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10 Alternatives to Notepad++ For Mac OS X

Notepad++ is one of the most popular code editors for Windows—its customizable interface, syntax highlighting, macro recording, and regular expression search & replace make it a great way to work with complex text documents. But Notepad++ isn’t available for Mac. So what do you use instead? These 10 alternative text editors for Mac provide much of the same functionality and will work on your preferred operating system.

Best Notepad++ Alternatives for Mac

As one of the staple code editors on the Mac, Sublime Text has a solid reputation behind it. Like Notepad++, it provides syntax highlighting and folding, a high level of customizability, and a lot of great features for editing code. One of the most useful things that Sublime offers is the Goto Anything search; after hitting ⌘P, you can open files, jump to lines or symbols, and search for words. Add batch editing, split editing, a slick interface, and a distraction free mode that will keep you off of Facebook while you’re editing, and you have one of the best text editors out there.

A single license lets you install Sublime Text on any computer you own, regardless of the operating system, so its $70 price tag isn’t nearly as high as it seems. And you can try it out for free before you buy. Sublime Text 2 is the current version, but you can check out the beta version of Sublime Text 3, which includes additional refinements to improve your experience.

If paying $70 for a code editor sounds ludicrous, Adobe’s Brackets might be the app you’re looking for as it serves one of the most viable alternative to Notepad++. The biggest advantage of having an Adobe-created editor is that it includes a fantastically useful feature called Extract, which lets you get color, font, gradient, and measurement information from a PSD file automatically, and turn it into clean CSS. This will significantly reduce the time it takes to turn a PSD into a website. New features and extensions are being released every 3–4 weeks, so Brackets is a constantly evolving program—recent additions include text folding, instant search, and CSS hints.

There are also a lot of extensions that further increase Brackets’ functionality, with features like code folding, Git integration, JSHint support, auto-formatting, and a host of themes to make Brackets match your computer’s visuals, no matter how you have it set up. To see all of the extensions check out Brackets Extensions Weekly.

Created by the GitHub team, Atom was built from the ground up for online creation. Atom’s biggest advantage over other code editors is that it’s “hackable to the core”—if it doesn’t do something that you want it to, you can change that. And people are posting packages all the time that change how Atom works, from linters and cursor position history managers to file icons and themes. Most of the program can be tweaked with HTML and JavaScript, so you don’t have to know several complicated programming languages to make it your own.

The open source packages include a lot of useful additions to Atom, including Git conflict management, modal control, color display, project management, and highlighters for cutting-edge languages. Because of its close ties with GitHub, it’s a safe bet that Atom will always be on the front line of code editors.

For $80, you should expect one of the best text editors the world has ever seen—and that’s what UltraEdit promises. Multi-caret editing, column/block editing, multi-select, cross-file Regex search, syntax highlighting for hundreds of languages, scripting, and the ability to edit absolutely massive text files make this a program for coders who are very demanding when it comes to their software. In addition to UltraEdit, there are a number of other programs available in purchase bundles that can help you organize a development team, compare files and folders, find anything, and secure your computer.

The most common combination is UltraEdit and UltraCompare, which you can get for $100, and will help you keep a close eye on changes to your documents. To get the entire suite of software from IDM, you can pay $100 per year, which is a great deal for all of the functionality you get.

Komodo’s integrated development environment (IDE) is a popular one for developers, but not everyone needs an entire IDE. A “light” version of Komodo IDE, Komodo Edit includes some of the core features, like multi-language support, autocomplete, change tracking, and Markdown viewing. There are also a number of GitHub repositories that provide extensions and new themes for the app, as well as the IDE. While it doesn’t have the wide range of features that you’ll find on other code editors, Komodo Edit was created by the team behind a very successful IDE, so you can be confident that it contains the features you need.

Like many other editors, there are a number of extensions that you can download to add further functionality. While it’s unclear which of these extensions will work with Komodo Edit and which are only compatible with the IDE, there are some potentially very useful packages you can get for free. It’s also integrated with, an alternative to more common pastebin sites.

A self-described “mature programmer’s text editor,” jEdit combines many of the features that you find on Windows-, OS X-, and Linux-based text editors. For example, it has keyboard shortcuts for just about everything, including the pre-mapped shortcuts for Emacs and OS X; unlimited clipboards let you copy and paste however much you need; markers let you quickly returned to marked positions; windows can be split for more efficient editing; and rectangular selection helps you select text faster. It may not be the best-looking code editor out there, but jEdit was made with coding in mind. And it’s highly customizable, so you can tailor it to your needs.

jEdit is maintained by a large network of developers around the world, including people who donate their time to develop extensions. Getting involved with jEdit could be a great way to learn more about programming and find a community that shares your interest in hacking text editors!

