram properties form'Internationalised tab bar popup menu'Removed redundant Locked checkbox from diagram properties form 'Bug Fix: Recent changes were not visible to Find feature.'New feature: Automatic create by/on and updated by/on text fields in title box using new variables $createdate, $createname, $changedate, $changedate.'New feature: Open templates folder option from File menu.

'v1.0.0.195'Bug Fix: Loading an older format template would trigger warning about diagram being upgraded. 'New Feature: Right click page tabs for menu option to display page numbers on tabs.

'v1.0.0.194'Bug Fix: Undo redo closing transaction for delete in wrong position'Bug Fix: corrected undo redo closing transactions for align'Bug Fix: corrected undo redo closing transactions for drag and drop'Bug Fix: corrected undo redo closing transaction for centre connection point'Bug Fix: corrected undo redo closing transaction for nudge'Bug Fix: Improved protection against illegal fill points for gradient filled shapes

'v1.0.0.193'New Feature: Antialias options in Format Shape.'Bug Fix: Could not set layer for backbones from properties form.'Default library is now library2.plf instead of general.plf'Turned off anti alias for selection boxes and highlight boxes.'Bug fix for Centre Connection point.'Bug fix: License manager updated to handle windows appending [n] to filename when opening hyperlink.

'v1.0.0.192'Selective use of antialiasing improves fineness of horizontal and vertical links'bug fix: nudging is now one pixel at a time independent of fine_scale_factor'Selective use of antialiasing for drawing rectangle shapes

'v1.0.0.191'Bug Fix: Labels could be drawn incorrectly in links table form.'Export to bitmap now uses current Zoom setting to optionally reduce the size of bitmaps.'New feature: Centre Connection Point in link context menu.

'v1.0.0.190'New feature: You can now right click relative labels and reset their relative postition to NSEWC of parent object.

'v1.0.0.188'Bug Fix: Hyperlink to page 1 was lost if the file name and seek text fields were blank.'Bug Fix: Dragging backbone edge to change size sometimes failed.

'v1.0.0.187'Bug Fix: Changed code to launch License Manager from menu to use absolute path. Using relative path not reliable.'Bug Fix: Under rare circumstances the show linknodes option did not work.

'v1.0.0.186 'Bug Fix: Turned on Option Strict. Ouch. Removed lots of implicit type conversions.'New feature: Ctrl Page Up/Down switches pages'Bug Fix: Drag and drop rearrange Object library was broken since'Bug Fix: Could set toolset to invalid value in Object Properties page.'Bug Fix: Format Connection points did not toggle menu status indication.

'v1.0.0.185 'New Feature: Default margins added to setup form. Removed backup files option, although it can still work if configured in the registry.'Bug Fix: Fixed problem with implicit type conversion from string to integer in tool_table_populate.

'v1.0.0.184 'Bug Fix: More printing adjustments.'Bug Fix: Default margins read from registry default_margin_top,bottom,left,right. Will add to setup dialog later.

'v1.0.0.183'Bug Fix: Printpage incorrect use of printerresolution. 'Bug Fix: Margin settings not set for print preview like they were for page setup.'Bug fix: Removed fixed limit of 50 links styles in a diagram.'Bug Fix: Margin settings now taken in to account when printing.'Bug Fix: Rescales big bitmaps so they print.

'v1.0.0.182'Bug Fix: User defined functions incorrectly converted to lower case.'Bug Fix: Improvements to behaviour when pasting link styles.'Bug Fix: Format Text Form wiped label_table .index property which was used by set_drawing_layer().'Bug Fix: Suspect reusing deleted labels incorrect undo redo behaviour with layering.

'v1.0.0.181'Bug Fix: HyperLink support for relative files was broken.'Bug Fix: Handles illegal page numbers in hyperlinks.

'v1.0.0.180'New Feature: Link filename for link to another diagram can be blank to signify current document.'Bug Fix: Improvements to auto-align.

'v1.0.0.179'Bug Fix: Changes made to links via the Links Table did not preserve the align and layer settings for the link.'Bug Fix: Right click object or text - selection behaviour brought in line with left click behaviour.

'v1.0.0.178 'New feature: More flexible layering. You can set the layer for text and links. 'New feature: Added $page and $lastpage variables. eg. This is page $page of $lastpage.

'v1.0.0.177'Bug Fix: tooldefs.txt could get wiped sometimes when Setup Form is accessed and User Defined Functions tab is not accessed.'Bug fix: Searching object library didn't show first found object.'Bug fix: Cancelling Setup Form did not reset changes to tool table.

'v1.0.0.176'New feature: You can now change the toolset for an object in the Object Library 'Bug Fix: Multi-page Find found spurious items

'v1.0.0.175'Bug fix: Could not use more than 10 tools in a toolset.'Bug fix: Using Find on the initial blank diagram caused an error.

'v1.0.0.174'New feature: Now defaults to single paste with multiple paste button on the toolbar.'Bug fix: The outlines for some labels were not drawn in the correct position during a paste.'Improved drawing of outlines during a paste.

v1.0.0.173'Bug fix: Objects dragged from an object library to a diagram were drawn in wrong position.

