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In my last article, I mentioned about the awesome habit of writing and the joy it gives to almost everyone of us. I also reviewed an incredible free online text writer called Quabel, which despite being loaded with a handful of nifty features, manages to stay quite minimal. The reason I mention minimalistic so frequently is because of the fact that minimalism is great. It allows you to focus on only the task at hand, or your primary objective, and doesn’t distract you by a cluttered UI full of unnecessary interface elements. I believe that is a major reason why nothing can beat a white ruled paper and a pen, when it comes to expressing ourselves.

But hey, we’re all tech aficionados. So obviously we need something that is on our computers, but still close to that ruled paper goodness. That’s where web apps like Quabel come in. But do you think Quabel is the only ultra minimalistic writing app out there? Read on folks, you couldn’t be more wrong. The most Minimally Minimal online text editor

Yeah, you read that right. I’ve used the words “Minimally” and “Minimal” one after the other. But hey, don’t blame me. That’s what is. This online text editor is probably the most bare-bones editor (online and offline both) I’ve every laid my eyes on. In fact, it’s so scarce, you’ll find yourself struggling to find options or something on this bad boy’s User Interface. Don’t believe me? No problem, here’s a screenshot of the homepage.

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I know you all must be thinking, That’s it? I was also amazed when I saw’s homepage the first time. It’s really bare bones, and as it is obvious from the screenshot, the major part of the User Interface is dominated by a white space that you can use to write as much as you want. But a random white page on the homepage isn’t much useful, don’t you think? As it turns out, contains quite a few simple but nifty features.

Creating Notes

Well, this is as simple as it can get. So simple, that it’s pointless to even write about it. To start writing, you fire up in your browser, and well, just start writing. You write as much you want to. That’s pretty much all there is to it.

Here’s how a sample text written in’s Web Interface looks like.

This is all well and good. But if you look at the bottom of the UI, you’ll see a couple of textual options. I’ll first skim over them, then briefly review them.

  • Default URL: This is the auto-generated unique link to your note. In fact, when you fire up’s homepage, an extra block of a few random characters is automatically appended to its URL to make your notepad’s Default URL.
  • Change URL: Quite obvious. This allows you to change your online note’s URL to a more memorable one. For example:
  • Add Password: This allows you to add a password to your note, preventing further modification without it.
  • Share this: This option adds an extra public link to your note. You can share this note with anyone you like, through this unique link.

When you click on the “CHANGE URL” option, you can assign any random block of text, that will be appended after NOTEPAD.CC’s url to make your note’s online address. Just enter your random text block, and hit SAVE.

Sharing Notes allows you to share your created notes with others using unique sharing links. The process to do this is really simple. To share a note, simply click the “Share This” option. A unique sharing link would be generated. You can use send this link to anyone you want to share your note with.

A very nice feature regarding the sharing of notes via sharing links is that, any changes you make in your notes, are reflected instantly when others view them via sharing links.

Here’s how to understand this:

  • You create a note, and generate a sharing link for it. After that, you pass on that link to your friend, with whom you want to share that note.
  • Your friend uses that link to view your note.
  • As he’s viewing that note, you make some changes in your note on your end.
  • Your friend refreshes the webpage, and the same sharing link instantly reflects the changes done to the note.

Adding a Password to your Note

This is one of’s most handy features. It allows you to add a password to your note, so that it can’t be accessed by anyone, even if someone comes to know about the original link to it. To illustrate how this works, check the screenshots below.

Step 1: The user clicks on the Add Password option at the bottom. A pop-up box prompts the user to enter any password. Let’s enter “123456” and hit save.

Now, the note is password protected. You can confirm this by noticing that the URL of your note at the bottom now has a small lock icon before it.

Step 2: The next step is to lock your note. To do this, simply click the lock icon before your note’s unique URL. The interface changes, telling you that your note is now password protected. Check the screenshot below.

From now on, whenever you (or anyone else, who by chance happens to stumble upon your note’s Unique URL) need to access your note to view or make changes to it, you’ll have to enter the password. Cool, isn’t it? Features: Summarized

  • Insanely minimalistic and functional.
  • Ability to write as much as a user may want to.
  • Password protection of notes.
  • Sharing via unique sharing links.


Online apps like are truly great. They provide just enough features to be unobtrusive, and at the same time retain their minimal credentials. This way, they allow the users to write and share whatever they want, in the most basic and functional way, without bombarding them with too many features that are simply overkill if all they want is to write a simple letter and share it. No wonder writing (or typing) becomes an even more pleasurable experience with such apps.

What do you guys think about apps like Do you use any such apps? How good you find them to be? Let me know in the comments below.

5 отличных браузерных альтернатив вашему привычному текстовому редактору

Простота и расширенные возможности организации текста — одни из главных требований, стоящих перед текстовым редактором. Первое помогает отвлечься от мишуры интерфейса, сконцентрироваться и выдать результат, а второе — добавить написанному удобоваримости в глазах читателя. Присущи ли озвученные характеристики вашему привычному софту? Если нет, то предлагаем вам обратить внимание на Write!, очень интересный редактор для Windows, или познакомиться с пятью хорошими онлайн-инструментами для работы с текстом.


