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Posted: 21 October

Sadly, this game has potential. Man, what a ♥♥♥♥in' waste.

The menu doesn't bear up much hope, given there's absolutely no options other than Continue, New Game and Exit. (And for an alleged "stealth" game with so much darkness, no brightness slider is surely criminal.) One click of the New Game option and one interminably long load screen later, however...and things are actually looking kinda promising...

Okay, so the cutscene in which you unaccountably wake up in the early hours of the morn is neither groundbreaking nor compelling, nor is the fact that you then get up and wander aimlessly about a multi-level asylum/apartment building (?) for a spell, hoping to stumble upon...something or other. After a while I got the game's gist, however, and took its every baffling "cue" for the minor blessing that it was. ("Oh look, a spooky little clown doll just peered around a doorway then cheekily ran off...guess I'd better follow it!")

Here's where the game actually gets GOOD, though: once things start to happen, the game is genuinely suspenseful and creepy for...ten minutes or so. The hide-and-seek with the increasingly bold clowns/dolls is surprisingly well-handled, as are other tiny touches like kid's glow-in-the-dark letter magnets functioning as trails of breadcrumbs, paintings which change when you turn your back on them, and jack-in-the-boxes which...well, do pretty much what you think they'll do, but are no less unsettling for the fact.

And here's where the game gets decidedly CRAP. As soon as the game shifts from its spooky prelude to the actual stealth-horror "gameplay" part, things go from hopeful to horse♥♥♥♥♥♥sooner than you can say, "Is that a knife in your baggy trousers, Mr Clown, or are you just glad to see me?"

The first bad sign is: the clowns would, at first glance, appear to be deaf, dumb AND blind. I stood mere metres in front of one, flashlight blazing, and he opted instead to check out an open doorway to one side of the corridor (clearly I wasn't a good enough victim for him). I then turned and ran a few more metres, turned back...nope, the sound of heavy footsteps didn't seem to impress him, either. Oh well, at least it looks like this should be a fairly EASY game to get through...

Nope. Wrong about that one, too.

A clown finally spots me (I probably trod on his gigantic toes or something). He starts stabbing me. I start to run. He apparently runs at precisely the same speed as me, so while I'm able to take a fair few stabs before I die, it would appear that my chances of successfully outpacing him are several billion to one. Think a crap version of Alien: Isolation...once the enemy has spotted you, you is D-E-A-D, dead. No escape. Shame I couldn't get my head around the "stealth" bit which would keep him from spotting me in the first place.

Now, I could almost have tolerated these shenanigans were it not for one more thing: I had no idea what the ♥♥♥♥ I was supposed to be doing and/or where I was trying to get to. For the entire ♥♥♥♥ing game, from the promising prelude to the unforgivably broken "stealth" bits, I was honestly just wandering around HOPING that I was erring in the right direction.

Did the game want me to go for the brightly-lit "EXIT" doors? Probably not, given they were about as responsive as a love doll drowned to the teats with absynthe. Did it want me to check out all the side rooms with open doors, in the hopes of finding something that would progress the plot? Probably...but given the tiny patrol areas the clowns were keeping around such rooms, I'm a little unsure as to how I was supposed to pull that one off...

A HINT would have been nice, Mr Nevsky. Just the teeniest, tiniest hint of just WHAT THE ♥♥♥♥ WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING. Is that too much to ask?!

I would play this one again, were it to be given a substantial rehaul. The A.I. is appalling beyond belief, and the communication of objectives non-existent. For now, I could only recommend it to anyone happy to fork out two dollars (or less, on sale) for a legitimately creepy opening sequence; after that, best do yourself a favour and just switch the bloody thing off. Horror games should be enigmatic, sure, but they shouldn't be THIS ♥♥♥♥ing obscure.

Verdict: 4/10.


Fear of Clowns Phobia – Coulrophobia

The word Coulrophobia means a persistent and irrational fear of clowns. It possibly originates from Greek Kolon meaning stilt or stilt-walkers which are often used by clowns. The word clown might have even originated from Cloyne, Clod or Colonus- a rustic country bumpkin, farmer, yokel or someone who lacks common sense.

