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Cataclysm at Grim Dawn Nexus

This mod is a reworked and improved version of my previous mod, Dawn of Heroes. It adds 8 new classes in addition to 6 vanilla classes, which aim to enhance your gameplay and to diversify your gaming experience, allowing to play classes/combinations the vanilla game lacks of. For example, you can play as a healer with your friends if you pick the Druid mastery, or you can control an army of creatures if you combine the Druid with the Voidcaller, or you can engage your enemies with your fellow hirelings' ranged attacks as a Mercenary and finish them off with devastating melee skills.


* Level cap increased to 100* Devotion cap increased to 64* No static levels for enemies* Regular mobs, champions, and heroes density dynamically changes from x1 to x2* Amount of iron bits dropped increased* Devotion shrines available across all difficulties* Regular merchants can sell rare/epic/legenday items for custom classes* Some faction merchants sell new potions that will help you in your adventures* Increased smugglers' inventory space (Stasher v5 by tt300)* Auto-pickup for vanilla and custom components (Auto Pickup aka People Are Lazy by Elfe)* All crafting materials can be shared with your other characters via Shared Stash* Shortened some effects' description to match other effects (for example, "Increases Health Regeneration by %" now looks like "+% Health Regeneration")* and more


Regular mobs, champions, and heroes density dynamically changes from x1 to x2. Their loottables are unchanged to avoid conflicts when Crate adds new items. Instead, heroes, champions, bosses, and rarely regular mobs, will drop a new item called Mysterious Locker, which in turn drops various items when you use it, such as crafting materials, augments, custom components and blueprints, and items with affixes for newly added classes. There is also over 30 new legendary weapons that can only be found in Mysterious Lockers.


Druid is a versatile caster who draws on the vital energies of life and nature, allowing them to harness energies into a devastating force, or recycle destructive magic to heal their allies.Mercenary is a talented warrior who has mastered the art of close combat. Most mercenaries are trained to use one-handed weapons in both hands to lay waste to their enemies, but can also take down any opponent with devastating attacks of their two-handed weapons.Nosferatu combines the art of close combat with the entropic energies of death. The slightest touch of their weapons consumes their enemies' life, and their foul magic spreads disease and incite madness, sowing chaos and destruction on the field of battle.Stalker controls the battlefield from afar using both ranged weapons and eldritch powers of the Aether to attack their enemies.Mage is a pure offensive caster, master of the elemental energies of Fire, Frost, and Lightning. While the Mage lacks of any defensive skills at the beggining, pretty much every offensive skill can incapacitate enemies for a short time, and a good mage is able to destroy the whole armies without a single hit from their opponents.Maleficar, the accursed one, is a mage who draws on powers that others fear. Their twisted magic allows them to siphon off the vital essence of their opponents, inexorably consuming their victims lives, feeding and empowering the Maleficar.Voidcallers are masters of the art of summoning, drawing their power from the very depths of the Void. They prove equally dangerous in close combat and casting various spells that leave enemies unprotected, and their loyal chthonian minions will quickly eliminate anyone who survived the Voidcaller's attacks.Paragon is a warrior who has harnessed elemental forces, making Fire, Ice, and Lightning do their bidding. They combine mobility and defensive techniques, and are able to attack at range with bolts of elemental energies or in close combat by channeling raw magic through their shields, inflicting massive Elemental damage-over-time upon their foes.


Extract to .../Grim Dawn/mods/, launch Grim Dawn, click Custom Game and select cataclysm ~, create a new character and have fun.Your "mods" folder should look something like this

Dont forget to click "Custom Game" and select the mod from the list

How to install/update the music add-on:

Install the main file first, download the add-on and extract it somewhere on your HDD, drag & drop its "database" and "resources" folders into .../Grim Dawn/mods/cataclysm, confirming merging if prompted. You don't need to download the add-on again when the new version is released, unless stated otherwise. Finally, download the file called "Database" under optional files, extract its content and drag & drop its "database" folder  into .../Grim Dawn/mods/cataclysm, overwriting when prompted.