One of the few Mac-exclusive code editors, TextMate combines the features of Emacs and OS X into a single text editor made for programmers and designers that can replace a full IDE for many coders. Syntax highlighting and folding, auto-pairing of brackets, Regex and Grep support, the ability to run shell commands from within a document, visual bookmarks for jumping between locations in a document, and the expansion of trigger words into code blocks make TextMate a very powerful app for working with text. It also works with Xcode and can build Xcode projects, so you can get all of these awesome features while working with OS X’s built-in IDE.

TextMate is designed to work very well with large, multi-file projects, which are very common in programming. By seeking to automate as much of the tedious manual work as possible, TextMate is a great Notepad++ alternative for Mac if you want to spend some time with macros to make your coding more efficient.

BBEdit is one of the industry standards for code editing, but not everyone wants to pay $50 for a text editor. TextWrangler is the little brother to the BBEdit IDE, and includes a number of the features that make it a great way to develop, like syntax highlighting, a Shebang menu for integrated access to Unix scripting, language module creation, and automatic language guessing. It also includes features for other kinds of plain-text editing, like multi-file search, built-in text transformations, Unicode viewing, and spellcheck.

BBEdit offers additional features like HTML tools, a powerful Clippings system, Git integration, and the ability to work with Automator, but TextWrangler is a very capable code editor without these abilities. After seeing how convenient TextWrangler’s features are, you may be very tempted to drop the $50 to upgrade to BBEdit’s even more powerful feature set.

Visual Studio Code (free)

Microsoft’s free text editor is—surprisingly—also available on Mac (and Linux, as well!). With highlighting for over 30 major languages, keyboard-centric and code-focused editing, multiple cursors, Regex support, outlining, automatic real-time API description, linting, debugging, Git control, and a focus on modern web languages, this is a great option for anyone looking to develop for the web.

The Visual Studio family also includes Visual Studio Community, a full multi-platform IDE, and Visual Studio Online, which provides services for development teams. Combining all of these apps will let you get a big collaborative coding project off the ground without paying a ton of money for hefty collaboration tools.

No list of text editors would be complete without Vim. It’s a clone of the long-standing Unix editor Vi that includes all of the classic features as well as integrates more useful new ones. While there’s a pretty steep learning curve, Vim is the go-to editor for many programmers, and can even replace an IDE if you don’t need the very advanced features provided with many of the heavier programs. Syntax highlighting, error detection, customizability, and the familiarity that will be comfortable to people who have used Vi in the past make it a mainstay of the OS X programming community.

Vim is available for just about any system you could ask for; there are different versions for Mac, PC, Unix, DOS, Amiga, OS/2, and even mobile versions so you can code on your iPhone or Android. Vim has a huge cult following, and if you take the time to familiarize yourself with its intricacies, you may very well never use another text editor.

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Choose the best alternative to Notepad++ for your Mac

With all of these options—including many that are free—you’ll be able to find a text editor that works well on Mac, no matter what you’re trying to do. And if you find that you need a more powerful feature set, the paid options have you covered with just about anything you could possibly need.

What are you favorite text editors for Mac? Share in the comments below!

Top 10 Best Notepad++ Editor Alternatives For MAC OS X !

Notepad++ Alternatives For MAC OSX – A Text Editor is one of those basic things, we need for either making important notes or Documents. These are also, the favourite tool for the programmers and developers for creating tools and programs. Almost all Operating system manufacturers know about this need. And, They Pre-load the OS with a basic Text editing program. E.g. Windows has Notepad,  Mac has Notes / Text Edit. But, All these Basic Editors has some limitations. And, Notepad++ is the Main Alternative of all these editors. But, There are also many Notepad++ alternatives available out there.

That’s why we want to look for the 3rd Party Programs. So, Today we are going to talk about Most Famous Notepad++ Alternatives For Mac OSX. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Best Notepad++ Alternatives For MAC OS X

There are many Text editors available, which are alternatives of Notepad++. But, There are some programs most favourable by the users. And, They recommend them using again – just because of their good quality features. Let’s Start by the first one.

The sublime text editor is one of my favourite editors. All because of its unique formatting feature. The editor contains a spell-check option and as well as self-formatting is entered text. The Programmers prefer Sublime over Notepad++. Which makes it best alternative of Notepad++. It can detect various programming languages via file extension you are working on. The coloured formatting of the keywords leads to easy debugging of the programs.

Atom is another alternative to the Traditional Notepad++ program. The main advantage of using Atom over Notepad++ is that You can completely customise Atom‘s Layout. The way atom works are completely modifiable. If you are good in understanding the Programming stuff. You can grab this project from Github. And, Start manipulating the core config file of Atom as per your need. The program is ready-made with the beautiful layout.