Coulrophobic individuals report feeling “shaken and traumatized” at the sight or even the mere thought of clowns. A study conducted by a Hospital in UK showed that decorating a children’s ward with images of clowns actually backfired when more than 250 children (in the age groups of 4 to 16) reported disliking the images.

It is not just children suffering from this fear; many people having this specific anxiety disorder are middle-aged adults. Media, novels (Stephen King’s novel and movie of the same name (IT) about Penny-wise the Dancing Clown- terrorized many adult Americans who even resorted to wearing t-shirts which read “Can’t Sleep-Clowns will Eat Me Alive”) are known to be major contributory factors in the mass hysteria or fear of clowns. Thus, King’s Penny-wise probably did to people what Jaws did for swimming in the ocean and Hitchcock’s Psycho did for showers. It is believed that the idea of King’s IT might have originated from the author’s own life-long fear of clowns.

What causes Coulrophobia?

As stated above, representations of evil clowns in media is a big contributor for instilling this phobia in young or anxious minded adults.

Clowns and court jesters have been around for thousands of years. Even Emperors and kings in Egypt, China and Europe allowed their court Jesters to mock them where no else could. It was a pretty important position in court. The clown or the Fool was the ‘village idiot who was allowed to be blasphemous’. He might have been a harmless eccentric who was ‘obscenely humorous’ or uninhibited in his sexual acts. In fact: in many Pueblo tribal celebrations, clowns performed sexual acts like masturbation, intercourse, sodomy etc in front of the entire tribe. These associations are known to exist in modern pop culture and media representations.

Psychologists also believe that, like in case of other specific phobias, the fear of clowns could be deeply rooted in childhood, mainly because children below the age of 4 years are highly reactive to familiar body type and unfamiliar faces. One phobic, for example, recalls having visited a fair as a young girl where she encountered a “foul-smelling, yellow-teethed clown who got in her face”.

Symptoms of Coulrophobia

Like in case of other phobias, Coulrophobia also produces many physical, mental and emotional symptoms in the sufferer some of which are:

  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Feelings of dread
  • Accelerated heartbeat and rapid breathing
  • Crying or screaming
  • Feeling angry at being placed in a situation where clowns are present.

Treating the fear of clowns

The fear of clowns is treated in the same way as other phobias are: gradually coming in contact with the object of one’s fear so that one has a more controlled response to that object, in this case- clowns.

Fortunately, Coulrophobia does not affect one’s day-to-day life as the phobic can generally avoid situations (circuses, birthday parties etc) where one is likelier to encounter clowns. However, if the phobia is interfering with one’s professional or personal life it is best to seek psychotherapeutic counseling for it. This includes methods like NLP or Neuro-linguistic programming, Hypnotherapy or Gradual or systematic desensitization done with the help of a trained therapist.

These are some of the tried and tested methods for overcoming the fear of clowns.

What do you fear? Share your phobias with other visitors on this site and read about their stories/phobias.


Fear of Clowns

"Faith may be defined briefly as an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable."- H. L. [email protected]

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Making Liberal Tees for #TheResistance: Authentic American Tees

Authentic American Tees is a new tee shirt company, designing tee shirts with liberal political messaging in St. Paul, Minnesota. The tees themselves are printed in Princeton, Iowa, by Teescape. Teescape also handles the shipping, which like larger and more established online clothes retailers, is always free.

Periodic Table of The Resistance is one of the best-sellers, click the image to see (and buy) in the store.

There are four office cats and one cat t-shirt named Resistance Kitty

Resistance Kitty is another top-seller and, as with all the tees, comes in a straight-cut men’s version and a fitted women’s version. As of now, both garments are equally priced, even though the women’s garment itself is a more expensive shirt. It is a way to express that one’s gender shouldn’t make things harder or more expensive for you.

All the shirts are meticulously designed with love from liberals and can be viewed at the Authentic American Tees store.

The store’s motto is “Stay strong and #ResistBigly!”

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our new Republican Party 

Background if you need it. Republcans react.