tt300 for Stasher v5Elfe for People Are Lazyjiaco for Grimmer & GrimmestUnknown authors from the Internet for skill icons

Music:bensound.comChristopher ThorstensonPal Zoltan IllesAlexandr OssipovKevin CroxtonMister MGregoire LourmeMarc Teichert

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  • 1. Cataclysm for Grim Dawn

    Cataclysm is an overhaul of my older mod, Dawn of Heroes. Includes 8 new classes, tons of custom items, numerous game changes, and more.

    updated 20:53, 20 Oct 2017 7,859 188 52,658kb 3jiou

  • 2. GD Stash for Grim Dawn

    GD Stash is an external tool to store items from the Grim Dawn shared stash. Requires a Java Virtual Machine.

    updated 2:28, 25 Oct 2017 20,565 596 6,241kb gdstash

  • 4. Smash N Grab for Grim Dawn

    Decreases the amount of XP needed per level / Increases drop rate on rares and epics / Significantly increases iron bits amount per difficulty / gives 5 skill points per level / shrines give 3 devotion points instead of 1 / all bag slots opened in first few quests and larger stash space

    updated 10:38, 26 Oct 2017 1,805 20 43kb moordhuis

  • 7. Legendary Cap Remover for Grim Dawn

    Play with Tons of Champions, Run Fast like the Wind and Enjoy the Scenery!Hunt for Epic and Legendary Items, with Affixes! Hit from far away and make the most out of Item Skills.

    updated 23:04, 4 May 2016 3,200 110 6,166kb NateATon

  • 9. Grim Legion for Grim Dawn

    With over 48 thousand files edited this mod adds new abilities, items, difficulty, spawns, mastery overhauls and more. Jump into a whole new experience with Grim Legion. GRIMMEST and CFTX masteries integrated. Updated V1.008

    updated 12:03, 27 Feb 2017 4,834 120 1,006kb deathbit

  • 10. Darkest Dawn for Grim Dawn

    Two new classes - Necromancer and Illusionist - fully integrated into the game with 100% custom art and effects. Various tweaks and extensions to all other classes.

    updated 17:39, 28 Aug 2016 5,878 228 2,513kb T3nd0

  • 11. Better Levels for Grim Dawn

    A small mod to increase the impact each level has, as well as increase the level cap and remove level restriction from items, among other things.

    updated 2:03, 28 Aug 2017 396 7 15,064kb KalAeon

  • 16. Grim Quest for Grim Dawn

    What is this mod? This is a conversion mod, bringing all the Titan Quest: Immortal Throne masteries to Grim Dawn! What can I expect from this mod? Bare minimum, TQ masteries and their skills. I've done my best to make these masteries look exactly as they did in TQ, and by bringing over sounds, effects and the UI I've been able to replic

    updated 14:44, 16 Oct 2017 1,700 66 31,489kb syl101

  • 23. Omega for Grim Dawn

    Increase end-game content : new quests, items,buffs, unique boss. Slowly increase power by rewarding the player the more they dismantle Legendary items and kill Heroes monsters (in Ultimate Difficulty). Increase build diversity by offering a large choice of rewards. Allow the player to farm where they want but still promote far

    updated 16:13, 13 Feb 2017 383 14 3,393kb laharl9999

Grim Dawn modding tools to release by end of April

Crate Entertainment’s recently released ARPG Grim Dawn will be getting modding tools by the end of April according to the latest update from the team.

Since the game released earlier this month, Crate has been working on bug fixes and the recent v1.0.0.2 update ironed out many of the launch issues. Now these fixes are out, Crate is working on the game’s modding tools which are based on the same tools the development team used to create the game.

Crate recently showed off the editing tools in a few screenshots which include the Asset Manager, World Editor, Quest Editor, Conversion Filter, Ddatabase Editor and Lua scripting. Further information has been released today including for the Quest Editor and Conversion Editor.

The tools appear to be quite extensive and Crate posted the following modding FAQ which details what will and won’t be possible when the tools release.