Загоревшись желанием написать собственную книгу или другой объёмный труд, обратите внимание на Yarny. Веб-редактор заряжен внушительным количеством крайне интересных функций. Базовый посыл: вам предлагается разделять текст на отрывки (snippets). Каждый из отрывков может представлять собой предложение, абзац, раздел или целую главу. Эти куски текста хранятся в левом блоке редактора и могут быть раскрашены в различные цвета, перетасованы, удалены и сгруппированы. Тем самым вы работаете над основной линией сюжета.

Весь вспомогательный текст отображается в правом блоке редактора. Описывайте персонажей, места и отдельные предметы, которые важны для сюжета, и вплетайте их в общее повествование. К вашим услугам строка поиска, с помощью которой будет проще найти нужный материал в огромном количестве отрывков.

Область набора текста тоже примечательна. По мере ввода символов все управляющие элементы редактора растворяются, позволяя вам сконцентрироваться на письме. Yarny умеет запечатлевать промежуточные версии работы при помощи истории тегов. Нажав на шестерёнку настроек редактора, вы можете задать себе мотивирующую цель — количество слов, планируемых к написанию в рамках сессии.


Знакомство с Markable стоит начать с акцента на поддержке сервисом упрощённого языка разметки Markdown. С его помощью вы можете налету создавать отлично структурированный текст с нужным редактированием. Поясню на знакомом примере. Многие пользователи социальной сети Google+ заключают отдельные слова текста в специальные конструкции, чтобы получить написание курсивом, перечёркивание или выделение полужирным начертанием. Это наглядно и удобно. В случае с Markdown вы можете пойти ещё дальше, придавая написанному более выразительный вид. Вся простота кода отражена в разделе Help.

Основные возможности Markable доступны «из коробки», например само написание и экспорт текста. Авторизовавшись, вы получите доступ к дополнительным функциям: автоматическому сохранению трудов каждые 15 секунд, синхронизации текста между устройствами, отправке в Dropbox и публикации на Tumblr.


Что может быть проще старого доброго «Блокнота» для Windows? Ничего. Его доведённая до предела простота имеет множество поклонников и ряд онлайн-аналогов. — один из них.

Каждому новому документу редактора присваивается уникальный URL. Если автоматически сгенерированная ссылка вас не устраивает, вы можете заменить её на свою комбинацию символов. Теоретически любой желающий может случайно наткнуться на ваш текст, ознакомиться с ним и внести правки. Но для таких неблагоприятных случаев припасён защитный механизм — блокировка документа паролем. На этом всё.


Стартовая страница сервиса сразу сообщает о его коньке — реализации возможностей уже озвученной упрощёнки Markdown. Перед вами предстаёт пример написания текста на популярном языке разметки. Учитесь, не выходя из редактора.

Лично мне Dillinger показался более удобным инструментом в сравнении с Markable. Здесь вы можете подключить популярные облачные хранилища, а также активировать синхронное перелистывание окна редактирования с областью результата. Да и выглядит он приятнее. Один щелчок мышью скроет лишние элементы интерфейса, оставив вас наедине с чистым «листом бумаги».


В рамках статьи нельзя пройти мимо Draft — отличного веб-редактора для коллективной работы над документами. Напомним, что Лайфхакер уже писал об этом замечательном сервисе.

Поэтому остановимся на нём лишь тезисно. И вот основные прелести Draft:

  • совместная работа над текстом с возможностью принятия и отклонения правок;
  • мощный контроль и сохранение различных версий документа;
  • поддержка Markdown;
  • применение горячих клавиш для ускорения рутинных операций;
  • синхронизация с облачными хранилищами;
  • настройка шрифтов и фонового цвета.

Попробуйте Draft, возможно, он заменит вам Google Docs.

А какие веб-редакторы текста можете посоветовать вы?

41 Best Free Online Notepad Websites

Here are some free online notepad websites for writing notes. These websites will help you in creating notes online, in a simple and easy way. These online notepads are listed as per their ease of use and features. All of them provide interface for writing notes, but some of these online notepads also have additional features, such as password protection, emoticons, etc. Use these websites to create, edit, and share notes online.

My favorite Online notepad Websites are:

  1. Evernote: It is one of the best online notepad as it allows you to chat with other Evernote users during a writing session. It also gives an option to set a reminder for a note or to-do list.
  2. This online notepad is simple and easy to use. It also has the feature to encrypt notes, and you can easily share them with others.

You can also try these best free XML Editor Software, Free Notepads, and Text Encryption Software.

Here are the Best Free Online Notepad Websites:


Evernote is one of the best and a spectacular online notepad website. It exhibits some exceptional features making the note writing experience better. With a quick signup you can start writing your notes by clicking new note tab. It opens a page with options such as new note, search, work chat, etc. Begin with adding a title to the note, and start writing, then you can save the note to the notebook. You can add tags to the notes, and you can also mark  shortcuts to your favorite notes.