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Monday, January 05, 2009

Hydroponic herb garden, Winter 2008/2009 

All plants other the new sprouts and pepper cuttings were started in peat pellets, established in a flood and drain system under 16 hours light/day from 4x54W T5 bulbs with 500 PPM Supernatural GrowAuqa solution for about the first to weeks. The pepper cuttings were put in the hydro system at the same time as the herbs. After about two weeks the solution was changed out and upped to 850 PPM, significantly higher than I intended but everyone seems to be doing OK.

Italian basil, today and on December 3rd, pinched back once two weeks ago at 10 - 12 leaves, maybe a little late,

Sage today and a month ago. This it the first time I've grown sage, but it seemed to respond violently to pinching back - went from six or 8 to all these leaves in two weeks,

Parsley today and a month ago,

Bhut jolokia pepper cutting, today and a month ago which was about six weeks after taking the cutting,

Chocolate habanero cutting, today and a month ago - new growth starting at top and base after losing all its leaves to a spider mite infestation,


French rosemary,

Spearmint, started last week,

Tomato, started a few days ago,

Peas, started a few days ago,

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our new Republican Party 

Background if you need it. Republcans react.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New frogs: Campana auratus 

This D. auratus morph is from around Campana, Panama - on the eastern coast. It's unknown whether it exists in the wild any more - its habitat has been extensively developed since it entered the hobby.

I got six of them from Amanda last Friday. They are juveniles, about 3/4" from snout to vent.

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Frog update 

Close up of a Brazilian Yellow Head D. tinctorius. They are about an inch or perhaps a little more long.

Close up of a green and bronze D. auratus - the black is turning notably more bronze every few weeks.

The D. azureus lovers. Still no fertile eggs. Maybe they'd feel more amorous if they didn't ust crap where ever they happen to be.

Sad news: I moved my 4 near-adult leucomelas to a new vivarium today and discovered one has escaped! Judging from their reactions to a recorded call I believed I had two males; I haven't heard a call in a week or more. I either had one male - the escapee - or hopefully the remaining male no longer feels compelled to call. I've read leucs have two calls: one territorial that mostly occurs an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset and another call to woo females that occurs whenever they feel so moved. Indeed, the vast majority of calls I've heard have been between and hour and two after lights on, so I'm hopeful once they're sexually mature I'll get some fertile eggs. I moved my juvenile banded leuc in with the remaining three. The old, unplanted viv:

Anyway, the viv would have been escape-proof if the guy at FCA would have made and shipped my custom tops by now. I paid him in full - including shipping costs - on October 13. Everyone who keeps aquarium animals knows how it feels to lose a pet due to human error; I did take a risk by ordering the tops at the time when they shipped, but like, he said he'd ship the tops in two or three weeks. It's been ten.

UPDATE 12/24 11:45 AM. I still have a boy! My ears are plugged with a cold and the pipes in the building can actually sort of sound like a leuc call, but after wondering if I was just hearing what I wanted to hear for the last few hours, I finally and conclusively heard a call with my ear right up to the vivarium. There's still a boy, fantastic.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

I can't get enough of the shoe thing 

Also from Rami.

From b3ta board.

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Recent cartoons from the Arabic press 

Thanks to Rami for sending and translating!

Translation: Kiss goodbye

Translation, quoting a famous Arabic song: "If I only knew my ending I wouldn't have started"

Translation: Bush entering history carrying a shoe on his back

Translation: The historical day of December 14th

Translation: We stand on solid ground in Iraq (Interpreting: we stand with our feet solid in Iraq)

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Biblical teachings and ideology: BOO! Science YEA! 

I was too caught up in partisan rhetoric at the time to realize my passion for knocking on doors was primarily driven by a desire to hear an announcement like this from the president-elect. Awesome. YAY! We did it!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Beautiful things, these are 

I've had a croton on and off for my entire life, but I've never had one bloom!

Dave's Garden lists blooming as "inconspicuous/none". I got this specimen from HomeDepot so doubt it's an uncommon variety.