Grim Dawn Mod Tools FAQ

I have question about FX editor, will be there something to play with?The Particle Effects editor will be included with the modding tools.

Is it possible we will be able to make a base building wave defense game? It could be fun.Something like this would require extensive use of Lua, but if you set up some timers you could theoretically create a defense game with defenses selected by the player.

How about texture editor or something like this? Is there a way to export or import game textures?Texture and art asset creation is something you would handle with external tools, such as Photoshop or 3DS MAX. They are not provided with the modding tools.

Will it be possible through conversation editor to give player a non-mastery skill at a specific level, remove this skill, increase the level of this skill?Granting skills and editing skill levels are exclusive to the Skill and Skill Reclamation Window, or Equipment.

Will it be possible to save a token (an integer or a string token) for all characters (for example the achievement system must count all monsters killed by all characters so there must be a way)?Token Strings are stored per character, per difficulty. It is not possible with current functionality to check a Token from another character. Achievements track progress per individual character as well.

Will it be possible to make some new achievements?It is possible to create new Achievements, but only for the in-game Achievement window. You would not be able to create new Steam Achievements.

Will it be possible to mod the weaponblink skills like shadow strike to make it target the ground in order to use it as a movement power?That would require you to edit the engine, which cannot be done with the modding tools.

Will it be possible to make item with skill modifier/transmuter?That is not possible with current functionality.

Will it be possible to make new faction and keep all original factions?Yes, you can create new factions, or even edit existing ones.

Do you think it would be possible for the community to translate the modding tools to other languages?Not currently possible, but something we can look into down the line.

It will support Steam Workshop for this?Right now we are focused on the core functionality and stability of the mod tools, but Steam Workshop is something we may look into as well.

Will modifications/game overhauls be capable of being applied to the main campaign, or will we have to work with the Custom Campaign switcharoo with Custom Campaign-specific characters again for that sort of stuff?Modding tools will allow you to create Custom game modes. Editing the Main Campaign would constitute editing core game files, which is technically possible (see Soulvizier for Titan Quest as an example of this), but is not directly supported by the modding tools.

How much easier will it be to blend textures around map edges? So long as textures exist in both regions, you should have no trouble blending them seamlessly.

Can we put objects near edges without too many problems?With the exception of Set Pieces (which have an area that must be fully encompassed by a single world region), you can place objects as close to the world edge as you like.

Are objects now really pathable?You can create objects such as bridges and platforms that are pathable, while still allowing pathing underneath them.

Undergrounds. I see a great deal of beautiful asymmetry in the game’s dungeons (Darkvale Gate for example). Did the “grid type” (sorry can’t remember name) maps survive? Are there curved assets? How can you make curves in grid mode?The Grid Dungeon system was not used in the creation of Grim Dawn levels.

I remember Rhis said a long time ago that anything like a scoring/tracking system between players can be done with the right scripts. Is this still true? Ie. monster kill, death etc.Those functions are not currently exposed to Lua, but if there is high demand for them they could potentially be added.

Is it possible to mod in custom music and ambient file?Yes, you can add custom music and sounds to your mods.

If you’re familiar with Warcraft 3 siege map, is it something like that possible? This was a type of mode where players try to hold out in a fixed area as monsters continuously assault them? That should be possible with extensive Lua scripting.

I wonder what can be changed by mods. For example: Disabling critting dots? Changing how Conversion works? Things like that are core engine functionality and cannot be edited with the modding tools.

Will it be possible to edit how the damage types work? For instance, make that only 4 or 5 damage types exist in the game, with the related resistances, and with the damages over time computed over the related damage types, for instance all the fire damages always do an extra x% burn damage over y seconds.You would have to completely remove any reference to certain damage types from every skill, item and monster. Not impossible, but a major task to tackle. The second and third parts require editing core game functionality and cannot be done with the modding tools.

Will it be possible to edit how the masteries work? For instance, make that the first mastery can unlock the skills up to level 50, while the second mastery can only unlock up to level 40. And will it be possible to select a third mastery?Both of these would require editing core game functionality and cannot be done with the modding tools.