This online notepad includes basic features such as changing the font style, color, etc, but apart from these features it has some features which are quite different from other notepads. These features include option for inserting  to-do list, tables, attachments, etc. You can also set reminder for the note and can start a chat with the work chat option by searching people. You can save notes in the Notebook option and share your notes to any social networking sites as well as to any links or emails. The best feature of Evernote is that it comes with clients for PC, Mac, Android, iOS etc., and your notes are able to sync across all the devices.

Click Here to go to Home Page


OneNote (or Microsoft OneNote Online) is a fantastic note taking application and a great competitor to Evernote. It lets you create multiple Notebooks under which you can store your notes. Under every single Notebook, you can create multiple sections, add pages, and insert notes to those pages. Apart from this, you also have the options to insert images (from PC or use online images), tables, links, and special symbols. Your notes are saved automatically which is a fantastic features of this notepad. Moreover, you can also share your Notebooks with your friends to let them edit or only view your notes.Microsoft OneNote is available for almost all major platforms, such as: Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Android, iPhone, iPad, etc. So you will be able to access your notes from anywhere. Notes remain in sync, therefore, no matter which device you use, you will have updated notes.

Click Here to go to Home Page

Google Keep

Google Keep is a lively online notepad which can also be accessed on an android device, or as an extension of Chrome browser. It has all the standard features that an ideal notepad should have. You can add images and sound recordings to your notes, change background color of the notepad, add labels (Inspirational, Personal, and Work), and insert To-do list to your notes. The To-do list lets you mark the list checked as you complete your tasks. You can also share notes with others via e-mail, or copy the text to Google Docs. Set a reminder to get notified about the note.

Click Here to go to Home Page

Yahoo Notepad

Yahoo Notepad is a free online notepad service provided by Yahoo!. The notepad is as simple as it looks. Type your notes on the editor, and save them with a title. You can also create different folders to save and organize your notes.

Click Here to go to Home Page


Quabel is a free and very well organized online notepad and is simple and easy to use. First of all you have to do a quick signup so that you can use the full features of the basic Quabel text editor. If you prefer not to sign up, then you can access this online notepad with limited features as a demo version. You can give names to your notes, as well as assign labels to them for better organization. All your notes are saved online, so you can access them later as well.You can download the notes in different formats, like, PDF, DOCX, TXT, etc. You can email the note, or  print it directly from the website. For a simple note writing, it is quite effective online notepad.

Click Here to go to Home Page is an elementary and online notepad. It lets you create password protected notes. No registration is required here, you can simply start writing notes. It creates a unique URL for each note, that can be customized. It has a distinctive feature (Password-Protection) using which you can protect your note by a password. You can also remove the password if you want, and make the note Public.

It lets you create share URLs for your notes, but those URLs are not password protected.

Click Here to go to Home Page


Rapidtables is another online note creator that is easy to use, and has simple features like cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, etc. You can create a new note and save it to your PC, or you can open a note to make some modification to it, and then again save it to your PC. This online notepad only works for .txt format. It is simple, effective and less time consuming. However, it does not have any option to create an account, and you cannot save your notes online. Ultimately, when you are done with note creation, you need to download notes to your PC in .txt format.

Click Here to go to Home Page


Stackedit is an online markdown editor that lets you write programming codes, as well as plain notes. You can use this online notepad without any registration. It has the basic options for text formatting such as numbering, bullets, Bold, Italic, Headings, etc. You can publish the notes to Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, etc.You can import markdown files, and do modification to them also. You can export the notes as markdown or HTML files as well. Use cloud platforms, such as Google Drive, Dropbox to save the notes.

Click Here to go to Home Page


Markable lets you edit, save, open notes and also enables you to import notes from Evernote, or Dropbox, so that you can modify them. You can upload an HTML file, and edit it using this online notepad. You can customize the view and the theme of the notepad. After writing notes, you can download them as an HTML, or Markdown file. You can save the notes to Evernote or Dropbox, and you can also post them to Tumblr.

Click Here to go to Home Page


Draft lets you write notes more concisely and clearly. All you have to do is a quick login and then the notepad is yours for writing notes. It allows you and others to comment on the notes that you are working on. It has a button Ask a Pro, where you can get advise on your work by experts, which is one of the best thing that a writer can have on an online notepad. Whatever you are writing gets auto saved, and you can also mark them as a draft for later use.You can export notes in form of TXT, PDF, etc format, which will be delivered to your email. You can share your document with anyone through their email so that they can view and help you with some modification. The best features of Draft are that it comes with version control, as well as collaboration.

Click Here to go to Home Page


Textmechanic is a notepad which has multiple features for writing notes. It shows total number of characters, lines, words, etc. in a note. It has a "jump to" tab, which is full of options such as add/remove lines, change letter cases, encrypt/decrypt text, load/save text, etc.You can highlight any part of the note that is important. You can also insert special characters and symbols to the note. For safety and security, it enables you to encrypt or decrypt your data when necessary. After editing, you can save notes online as well as you can download it as a .TXT file. It also allows you to change font style, size, color, etc. Some other advanced features that this online notepad has are: Regular Expression Search and Replace, Find and Affix Text, Sort Lines alphabetically, Sort Lines by length, Reverse Line Order, Remove duplicate lines, remove empty lines, remove lines that contain specific text, Merge text, remove whitespace, remove line breaks, wrap text, convert text to HTML, etc.  Lot of these features are unique to this website.