Here's a shot of some of the most erotic parts of my car.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

My eye 

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Post election olling 

Just wanted to chime in here about the post-election polls. Given the extraordinarily high post-election numbers for Obama, the desire for change has been proven by numbers but the impatience of the American electorate combined with two unpopular wars and an collapsing economy, Obama is going to have to absolutely charm America to avoid collapsing approval ratings.

I hope he can do it. The best thing we can hoe for is hope.

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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Nother trampling 

Sri Lanka - A 48-year-old woman who was on her way to the Kandy High Court to be present as a witness in a case was attacked and trampled to death by a wild elephant en-route.>

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Friday, December 05, 2008

Shit damn 

As a rabid American-style leftist, I believe we should take a controlling stake in any company we bail out, but this letter to TPM was an eye-opener. Given the $billions we've granted the financial industry, denying the auto industry a fraction of that would be obscene.

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Avatar maker smackdown 

Two are clearly the favorites ... click to create your own.

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Rampage in Indonesia! 

JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) - A man was trampled to death and a home destroyed after sixteen wild elephants rampaged through a village on Indonesia's Sumatra island, officials said Wednesday. Villagers in Aceh province's Cot Pangee tried for days to scare away the elephants, yelling and making loud noises, but the animals instead became more aggressive, said Andi Basrul, of the Conservation and Natural Resources Agency.

Over the weekend, one elephant trampled to death a 30-year-old man and a group of 15 animals destroyed a house and tore through several acres (hectares) of farmland Tuesday, he said.

Villagers say they have increasingly been terrorized by the animals. In May 2007, wild elephants searching for food in a village inside the Bukit Barisan National Park on Sumatra island trampled to death a woman and her 3-year-old daughter. In October 2007, a wild elephant stepped on the head of a 14-year-old boy and killed him after the teenager's motorbike hit the animal on Sumatra island, where most of the country's 2,500 wild animals live.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Herd makes double hit 

RANCHI, India: Rampaging tuskers trampled two people to death in Khuti district of Jharkhand on Monday, the police said.

According to the police, a herd of elephants entered into Husir village, around 70 km from here, early morning and trampled Budhu Gudia to death.

The same herd of elephants then killed Nathniyal Orayia in nearby Nimda village. The elephants also damaged a few houses in the two villages, said the police.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Presidential election results predetermined 85 million years ago 

No lie!

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fear of clowns - The Full Wiki

This article is about the 2004 movie. For the psychological condition, see Coulrophobia.

Template:Infobox Film Fear of Clowns is a 2004 horror film about an artist who is seemingly stalked by a killer clown.


The film begins with a little girl, Lynn Blodgett (Smantha Koehler) in the back of a car, which is driving out of a carnival parking lot when suddenly, the car crashes into another car, and the Young Lynn gets knocked out. Lynn then wakes up in the car as her adult counterpart (Jacky Reres), and sees a Clown staring at her through the side door window. The Clown takes off his mask, and reveals himself to have a horrible, disfigured, bloody face. Lynn screams at the top of her lungs, until she wakes up in her bed, revealing it to be a dream. Lynn Blodgett is a young woman living in the town of Baltimore, Maryland, who has a career of being an artist at Craig Flinner Gallery, and housesits for extra. It is also revealed that she's getting a divorce with her husband Dr. Bert Tokyo (Carl Randolph). That night while she's sleeping, a Clown (Mark Lassise) is outside her house with a handful balloons and what appears to be an axe in a garbage bag. The Clown then continues to cross over the street.The next morning, as she's about to leave for work, she finds the cops outside questioning the neighbors and searching a house three houses down. According to one of the neighbors (Judith Furlow), and Detective Peters (Frank A. Lama), the Olsen family were murdered. As she continues to work, it is revealed that the paintings she paints have almost entirely clowns in them. Due to her coulrophobia a.k.a. "Fear of Clowns", she has nightmares about terrifying clowns. and then the next day when she wakes up, she paints the clowns in her dreams and puts them up at the Gallery. That night during the art show at the gallery, she meets Tucker Reid (Rick Ganz), who buys one of her $8,000 paintings, which helps her pay for a couple more months of rent. Tucker takes her back to his office to show her what "he" does for a living. He reveals that his company creates roller coaster designs for major roller coaster parks.