Will it be possible to restrict skills to specific items? For instance, bash to maces, bleeding to swords, charge to shields etc.You can assign specific item types as requirements to use particular skills. This is already the case with several Mastery skills.

Will it be possible to assign the special attacks of the devotions to the default attack? Will it be possible to make that the completion of a specific devotion, or a specific item, or a specific reward from a quest, is required in order to unlock a specific devotion?This would require editing core game functionality and cannot be done with the modding tools.

Will it be possible to edit how the death work? For instance, make that the character who dies has all his/her experience back to zero from his/her current level, or that all his/her inventory drop where he/she died, or that a specific quest is then required in order to get back the experience and the items?This would require editing core game functionality and cannot be done with the modding tools.

Will it be possible to completely remove the components and the unique items from the drop system? To make that only random weapons/armors/jewels can be picked up. Will it be possible to define specific attributes to items? For instance, that only weapons have a chance to have +% physical damage, and that no book(focus) can ever do that.You would have to edit all of the item loot tables, but yes, you can completely eliminate certain items from the loot pool with a mod. You can also completely redefine the affix tables by item type as well with the same method.

Will it be possible to enable dual wield by default for any character for any set of items? If so, will it be possible to setup a default penalty for dual wield, and specific passive skills that reduce that penalty?This would require editing core game functionality and cannot be done with the modding tools.

Локализация | Grim Dawn по-русски

Всех с Новым Годом!

Разработчики Grim Dawn не стали тянуть с выпуском обновления B16 и выпустили его уже 1 января.

Тем временем начато внутреннее тестирование Акта 2, который, если все пойдет хорошо, выйдет в конце январе — начале февраля.

В этом обновлении добавлена поддержка локализации. Разработчики опубликовали файлы локализации для обновления B16, а также открыли тему на форуме, в которой есть инструкции по применению локализации.

В игру уже добавлены поддержка шрифтов для немецкой, французской, греческой и польской локализаций, для русской почему-то нет, хоть мы и отправляли разработчикам запрос на эту тему. Попробуем еще раз.

Описание обновления:


— Updated rock textures to improve detail.— Updated several terrain textures.— Added new laboratory dungeon set for Warden’s lab.


— Fixed an issue with multiple instances of the same attribute being listed on an item tooltip instead of those instances adding up.— Fixed an issue with the Warden’s one-shot chest respawning under certain circumstances.— Quest items that are no longer needed after the quest is complete will no longer drop (ex. Milton Hart’s Amulet)— Added community localization support.