Click Here to go to Home Page


Eswrite enables you to use notepad after you login from your Google+, Facebook, or  Twitter account. It has a simple screen for writing notes. It can also be changed to a night vision platform. After login, it takes you to the home page where you can create new notes, and they get auto saved online. It has a unique feature where you can click the Font button and simply write the name of the font in which you want to write your note. The font of your note will change to what you have selected by syncing online. You can also add tags to the notes and all the notes that you have written will be shown on the home page itself. You can toggle between online and offline notepad also.

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Ankurm is another online notepad that has collaboration features. It lets you collaborate on notes online. For every note it creates a unique URL which you can use for inviting others to work on the same note. It also enables you to use the microphone to audio chat with others, who are working on the note. It doesn’t allow any formatting features in order to let you focus more on the note.It has an option where you can customize your identity so that others who are also working can point out other user's action. Other options are for starting a text or audio chat, and inviting people with the URL link. Whenever someone clicks somewhere in the note, you will be able to see an animated circle which indicates mouse cursor movement of a user (every user has different cursor color).

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Note-pad can be used without registration, but it would be a better experience if you register, as you will be able to save your notes online. While writing it gets auto saved on the cloud platform. It creates URL, which can be used to share the note with others.This online notepad also provides client-side encryption to users for security purpose. You can create as many notes as you want by clicking the create page button. It automatically creates backup of notes, which can be downloaded and restored. It enables you to change the notepad theme as well. Whenever you delete a note, it can be restored from the homepage as it provides you three days for the complete deletion from the website.

Click Here to go to Home Page


Titanpad has an option, which lets multiple people work on the same note simultaneously. So, this is a good online notepad for collaboration. This is possible by inviting people through their emails with the URL that gets generated when you click invite. It doesn’t require login, you can simply start writing notes. It has basic text formatting options such as alignments, listings, indentations, etc. It also has undo and redo options. You can also start a chat with the people working on the same note.It shows number of lines and allows you to zoom-in and out the notepad. It provides version control feature by letting you save the notes as a revision. You can access them using the Saved Revision tab. You can import files of various formats such as TXT, HTML, Word, etc, from your PC, and edit them. It also has the option for downloading the note as a TXT, HTML, Word, PDF files.While writing notes it gets auto synchronized to the website so that everyone collaborating on the note gets to see it.

Click Here to go to Home Page


Mytextarea is one of the simplest online notepad I have come across. The interface is just a big text area in which you can start typing your note.  It does not lets you create account, nor lets you download the created note; you can just copy it and paste to your PC's notepad for saving. It does save the notepad in your browser (using cookies), but the note is gone as soon as you delete cookies.

Click Here to go to Home Page


Pote is another interesting online notepad. It requires a sign up to proceed with the notepad. After login you have to give title to the note and then you can start writing a note. You can also email or print the note directly from the options. It has a tab Options where you can change the font style and color, change page background, window size, and mainly you can change the notepad platform color (either black on white, white on black, yellow on black).   You can also upload a file from the computer and modify it. So whenever you will login, the entire note collection of yours will be available with options such as delete, download, etc. The notes can be saved online,or can also be downloaded to the computer. When you click download, it simply compresses the .TXT into a ZIP file, and you can later extract the ZIP file to access your note. The free version lets you save up to 25 notes, but you can get around this limitation by making a donation to the developer.

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Shrib provides a simple platform for writing notes. It has a unique feature i.e. when you start writing notes it gets auto saved in the website. It has a tab where you can see all your saved notes, or you can create and delete notes with the options grab new note, and clear memory respectively. It also has a tab More where you will get many options such as lock notes, URL link for sharing, change font style and size, etc. After writing the note you can share your note to Google+, Twitter, etc. or you can send it to any email id using the unique URL link (which gets generated every time you create a note). It also lets you password protect your notes.

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Collabedit notepad is basically an online code editor. It exhibits multiple features such as it can be used to write plain text, programming codes for languages such as C, C++, Java, HTML, etc. It also lets you collaborate on notes, provides chat feature, document history, as well as syntax highlighting for various programming languages. It shows position of the lines and characters, as well as total number of lines and characters. It also allows you to start a chat with anyone by using Invite and Chat button on the page. After writing notes, you can download them in .TXT format. The notes also gets saved online, and there is a History option  from where you can see the notes that you have created.

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Quillpad is a unique online note editor that lets you type in Indian languages. Various supported languages are: English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, and Nepali. It comes with support for English as well. After writing notes you can export the note as a .TXT file to your computer. It also has basic features such as cut, copy, paste, customize text, etc. It comes with formatting features like Bold, Italics, Underline, Bullets, change font color, etc. You can print the note as well as send the note directly from the website.

Click Here to go to Home Page


Flytext is an online editor that lets you edit text files stored in your Dropbox. It also lets you create new notes that will be stored in your Dropbox. So, it asks you to login with your Dropbox credentials. It has basic formatting features, like, change font size and change font. You can save the file by giving it any name, and it will be saved in your Dropbox account. So, you can access that note directly from your Dropbox.