BBEdit is a creation of the company named – Bare Bones. The program is a Hardcore programmer stuff. It comes with the amazing and simple User Interface, Beautiful colours and Easy to understand options. It can be used as industrial grade programming text editor for the IT companies. Although, the program is available for MAC OSX only for $50. You can visit their official website to check out more details.

Brackets is the child of the ultimate – Adobe group. They’ve created and maintaining this amazing FREE and OPEN SOURCE text editor project. It’s neat and attractive user interface makes it stand alone from all the other text editing programs in the market. You can specify the settings for various colours and gradients in the settings options. It supports most of the file extensions including media files PSD, AI etc.

UltraEdit is the creation of – IDM Computer Solutions. This is a strong programming based text editor for web designers and developers. You can do HTML, PHP, C, JavaScript, jQuery etc. all in this little program. And, all of your code will get auto arranged and formatted with colours and spacing. It is a simple, but user-friendly editing program. Which will hep you in many of your web projects.

Vim is the alternative creation of the Vim editor of the Linux OS. It is an amazing, simple and attractive text editor. Which supports almost all of the basic features with the additional colour formatting of the text and spaces inside your text file. You can custom format your files and documents in Vim. It is a free and open source project. You can grab it from the GitHub.

TextMate can be considered as the combination of basic eMac text editor and theme layout of the OSX. It is not free, but paid text editing program – worth $58. If you are a professional programmer or developer and need to use user-friendly and light text editor for your task, then TextMate should also be on your list. You can easily handle big – multi-file projects and quite complex arrangements and sheets of files can be created easily, as per the sake of user’s need.

Textastic, As the name of the editor, explains. It is a Fantastic coding platform program for the mac users. The program is quite advanced than other basic text editing programs. You just need to login into the program before starting using. And, while working on your project files. It keeps a track of your files by cloud uploading and syncing of your files. You can anytime restore of check the previous version of your project via options.

Komodo Edit is a fast, simple, easy to use text editing program. Like Sublime text editor, Komodo Edit supports spell-check, auto-complete, a Colour highlight of the special syntax or error lines in the code. This leads to high productivity while working with such editing programs. It comes with full-featured IDE or a light versioned Komodo program, which contains almost all of the features of Komodo IDE.

TextWrangler is the last, but not the least text editor. It is Another rival alternative for the Notepad++ on the MAC OSX platform. TextWrangler is another creation of Bare Bones company. You can assume it as the cousin brother of BBEdit program. But, this one is not with a price tag. You can download and use it for Free. But, only thing is that it contains limited options for the customization than BBEdit program. but, All n all – It is a great text editing program.

Hopefully, You would like my article about the Best alternatives of Notepad++ For Mac OSX. The alternatives are decent and good featured. If you are having any suggestion of doubt for me. Please Put it in the comment field below. I’ll try to help you out as best as I Can. Thanks for your time.

Notepad++ for Mac, Free Alternatives Download

As a long time follower and admirer of Windows OS, I admire the commendable work poured into develop nifty utility like Notepad++. The default Notepad editor comes in very handy to quickly note down some important notes. However, the lack of potential features is realized when you are forced into the situation where you’ve to compare two text files or edit HTML document for instance. In such situations Notepad++ is a more than adequate alternative to native Notepad app.

Notepad++ is an open source project based on Scintilla and is completely written in C++ language. Not only does it provide simple text editing option but also wide range of native add-ins and third-party plugins to make it the best Notepad alternative on Windows PC. It has a large swathe of features that makes it a developers favorite alternative. It includes multi tab document support, easy comparison, syntax highlighting,syntax folding, document map, auto completion, macros support and many other.But how about such functionality on Mac. Is there any Notepad++ for Mac? The post revolves around the same question and puts tremendous amount of research to list some of the good alternatives of Notepad++ out there.

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Alternatives of Notepad++ on Mac

Since Notepad++ is not available on Mac, we will cover some of the worthy alternatives of Notepad++ for Mac.


jEdit is written in Java, so it virtually runs on any OS out there including Mac OS. There are already few paid text editors or advanced editors available on Mac, but unlike other jEdit is a free open source project. If you’re not much concerned about the vulnerabilities that comes along with Java then this is the best alternative available on Mac.

Features of jEdit
  • Built on Java
  • Unlimited undos/ redos
  • Syntax highlighting for more than 200 languages
  • Auto indent
  • Plugin repository with more than 200 plugins
  • Word wrap
  • Kill ring
  • Open any number of files simultaneously
  • File system browser

Full features and download links could be found here

Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit is maintained and developed by ActiveState. It is a free open-source code editor available on Windows, Mac and Linux platform. While Komodo Edit is available for free, Komodo IDE 7 is availed at hefty price tag starting from $168.  It is supports most of the coding language like JS, CSS, HTML, XML, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Tcl. This is especially helpful for those who like to fiddle with PHP, Python and other scripts.