— All Weapon components now also grant a skill.— Level requirement on low-level weapon components has been increased.— Mastery has been capped at 50. You can no longer increase mastery beyond its final tier. Warning: Any points invested this way will be lost on existing characters.— All one-shot chests now have a 100% chance to drop 1 epic (up from 70-80% with 20-30% of rare component). With the chance already so high, it seemed stupid to have the vast majority of people getting epics most of the time while some minority with bad luck could still end up getting nothing from multiple one-shots.— Physique now gives 2.5 life per point instead of 2.— Partially in response to the physique / life change, mastery life values have been adjusted slightly.— Attribute based damage bonuses have been shifted completely to percent-based bonuses. Absolute scaling was creating balancing issues at low levels, as well as causing the stacking small amounts of several different elements to be too effective.— Spirit based bonuses are now a little more even with the cunning based bonus for physical damage.— Enemy armor levels have been raised. They were woefully low and have been long out of date with more recent damage increases.— Enemy base physical and total damage has been increased.— Proc effects on items (Activates on attack/hit/low health/etc) now display the chance of the effect triggering— Skills granted by items now also display their stats on the item’s tooltips (you no longer have to equip the item and add the skill to your quick bar to see what it does)— Skills granted by items now have proper icons— Increased the base energy regeneration provided by caster helms, caster torsos, and flat regeneration focus items— Slightly decreased the % energy regeneration provided by focus items— Class Skill prefixes on focus items should no longer generate nonsensical skill bonuses (ex. bonuses to dual wielding). This does not affect existing items.— Unholy Inscription’s stats have been adjusted so it’s not such a clear best-in-slot component for Hands— In preparation for the release of Crafting, component drop rates have been overhauled. Monsters now have more specific component drop tables (ex. no more Fur from slith), so you can more reliably hunt for specific components. If you notice that components you used to get in B15 are dropping extremely rarely, or way too often, please report it.— Occultist: Fixed a problem with Dreeg’s Eye modifier Vile Eruption where the fragments weren’t launching properly. Damage was scaled back to account for the increased AoE provided by the working fragments. Acid damage was also reduced to make the skill a little more reliant on item bonuses.— Soldier: Reduced dmg scaling on Fighting Spirit. Was originally intended to be +%physical but was instead +%total dmg, which makes it considerably more powerful. Left it as total dmg since that synergizes more with other masteries but reduced the scaling to compensate.— Some quest objects now display a star on the mini-map once you get close enough and if you already have the quest (ex. the trap door to Devil’s Aquifer once you get the clearing the well quest). Objecties that you’re supposed to find through exploration won’t appear or will only display once you’re very close (to the point where it is visible on-screen). Other things that are supposed to be obvious or where an NPC has given you explicit instructions, will appear from further away as though they were marked on your map (the new treasure quest, where the dying man tells you how to find his stash).— There are three new small undergrounds.— Various environments have been changed up to add more visual variety.— The teleport map now contains names for major and minor locations (some riftgate names are concealed until discovered). Eventually this will become a world map that can be opened from the aerial map.— There are two new small sidequests to be discovered out in the world.— Other stuff…?

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Русификация | Grim Dawn по-русски

На нашем сайте опубликована русификация Grim Dawn. Как правило, она соответствует текущей версии игры, но может от нее немного отставать. Ниже приводим инструкцию по установке.

Также с версии игры добавлена возможность скачать и установить локализацию непосредственно из самой игры. Это производится в меню настроек. На данный момент это рекомендуемый способ русификации. (до окончания работ по переводу Ashes of Malmouth локализация в меню игры обновляться не будет)

Ниже мы опишем оба способа русификации Grim Dawn.


После выхода дополнения Ashes of Malmouth в игре загружается версия перевода для игры с дополнением! Если вы играете без дополнения, вам следует устанавливать отдельную версию русификации вручную.

Внутриигровая локализация у тех, у кого нет дополнения, ломает диалоги и может сбросить некоторые квесты!

Гибридная локализация (русский текст с английскими названиями предметов и скиллов) до окончания работ по основной версии локализации приостановлена, и эта локализация будет выпущена позже.

Это рекомендуемый способ русификации для Ashes of Malmouth.

Если дополнения у вас нет, ни в коем случае не устанавливайте локализацию из игры!

Если у вас уже установлена русификация с нашего сайта, ее файл лучше удалить вручную перед установкой русификации через игру (путь к файлу см. ниже в разделе про ручную русификацию). Однако для версий русификации >= 1.0.7 можно этого не делать, игра перезапишет файл.

Запускаем игру, заходим в настройки (Options -> General). В поле Language выбираем «More languages…».

Откроется всплывающее окно с выбором языка. Выбираем «Russian» (или любой другой, какой вам больше нравится), жмем кнопку «Download».

Закрываем окно, в поле Language выбираем локализацию, которая нас интересует («Russian» для русского языка).

Сохраняем настройки.

В большинстве случаев игра сразу переключится на русский язык. Если это не произошло, ее следует перезапустить. После первого скачивания локализации это в любом случае лучше сделать, потому что это чинит некоторые баги игры, связанные с локализацией. После этого вы сможете переключать язык игры без ее перезапуска!

Автоматического обновления русификации в игре пока нет, поэтому, чтобы получить обновление через игру, вам придется повторить описанные выше манипуляции (открыть окно языков и заново скачать локализацию).