Click Here to go to Home Page


Kl1p is of multiple uses, as we can write notes in plain text or rich text format. It also enables you to write programming codes, edit any document and image by uploading it. It has all the basic features of an online notepad including font style, subscript, superscript, line spacing, alignments, etc. You can also insert emoticons and flash file when you are working with the rich text editor. It also has features to toggle full screen editor, and QR Code generator for the note. So you can simply scan the code using QR Scanner in your phone, tablets, etc. and can access the note from anywhere. You can also link and un-link your note to any URLs. Your notes will be saved on the website, but you will not be able to download it.

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Notebook.zoho requires a sign up or you can use your Google, Yahoo, Facebook account to login and start writing notes. You can add many types of pages such as text, sheet, writer, webpage, etc. All the notes that you write will be stored online as a book. It has basic notepad features, but apart from that it includes some features like you can add image, video, URLs, audio, HTML, etc. You can save the notes, and when required you can view and edit those notes as well. You can add tags to the note, publish, share, etc. You can import and export notes in HTML formats.

Click Here to go to Home Page


Plicpad is a bare bones online notepad that lets you create a note by simply providing a URL. It does not have any formatting options and does not require sign-up. You can give URL to anyone to share the note. No password protection available.

Click Here to go to Home Page


Mytextfile requires a signup or you can sign in using your Google or Yahoo account. It lets you create only one note. The note will be a plain text, without any formatting. It saves revisions every 5  minutes. There is no option to download the note.

Click Here to go to Home Page

ANotepad ensures simplicity and is easy to use. It has a tab for giving title to your notes separately, so that the notes will be well managed. It also has a tab (Font Family) for changing the font of the text, and a tab (Formats), which includes many options such as header, inline, blocks and alignments. It has many other features also such as you can insert a link or image, etc. But the best option is the Emoticons that can be used while writing notes.

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Yanobs is an online notepad website, it is very effective and simple. It lets you create new notes and save them to your computer as a .TXT file. You can also directly print the notes from the website. It is easy and simple to use, and with a quick signup you can start the note editor online. You can't open an already saved file for modification.

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Gnotes allows you to write notes after signing up to the website. It has a simple interface for note writing experience. It has a New Note tab where you can create a note and  you can save it online. You cannot download the notes, but you can keep track of your notes as they are saved and are grouped in the page. It has an option for creating New Folder so that you can assign the notes to a respective folder as per your need. Whenever you delete a note, it goes to the trash tab where you can either erase it completely, or it can be restored. The best part of this website is that it comes with apps for Android and iOS, so you can access your notes from anywhere.

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Instanotes lets you login with your Twitter account, or you can try it out without registration. It has a nice interface for writing notes, and also consists of some features, such as to make a complete note you can add a header, or a card (which uses link but you can also drag an image and insert), you can add images as well as map location, etc. to your note.It has other basic features such as making text bold, italic, etc. You can either write a simple note, or it has an option for writing HTML codes. It has a tab: view static version, where you can view your saved notes.

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Editpad is also another online notepad website which is less complicated, and it can be used for basic plain note writing. You can simply write any note and download it to your computer using download and save button. It has some features such as word count and character count. It also has an option to open the editor as a popup, as well as for a new note you can simply click open new window, and it will take to a new note which needs to be edited. This is quite simple to use for writing notes. There is no option to login or save notes online.

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Itextpad is an online notepad website which is simple and has some rich features. You can simply write a note using this website, and it can be made password protected using the Lock option. You can take the printout of the note, and send the file to any email id. You can share the note using the Share Link option to any email id. After editing you can download the edited or modified note as a .TXT file. It doesn’t require login, and is the simplest online notepad website.

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Writer is an excellent online note writing website with a unique night vision interface, ensuring more focus and distraction free writing experience. It is free in case you want the basic features for writing notes. It is full of advanced features than other online notepad tools. One of the best features is that you can set a goal for writing a note by defining its word limit and the date of completion.

First of all you need a quick signup into the website then it’s all yours. You can start writing multiple notes which will get saved on the website. In order to save them on your computer, you can use the export or download button. You can change the interface in terms of color and line spacing, font style and color, typing volume, etc. It has an option to toggle full screen editor so that typing gets more effective and precise. You can save an unlimited number of notes online.

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Notepub is an online notes writing website and it provides a decent note writing experience. You need to do a quick sign up to the website, then you can proceed for online note writing. It has many useful and distinctive features: create a link after writing something, selecting it to be a link, add a tag to the note that you are writing. It comes with good encryption feature in which the text is encrypted in your browser, before it is sent to the servers of Notepub. The decryption also happens in your browser, using your password (the password is never sent to Notepub). It also has option for making text bold, italic, underline the text, strike through the text. You can arrange the selected text to the center of the page.You can save as many notes as you want to save and can access them from, and it has an option for checking older as well as newest notes or you can jump to a particular note by entering the date, time, etc.

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Heapnote requires a quick login which you can do with your Google account, to proceed with the notepad and start editing. You can organize your notes in any way you want, and you can save them on the website as well as on Google Drive (working as a backup).