IT also has similar features that you would find in any basic code editor. Syntax coloring (highlighting), background syntax checking, auto indent, search and replace tools, multi tab support and many other features.

There are host of other add-ons available in the repository section that will help you to extend the functionality of the editor at will. Unfortunately, the program is not light-weight and as fast as other editors in the same category. But the tremendous support from the community and developers make it a must have app on your Mac.


Editra, an open source program build using wxWidgets supports major platform like Windows, Mac and Linux. It supports over 60 programming language and has all the features users crave to have in their favorite editor. The project is in early stage of development so you may encounter few hiccups during your journey. Editra is visually appealing editor which comes with icons themes and loads of plugins.

Editra could be the next big thing in code and text editor segment. Here are some of the features of Editra.

Editra Features
  • Supports over 60 programming language
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code folding
  • Auto completion
  • Auto indent
  • Drag and drop feature
  • Export to HTML/LaTeX/ RTF and other formats
  • File history
  • Multilingual interface
  • Undo/ Redo
  • Tabbed windows
  • Plugins supports
  • and more

Editra is a serious contender of ‘best code editor’ title on Mac. In fact, in our opinion it is arguably the best Notepad++ alternative on Mac. The community is extremely supportive and active. It won’t take before it breaks all the barriers and becomes people’s most loved code editor. The reason why we admire it just works. The sheer amount of features, support of languages and plugins makes it an obvious choice for any serious programmer as casual user alike.

Few more worthy alternatives
  • Vim
  • Sublime text
  • TextWrangler
  • Espresso
  • Coda
  • TextMate
  • BBEdit
  • Smultron
  • CSSEdit

For more awesome alternatives and list you can read our tips section full of useful apps for both Windows and Mac users. Would you like to suggest your favorite Notepad++ for Mac or its alternatives? Sound off in comment section below.

Top 5 NotePad For Mac Alternatives

NotePad for Mac does not exist but if you’ve just switched to Mac from PC and need a NotePad equivalent, there are several alternatives for OS X. The most obvious choice is TextEdit which is the default text editing app for Mac. It’s free with any version of OS X but is very basic and there are other free and paid options out there with a few more advanced features. We’ve tried to focus on basic NotePad text editors here and avoided dedicated HTML editors for programmers. Here then are the top 5 alternatives NotePad for Mac alternatives.

Top 5 Alternatives To NotePad on Mac

Note that the following are in the order of free to paid options. There’s really no need to pay for a simple text editing app on Mac unless you need special formatting features or if you are programmer writing HTML.

TextEdit (Free in OS X)

TextEdit is the Mac equivalent of NotePad and is free with all versions of OS X. To find it, simply search for TextEdit in Spotlight or CMD click on your desktop and select “TextEdit”. TextEdit is useful mainly as a simple text editing tool but you can even edit HTML in it. To open TextEdit in HTML mode, simply select “Ignore rich text commands in HTML files” from the File Menu. Alternatively, to open in Plain Text by default just ensure that “Plain Text” is selected from the Format menu.

TextWrangler is a very popular simple text editing tool and an excellent alternative to Notepad on Mac. It’s made by the same team that make made BBEdit which is for more advanced HTML editing and coding. TextWrangler is better for basic note taking although it packs plenty of advanced editing features that make it a very basic word processor. TextWrangler is also ideal for checking prefs, html or xml files of all types. To see the full range of differences, check the TextWrangler v BBEdit comparison list.

Tincta is a very simple text editor for Mac. Excellent for taking notes or making lists, it can also be used for basic HTML coding. The most unique thing about Tincta is it’s terms and conditions which actually request you to take steps to reduce global warming in order to use it!

Although NotePad isn’t free (not to be confused with NotePad for Mac below or the original NotePad on Windows), NotePad TXT Editor is just 99 cents from the app store and is suitable for simple documents or notes without any formatting. You can also open and edit Windows .TXT files with it.

Apimac NotePad for Mac is a slicker, more powerful solution which allows you to cut and paste snippets and drag text from other applications into it. It has various other useful features such as a Recents List and the ability to change fonts and text color. You can also protect notes with a password.

SubEthaEdit is a more powerful alternative to NotePad that’s fine for just taking notes but also offers the possibility to edit HTML too. One feature that’s a bit different with SubEthaEdit is the ability to collaborate on documents with other users over the web. SubEthaEdit also has a very slick interface for a note taking app that’s even won it an Apple Design award.


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