'v1.0.0.172'Bug fix: name extracted from license incorrectly in read_license_features()'Bug fix: Hopefully fixed a problem introduced in v1.0.0.171 where sometimes tabcontrol1_selectedindexchanged() is not firing and you can't select a new page using the page tabs.'New feature: License feature options. Added a license feature option for disabling automatic updates permanently. This is for organisations which prefer to control software updates rather than leaving it to the end user. When a license is installed with this feature enabled, automatic updates are disabled and the option to enable them is disabled in the the setup form.

'v1.0.0.171'New Feature: You can now reorganise pages by dragging and dropping page tabs.

'v1.0.0.170'Bug Fix: Improvements to object library file handling. Search results could overwrite an existing library if the spacing was changed and then saved.

'v1.0.0.169'Bug Fix: Undo paste sometimes restored labels from a previous diagram to 0,0.

'v1.0.0.168'Bug Fix: Copy+Paste orphaned labels, labels drawn in wrong position. Introduced in .165.

'v1.0.0.167'Bug Fix: Problem reading tooldefs.txt file on fresh install.'Nicer default tool settings.

'v1.0.0.166'Improvements to auto align.'Bug fix: update_auto_align_links() would often mess up link alignment.

'v1.0.0.165New feature: Toolsets and unlimited user defined functions.Rubber band select works with +- resize

'v1.0.0.164 Bug fix: Fixed error trapping.

'v1.0.0.163Fixed missing caption from links tableRubber band could be drawn twice when selecting.Bug fix: Label added through object properties form not set up correctly.Bug fix: Float text not positioned correctly in fine and superfine modes.Changes made to operation of link break feature. It now resets selections and turns off auto-align for link.Bug fix: Deleting label added through links table was not fully deleted.

v1.0.0.162Bug Fix: Minor performance improvement drawing labels.Bug Fix: Improved compatibility with drawings done with freeware edition.

v1.0.0.161 New feature: Added new Align centre,top,bottom,left,right options.Bug fix: Adding labels via the Links Table could result in problems with label positions.

v1.0.0.159Bug fix: New labels not completely initialised in several places.Bug fix: Backbone resize less sensitive in fine and super fine modes.Bug fix: Object Library form handling prevented Log Off or PC shutdown until form closed fully.

v1.0.0.158Bug Fix: General.plf Library objects not drawn correct size when set to Fine and Super Fine print quality.Added template logo icon to installer.

v1.0.0.157New feature: The option to insert horizontal and vertical backbones has been replaced with a new customizable backbone shapes library. To get the backbones library, you need to reinstall from the latest download.Other changes include, but not limited to:Bug fix: Color Dialog custom colors now works.Bug fix: pasting link styles now updates link context menu.Pasted link style now selected for immediate use.

Network Notepad

How To Buy

To continue using Network Notepad Professional Edition after the 30 day evaluation period, you must purchase a license for each PC that you install Network Notepad Professional Edition on to.

Price: 16 GBP per license (including VAT where applicable).

A license is valid only for use on a single PC (the PC which you supply the Hardware ID from as shown below).  

Step 1. Install Network Notepad Professional Edition.

Visit the official Downloads Page and install Network Notepad Professional Edition.  

Step 2. Open the Network Notepad License Manager App. 

The Network Notepad License Manager is a separate App which is installed when you install Network Notepad Professional Edition, and is started from the Windows Programs Menu.

Enter a user name or PC name in the Name field. Enter your Organisation's Name (optional).

The info you enter in these two boxes will also be displayed in the Licensed To... details shown on the splash screen and Help > About screen in Network Notepad when your license file is installed.

Click the Buy Now button to open Paypal and purchase a single license. If you would like to order more than one license or if Internet access is not possible from the PC that you wish to buy a license for, please use the form below.


Step 3. Check and complete your Paypal order online.

Use your debit card, credit card or Paypal account to complete your purchase online. If you don't have a Paypal account, follow the link which reads.. "Don't have a Paypal Account?" at the Paypal login page to pay by card.  

Step 4. Your Network Notepad Professional License file will be emailed to you.

Your Network Notepad Professional Edition License file will be automatically emailed to you within a few minutes.  

Step 5. Install your License File.

Each license file sent to you is named using the Name you specified in the order form along with the last 8 digits of the Hardware ID and looks similar to example shown here.  


Copy the license file to the PC it belongs to. Double click the file to install it. When prompted, click OK to copy the license file to the application folder.      
Restart Network Notepad to complete the installation.  

That's it! Thank you for purchasing Network Notepad Professional Edition.


How To Order Multiple Licenses Or A License For Another PC

Use the Order Form below repeatedly to enter details and click the Add to Cart button for as many licenses as you wish to order.   Enter a user name or PC name in the Name field. This will be used to name each license file sent to you and will also appear in the Licensed To... details on the splash screen. Enter your organisation name (optional). Enter the PC's hardware ID obtained from running the Network Notepad License manager on the PC you are purchasing a license for.Click the Add to Cart button to open Paypal and display your order. Use the Continue Shopping button in Paypal to return to this page to enter the details for the next license or complete your Paypal purchase with the Checkout button.


License Packs

When you purchase one or more license packs and you will be supplied with access details for the License Portal. From there you can create license files as and when you need to and download them instantly. License files are also emailed to you.

License Pack Price PayPal:
5 PC License Pack 60 GBP
10 PC License Pack 112 GBP
20 PC License Pack 208 GBP
50 PC License Pack 480 GBP


















For enquiries please email: [email protected]



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