It lets you customize your notepad in many ways by allowing you to create tables, columns, task, etc. It allows you to manage your notes by creating different labels and assigning them as you need. It also lets you to use rich notepad features such as font formatting, etc. You can share the notes with other people simply by clicking Share this notepad button and entering their email ids.

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Writeurl doesnot require any registration or login. You can simply  start writing notes. The notes can be written in any language. It includes many features for the text design such as bold, italic, underline, strike through, etc. It also has the option for re-sizing the text as well as changing the font style and color. Various images or links can be added to the note. You can also share the notes with different URLs.The note gets stored online on cloud platform and can be downloaded after editing as a .DOC or .HTML file format. It has other features, such as numbering tool. Special characters can also be inserted to the note. It has some distinct features such as line alignment, line scaling, indentation, etc. It also has a specific tab for subscript and superscript. You can work using this website online as well as offline.

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Laverna doesn’t require any sign up for you to start writing notes. It has an option for encryption and synchronization of the notes to the cloud for security purpose. It has a tab All Notes where you will find all the notes as well as notebook, favorite and trash button. It has three different views for writing notes: Full Screen, Preview, and Normal.It has basic features for text such as bold, italic, line alignment, undo, redo, etc. It also includes some technical features like you can insert a hyperlink, image link, code link, block quote link. You can save the notes online and can view, edit and delete whenever you want.

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Protectedtext is a secure online notepad. The whole setup of this website is geared towards security. First of all you have to create a link or URL and start writing notes. You can give a password for protecting your notes as well as for encrypting the URL that you created for the website. You can add as many notes as you want. Ultimately it is  a safe and secure way to write notes and prevent unauthorized access. There is no login; you need to remember the URL for your note, as well as the password that you use. If you forget any of these, there is no way to recover. The encryption and decryption of notes happens in your browser, and password is never sent to server. There are no cookies and no session data is stored.

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Jukeboxprint has many features but the best option is that it has a tab, where you can define the size and orientation of the note. It has a selection tab which includes add text, image and pattern selection, background color change, add shapes, stripes generator. It has unique feature for creating your own QR Code (QR Code Scanner can be used to scan for the particular QR Code attached to the notes) options.You can also select the font style, color and size. You can rotate the text using the degree of rotation option. There is one option for providing shadow to the text so that it affects the design of the text. And after editing you can save the note as a PDF file.

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Nimbus Note

Nimbus Note is a cross platform online notepad for web, Windows, Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. This is a feature rich notes management tool. You can manage and arrange your notes in different folders, and add tags to them, which makes it really easy to locate the note you are looking for. The editor section has various general features such as: Font type, font size, bold, italics, underline, strike-through, hyperlink, bullets, indents, and text alignment. Add attachments, and To-do list to your notes. You also get options to print or share your note via browser.

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Writebox is a minimalist online notepad. It is cross-platform, and can work on web, Chrome (extension), iOS, and Android. Sync it with Google Drive and Dropbox to import, export text. You can view/edit both Plain text, and HTML on this online notebook. A text file can be downloaded to your PC as well. Text formatting commands cannot be viewed on the interface, however they can be accessed using shortcut keys. Preview your online note to see how it looks after formatting. It is one of the simplest and the best online notepad.

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JotOnce is another free online notepad website that lets you create password protected notes. Main feature of this website is that it lets you add expiration period with the note. You can set the note to expire in specified time period. The expiration period can range from 10 minutes to upto 10 days. You can also request a read receipt of the note.

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site notepad cc -

↑ Поддерживаемые форматы Notepad ++ (рус.).↑ Since January 2010, SourceForge has complied with US law to deny site access from 5 countries (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria). > Notepad++ — Википедия

"Облачный" блокнот |

"Облачный" блокнот В этой небольшой заметке продолжим неисчерпаемую, как атом, тему текстовых редакторов.Ваше имя. Your site's URL. > "Облачный" блокнот |

5 отличных браузерных альтернатив вашему привычному... — один из них Dillinger. Стартовая страница сервиса сразу сообщает о его коньке — реализации возможностей уже озвученной упрощёнки Markdown. > 5 отличных браузерных

NOTEPAD++ - YouTube

Five Useful and Fun Notepad Tricks. CptCosmoTutorials. 6:25.How to make your own simple website using Notepad++ | Part 1 The Basics. WebbWizzard. > NOTEPAD++ - YouTube

"Нотепад ++" - бесплатно скачать Notepad++ для компьютера...

Прежде всего, рекомендуется бесплатно скачать Notepad cc русскую версию на компьютер без регистрации, еслиПоследнюю версию Нотепад ++ скачать бесплатно для Windows. > "Нотепад ++" - бесплатно

Notepad++ 7.5.1 скачать Нотепад ++ бесплатно - Notepad Plus Plus

Очень часто Notepad Plus Plus используют как HTML редактор.Adobe Photoshop CS6 / CC 2018 > Notepad++ 7.5.1 скачать Нотепад ++ - Онлайн блокнот. Создать заметку онлайн > - Онлайн блокнот.