Для русификации Grim Dawn вручную вам потребуется файл с переводом игры:

Это всегда самая свежая версия перевода напрямую от наших переводчиков (она может быть даже новее той, что качается в игре), но она может быть немного сырой, так что устанавливайте эту версию на свой страх и риск.

Этот файл вам нужно поместить в папку с игрой: %STEAM%\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\localization, где «%STEAM%» — путь, по которому у вас установлен Steam. Если игра у вас расположена не в папке Steam, то, соответственно, файл вам нужно просто поместить в ее подпапку localization.

Архив не нужно распаковывать!!!

Включаем русский язык:

  1. Запускаем игру.
  2. Заходим в настройки: Options -> General.
  3. В поле Language выбираем Community Russian.
  4. Сохраняем настройки.
  5. Перезапускаем игру.

Видеоинструкция (немного устаревшая)

Соответственно, если вам нужно обратно переключиться на английский, вы должны выбрать в настройках языка English (US) и перезапустить игру.

Также вы можете заменить в игре кириллический шрифт на более красивый.

Для этого нужно скачать ресурсный файл, в который добавлен новый шрифт и перезаписать его в папке %STEAM%\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\resources, где «%STEAM%» — путь, по которому у вас установлен Steam. Если игра у вас расположена не в папке Steam, то, соответственно, файл вам нужно просто поместить в ее подпапку resources.

На всякий случай сохраните исходный файл, чтобы можно было восстановить оригинальное состояние игры.

Для добавления русских субтитров во вступительные ролики самой игры и дополнения  Ashes of Malmouth вам нужно сделать следующее:

  • Заменить файл intro.txt в папке %STEAM%\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\video этим файлом.
  • Для игры с дополнением Ashes of Malmouth заменить файл GDX1_intro.txt в папке %STEAM%\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\gdx1\video этим файлом.

Обсуждение перевода игры идет у нас на форуме. Если у вас какие-то проблемы с локализацией, рекомендуем вам обратиться именно на форум.

Также вам может быть интересен пост о русской локализации Grim Dawn на официальном англоязычном форуме игры.

Присоединяйтесь к нашей работе над переводом игры!

Grim Legion at Grim Dawn Nexus

Grim Legion

Improvements/ChangesStasherV5 has been integrated into the mod. KEEN the Nightblade 50 point ability has been removed! MAKE SURE TO TAKE POINTS OUT BEFORE UPDATING!.

Version 1.008c Character UI info and more tag-error fixes... thanks guys for letting me know :)

Version 1.006j is back on the download list for people with problems with 1.007 and above. (It is not up to date)General

  • Maximum level has been increased to 100.
  • Devotion shrines have all been activated on all difficulties so there is the same amount per difficulty now.
  • Devotion Increased to 60 points total.
  • Devotion shrines have all been changed to corrupted spawners and have no item requirement anymore to complete them.
  • Masteries can go up to a max rank of 72 for each class.
  • Attribute points have been changed to 2 per level instead of 1. Each point increases stats by 4 instead of 8.
  • Hp per stats has been adjusted accordingly.
  • Skillpoints per level have been increased to 4 up too level 25, 3 skillpoints from there on afterwards.
  • All Auras have been changed to be a maximum of 30 yards to make ranged chars in multiplayer able to be supported even farther away
  • Auras have also received a bunch of tweaks making them a bit more desirable. (Hopefully)
  • Mastery abilities have been tweaked with more scaling as per ranking them up. The most notable of changes are in the Arcanist,Shaman and Occultist
  • Mob density has been increase about 1.5-2 times the normal amount, most of which is on "star" mobs and less on just overall fodder
  • Damaged has been modified to be about 20% less on both players and monsters to balance the fact that there is a lot more going on.
  • Shops sell oils and has a increased inventory.
  • Soulbound has been removed from all items.
  • ALL items except enchants have no level requirement and just have stats needed to equip them.
  • 2Handed damage modifier changed from 1 to 1.2
  • Boss Spawns modified
  • Experience has been decreased by about 40-60% (Yet still feels like your leveling ridiculously fast)
  • Monsters no longer have a level cap on a per area basis
  • Difficulties have been modified for loot drops and damage ranges of monsters.