Скачать Notepad++ бесплатно на русском для Windows

Pfs к записи Adobe Photoshop CC — для профессиональной обработки изображений.Notepad. Замена в коде. Общие настройки. Notepad++ на русском для Windows. > Скачать Notepad++ бесплатно на • Подборки

Сайт “” в своих подборках использовало 1 человек.Сайты, похожие на “”. (всего свой список похожих сайтов создало 0 людей). > •

Лучший текстовый редактор среди малышей Notepad++

Монстров вроде Microsoft Office, и Open Office не берем во внимание, они состязаются в собственной лиге тяжеловесов. > Лучший текстовый редактор

HTML редактор на русском языке Notepad++

При этом оптимизирована загрузка больших файлов — нет раздражающего зависания на чтении всего файла целиком в память, как в обычном Notepad. > HTML редактор на русском

notepad++ & убрать ссылки в тексте ? | Nulled Warez Scripts > notepad++ & убрать ссылки в

notepad » Лучшие бесплатные программы

Контакты. Бесплатные программы » Облако тегов » notepad. Notepad++ 7.5.1 + Portable. > notepad » Лучшие бесплатные

Все для создания сайта — Notepad++

И надо отметить, этот редактор гораздо лучше морально устаревшей программы. Где скачать > Все для создания сайта —

Скачать Notepad++ + подробный обзор программы Notepad++

С помощью Notepad++ можно открыть следующие форматы файлов: Текстовые ini, log, txt, text C++ language Files h, hpp, hxx, c, cpp, cxx, cc, m Java & Pascal java, class, cs, pas... > Скачать Notepad++ + подробный

Обсуждение и отзывы | Не определена

Здесь люди ведут обсуждение и оставляют отзывы о Отзывы о сайтах, рецензии. Истории из жизни. > Обсуждение и отзывы |

Notepad++ - [7] :: Программы :: Компьютерный форум Ru.Board

п.с. ну ведь в кэше Оперы и лежат html файлы? Notepad их у тебя не "подсвечивает" ?Переход по форумам Закладки » Компьютеры Цифровое изображение Программы Microsoft... > Notepad++ - [7] :: Программы ::

Как редактировать файлы сайта (программа Notepad++)?

Скачать последнюю версию программы Notepad++ 6.5.3, которая является бесплатной можно на официальном сайте > Как редактировать файлы

Notepad++ инструкция.

Итак, чтобы написанный в Notepad файл, открылся в браузере Вашего компьютера, нужно чтоб этот файл, на ВашемНапоследок щёлкаем по пустому полю — папка «site» сохранена. > Notepad++ инструкция.

Free notepad

Notepad is a simple text editor which is a part of Microsoft Windows system since Windows 1.0 (1985).The home site > Free notepad

Notepad++ MultiLang Rus + Portable скачать Notepad++... > Notepad++ MultiLang Rus + Portable скачать

Редактор Notepad++ 6.1.5, скачать бесплатно > Редактор Notepad++ 6.1.5, скачать

Notepad-Vk.narod.rusimilar sites - Notepad++: a free source code editor which supports several programming languages running under the A piece of paper in the cloud. View Similar Sites. > Notepad-Vk.narod.rusimilar sites -

[ Полезно ] Волшебные фишки и горячие клавиши notepad++ | Форум

Р?ндексирование доменов, Р?ндексирование доменов, > [ Полезно ] Волшебные фишки

Официальный сайт Notepad++ | Форум

Войдите или зарегистрируйтесь. Вы здесь » Языки программирования с русским синтаксисом » Редакторы кода, Notepad ++ » Официальный сайт Notepad++. > Официальный сайт Notepad++ |

Как работать в NotePad? | Универсальная справочная система Wiki > Как работать в NotePad? |

Обзор плагинов для notepad++ / (плагины...) |

Switcher. Переключается между файлами cpp<>h, cc<>h and c<>h. TagsView. > Обзор плагинов для notepad++ /


Инсталяция не требуется, просто распаковываем. Версия для скачивания 4.0.2. Скачать - Notepad++ 868 525 байт. Сайт программы - > Notepad++

Лучший текстовый редактор с подсветкой синтаксиса кода... > Лучший текстовый редактор

Notepad++ | Форум по информационной безопасности > Notepad++ | Форум по

notepad cc -

Рассмотрим очень простой, но при этом очень изящный "облачный" блокнот, расположенный по адресу > "Облачный" блокнот |

Notepad++ — Википедия

↑ Поддерживаемые форматы Notepad ++ (рус.). ↑ Project Statistics for Notepad++. > Notepad++ — Википедия

Сайт дня: - асоциальная графомания или... -

Создание текста на странице сайта Любопытно, что сайт изначально замышлялся, как онлайновый текстовый редактор. > Сайт дня: -

Скачать Notepad++ | Notepad++ скачать бесплатно Нотепад

Notepad++ скачать бесплатно Нотепад. Notepad++ – известный текстовой редактор, который поддерживаетСкачайте бесплатно Notepad rus с официального сайта > Скачать Notepad++ | Notepad++

Notepad++ скачать бесплатно русская версия для windows

Notepad++ для Windows. Нотепад скачать бесплатно на русском.Официальный сайт. > Notepad++ скачать бесплатно