  • Force-wave replaced with Seismic Slam.
  • Cadence replaced with Shield-bash.
  • Passives have been reworked a bit to be more pleasing.
  • Offensive and defensive stance have been increased overall


  • Mastery changed to have 72 ranks that scale % stats after 50 and defensive pet bonuses unlike the occult tree.
  • Skeletons now scale up too 26 and have stats adjusted accordingly. (before they didn't scale at all)
  • Bonespear transmuter now scales with 3 points to add 3 projectiles with the normal -40% total damage.
  • Desperation has been scaled to be less crazy and more costly to keep on. Punished with a 25 second cooldown if turned off.
  • Skeleton innate ability changed to add a little less multiplicative damage on itself (with the bonus skill points per rank from the mod already it got out of control)
  • Changed some items to have (+) to skills and (+) to mastery
  • Death knight summon now reduces overall damage by -35% rather then -35% Total speed for convenience sake.


  • Mastery changed to have 72 ranks that scale % stats. Attack and movement speed increases are the main aims here for this tree.
  • Rapidfire scaling changed from 6% at rank one to 30%. Rank 2 has a 40% change to proc but has a manacost that starts scaling.
  • Toxin ammo, its modifier and transmutater lowered down substantially.
  • Steady shot has had its negative attack speed increased to -60% from -35%
  • All phoenix summons have been nerfed to start .. and have a proper scaling now. Burst spawn at rank 16 and above.
  • Marksman has been reworked slightly and its transmuter reworked. The transmuter now only shoots 1 additional shot with a -60% total modifier. (You'll understand this if you played dual wield rapidfire.) It does not lower damage from elemental sources such as Crossfire.
  • Hunting party has been re-scaled to be less crazy.
  • Snipe has been buffed to be on par with Crossfire even after the huge pellet nerf.


  • Flametouched has also been made a 30 yard aura and has been "touched" up a bit. (Couldnt find the bugger before)
  • Thermite mines have been reworked into a lighting nova trap and the AoE burn from before changed and integrated into its modifier.
  •  Has replaced flashbang for a tier 1 ability and has been re-scaled as such.
  • A new ability "Calldown" has been added and takes Thermite mines place on the tree. Calldown also has a modifier to go with it.
  • Base 30 second cooldown, drops 800 shells in 5 seconds over a tight area (Quite visually demanding.
  • Modifier enhances the amount of shells that come down over a larger area. Increases the cooldown and lowers total damage that scales
  • back to normal with higher ranks.
  • Thermite mines have been rescaled to be less crazy. Hellfire still stays the same. (This is to make up for alot of the devotions that can be linked and abused with them)
  • Chainlightning has replaces savagery in the Shaman tree.
  •     **The transmuter changes the way the spell acts and give it a bit more AoE and burst damage but requires a caster offhand.
  •     Torrent was replaced by strike of the bear and is a on hit physical area of effect that slows.
  •     Storm Totem transmuter has been reworked to change the way the totem acts, as well as change the damage conversion to elemental.
  •     **Stormtotem has been altered mana cost wise to be a little less spamming with lower mana pools.
  •     **Total amount you can have active changed to allow 4 at max rank. (5 at max Ultimate rank)
  •     **Pet spawn life scaling 12-18. (22 at max Ultimate rank)
  •     **New level 50 modifier added to decrease cooldown up too 100% at rank 8 with increased mana costs. (2% mana reduction starting rank 9+ Ultimates)
  •     Insect Swarm has been brought back to its glory replacing grasping vines.
  •     **Has received a transmuter for life leech and increased area of effect for damage loss.
  •     **Received the 2 skill modifiers that were in the game a long time ago edited and with a few new extras.
  • Maelstrom Javelin has been added.. reworked.. rebalanced.. so on so forth. (Its more of a constant dps option to chainlightning which doesn't work as well against one target thanks to its cooldown.)


  • Occultist can now have 2 Hellhounds after 16+ skill points invested.
  •     **Emberclaw has been made to scale on mobs hit per rank.
  •     Summon familiar can now have 3 summons out max by rank 16 (2 at rank 9)
  •     **Mend has reduced effectiveness because of this
  •     Doombolt has been changed to make up for monster density increase.
  •     **Base area of effect has been increased slightly.
  •     **Cooldown per rank reduced.
  •     **Transmuter has been added to reduce cooldown further as well as increase damage for practically the remove of its AoE component.


  • Skyshard has been changed and been granted a mastery rank 50 skill modifier.
  •     **Skyshard now only drops one comet with a increased size and huge area of effect. Effects have also been altered for impact.
  •     **Rank 50 modifier has been added to have a chance of removing the cooldown and adding fragments to the chaos.
  •     **Freeze duration on frozen core increased as well as added scaling.
  •     **Cooldown increased to 10 seconds.
  •     Devastation has been altered to make it a bit more enjoyable to rank up.
  •     **Meteor fall rate changed from flat 0.2 to scaling 0.5-0.2 (0.18 at Ultimate rank 26)
  •     **Duration increased to 7 seconds from 5.
  •     ** Mana cost greatly increased.
  •     **Area of effect and splash radius increased per rank.
  •     **Cooldown has been changed to 14 seconds.


  • Giant hammer has been nerfed quite a bit.
  • Fixed tooltip issues.
  • Buffed Fire Aura and fixed the lightning scaling part of holy nova modifier.
  • Few other things but can't remember.


  • Partical adjustment for Icewall and Firespells to be less taxing frames wise.
  • Reworked heavenly sword fall a bit. Scaling has changed.. more potent with a dagger or scepter. Cooldown increased and manacost increased.  


  • Both fist weapons can have components placed in them now.
  • Stances are now exclusive buffs that have been reworked for such changes.
  • Shadowkick has been nerfed by about 80% (Still bloody amazing)
  • All magical offhand passives have been replaced for using offhand fist weapons. Shield passives still apply.
  • Buffed up Missile of QI and its passives
  • All proc based passives have been increased to be more consistent .. and less random especially at the start.


  • Reworked how some abilities work with the modded skills. A lot of overpowered combinations with the newly added trees and skills like Thermite mines have been taken off of the base Template for "linking"
  • Tsunami has been giving a re-look at distance .. scaling .. and cooldown to make it more of a option for longer ranged.. and kite based classes
  • Few defense devotions have had their proc coefficient changed to be a bit more up to snuff.


  • Tag error fixes
  • Character UI info fixes (Sorry guys >.<0
  • Chainlightning speed increased to function with higher cooldown reduction.
  • Briarthorn now spawns 2 smaller versions with increased total speed but less hp at rank16+.
  • Briarthorn roar is now a 30 second duration with a 40 second cooldown to be more smooth.
  • Summon primal beast now lasts till it dies or is resummoned.
  • Oleron Hammer changed to function much better.
  • Shieldbash scaling reworked
  • Exp lowered by 25-35% overall
  • Port Valbury errors have been corrected .. at least i hope so.
  • More "tag not found" errors have been fixed...
  • Nightblade tree has been reworked a bit.
  • Nightblade KEEN 50 ability has been removed.
  • Stasher V5 has been integrated into the mod.
  • Monk stances are now exclusive. Have been changed to reflect as such.
  • Cooldown reduction reduced on monk gear and NCFF gear similar to how CFTX has done
  • Monk fist weapons are now only sold by the first vendor Kerrick
Localization Changes.


  • Fixed monk text problems.


Grim Legion

Jiaco's Grimmest

CFTX Five Mastery Classes;DR InstallationCreate a "mods" folder in your Grim Dawn main directory so it looks similar "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\mods" and drag and drop the "Grim Legion" Folder inside and start the game as normal. When inside the game on the main menu look for custom campaign and select Grim legion.world001 and start the game with your new character.

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