Notepad++ - YouTube

Блокнот для Wordpress - Wordpress Admin Notepad - Duration: 3:51.Enable Hex Editor in Notepad++ - Duration: 2:20. Van Ting 219,020 views. > Notepad++ - YouTube

5 отличных браузерных альтернатив вашему привычному... — один из них Dillinger. Стартовая страница сервиса сразу сообщает о его коньке — реализации возможностей уже озвученной упрощёнки Markdown. > 5 отличных браузерных

Notepad++ скачать бесплатно – Notepad plus plus

Скачать Notepad plus plus бесплатно, без регистрации. Notepad++ – это бесплатный текстовый редактор для Windows, поддерживающий подсветку синтаксиса. > Notepad++ скачать бесплатно –

Notepad++ - скачать бесплатно Notepad++ 7.5.1 > Notepad++ - скачать бесплатно

Notepad++ - скачать бесплатно русскую версию Notepad++ для...

Небольшой текстовый редактор с подсветкой синтаксиса Notepad2.Текстовый редактор Document.Editor. > Notepad++ - скачать бесплатно

Notepad++ скачать бесплатно русская версия | Нотепад++ > Notepad++ скачать бесплатно

Notepad++ скачать бесплатно Notepad русская версия

Notepad++ – программа на русском языке, которая бесплатно распространяется в сети как инструмент для работы с текстом. Скачать Notepad бесплатно для Windows. > Notepad++ скачать бесплатно

Notepad++ - Скачать лучший текстовый редактор > Notepad++ - Скачать лучший

Скачать Notepad++ бесплатно

Скачать Notepad 6.3.2 бесплатно (с помощью InstallPack). Для скачивания Notepad 6.3.2 без InstallPack нажмите здесь. > Скачать Notepad++

Notepad++ скачать бесплатно | Блокнот Нотепад Плюс Плюс > Notepad++ скачать бесплатно |

Notepad++ скачать бесплатно на русском языке | Программа... > Notepad++ скачать бесплатно на

Нотепад. Notepad++ скачать бесплатно последнюю версию

Нотепад скачать бесплатно - Отличная программа для редактирования текста, как обычного формата .txt так и сложного html, css, php java.Notepad для windows 8 теперь у нас на сайте. > Нотепад. Notepad++ скачать

"Нотепад ++" - бесплатно скачать Notepad++ для компьютера...

Прежде всего, рекомендуется бесплатно скачать Notepad cc русскую версию на компьютер без регистрации, еслиПоследнюю версию Нотепад ++ скачать бесплатно для Windows. > "Нотепад ++" - бесплатно

Notepad++ 7.5.1 скачать бесплатно - Бесплатные программы

— Исправлено ошибку, которую Notepad ++ создает папку «% APPDATA% localnotepad ++» в локальном режиме conf. — Добавлено поддержку языка Visual Prolog. > Notepad++ 7.5.1 скачать бесплатно

Блокнот онлайн | Азбука блогера – представляет собой чистый лист для заметок.Из зарубежных блокнотов онлайн понравились и > Блокнот онлайн | Азбука

Сайт дня: - асоциальная... — Рамблер/новости

Создание текста на странице сайта Любопытно, что сайт изначально замышлялся, как онлайновый текстовый редактор. > Сайт дня: -

Скачать Notepad++ 7.5.1 (Русская версия)

AkelPad, Notepad2 и т.д. Однако он как то не удобен для простых записок не имеющих отношения к написанию кода. > Скачать Notepad++ 7.5.1 (Русская

Скачать Старые Версии Notepad++ for -

Официальный сайт: > Скачать Старые Версии

Notepad++ — бесплатный Html и PHP редактор с подсветкой...

Почему именно это редактор стоит скачать?Что вам может понадобиться в Нотепад ++Но обо все по порядку. Скачивание и возможности редактора Notepad ++. > Notepad++ — бесплатный Html и PHP

Notepad++ 7.5.1 скачать бесплатно - Нотепад++ на русском языке

Установил последнюю версию нотпада, указал в графе «поиск» папку с вордовскимиТ.е. Вы открываете файл doc в notepad и пытаетесь там найти что-то и он не находит? > Notepad++ 7.5.1 скачать бесплатно

Notepad++ 7.5.1 - бесплатный текстовый редактор.

Работает на Windows (XP, Vista, 7). Notepad 7.5.1 скачать бесплатный текстовый редактор для x32. > Notepad++ 7.5.1 - бесплатный

Notepad++ 6 скачать бесплатно | Программа Notepad plus для...

Notepad – программа, представляющая собой стандартный Блокнот, имеет довольно широкие возможности для применения в совершенно разных областях. > Notepad++ 6 скачать бесплатно |

Notepad 7.5.1 rus скачать бесплатно на русском > Notepad 7.5.1 rus скачать

notepad При открытии сайта сразу создается уникальная страничка (например, Все, это ваш онлайновый блокнот... > notepad

Notepad++ 7.5.1 скачать Нотепад ++ бесплатно - Notepad Plus Plus

Очень часто Notepad Plus Plus используют как HTML редактор.Adobe Photoshop CS6 / CC 2018 > Notepad++ 7.5.1 скачать Нотепад ++

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