As they're about to leave, a man named Heston (Ted Taylor) pulls out a knife and threatens them to give him Lynn's wallet. When Tucker refuses to give it to him, Heston cuts him on the chest, but Tucker jumps him and the two start fighting, until Tucker finds out he has a gun. Lynn quickly picks up a rock and throws it at the building's glass doors, setting off the security alarm. Tucker and Lynn quickly take off as Heston reaches for his gun, but quickly runs off. Tucker drops Lynn off at her house, after asking her if she doesn't want him to stay with her or take her to a friend's house, but she declined. As she enters the house, she gets a call from her boss, Phillip (Andrew C. Schneider), who is mad about her leaving the art show for two hours and not returning. After Lynn apoligizes, but hears something on at the back door, and she keeps Phillip on the line. She turns on the patio lights to reveal the clown, and Lynn faints. The Clown enters the house, but leaves when he hears Phillip on the phone.She wakes up with the police searching the house, due to Phillip calling the police after hearing Lynn collapse on the ground. The police, however, don't believe her story about a clown outside her house at 1:00 AM, and believe that she made it up. Lynn, however, thinks it was just a spook brought from being mugged earlier that night. The next day, Lynn goes to a mediation, where it is revealed by Bert's lawyer (Christopher Lee Philips) that Bert wants full coustody of their son Nicholas (Jack Porter), and he wants to Lynn to pay child support. Not only that, he wants half the ownership/price of all of her paintings, and due to the house to be in Bert's name and not her's, she cannot buy another house before the divorce and if she does, they'll pursue half of it. It is also revealed that Bert has been out of work for six months, which surprises Lynn due to him lying to her he's been busy with work all the time.

Meanwhile at work, a man named Endle Parish (Patrick McCowan) asks Lynn to paint a picture of his father for $20,000. As Lynn continues to reject the offer, she decides to use the money to hire the best lawyer in town to kick Bert's lawyer's butt. That night, Lynn's assistant Amanda (Lauren Pellegrino) is at home taking a shower. After taking a shower, she finds her screen window on the grass outside. Amanda reaches for her telephone, but it's gone. Amanda goes into the kitchen to get the other phone, but is gone too. Amanda turns around and sees the clown with an axe. The Clown and Amanda begin to struggle, and Amanda scratches the clown across the face. The Clown throws her on the ground and swings the axe at her head and the screen cuts to black. The next day, Tucker asks Lynn to come over for lunch, but while there, Lynn finds a bunch of magazines with her on the front cover and talking about her art, leaving Lynn to believe that Tucker is a stalker. Detective Peters comes over, and brings Lynn back to her house, revealing to her about Amanda's death. Peters explains that they recovered clown makeup and blood under Amanda's fingernails, and Peters believes Lynn's clown story, and believes that someone is trying to close in on her. Peters then hires a police officer (John Patrick Barry) to stand and guard her house at all times. Meanwhile with Bert, it's revealed that he hired Heston to mug and try to kill Lynn that night because Bert wanted to get ahold of the money in her life insurance, and the clown that's been stalking her is one of Tokyo's patients, who's been hearing voices and has Leber's congenital amaurosis, which causes the sclera of his eyes to turn completely black. Bert sends the Clown to kill the cop outside her house, and leaves Heston to deal with Lynn. As Heston's about to kill Lynn, Tucker arrives and fights with Heston, and Lynn picks up his gun and shoots Heston in the heart. Tucker then explains to her that he's not a stalker, he's just a guy who's very intrigued by her art.

Though the police find the body of the guy who tried to kill Lynn, what they don't know is that Bert had two people to kill Lynn, the other accomplice is the clown and is still on the loose. Meanwhile, the clown goes to Bert's house and kills him for betraying him that if he (the clown) killed Lynn, he wouldn't hear voices in his head anymore. The next day, after painting the picture for Mr. Parish (who gives her $100,000), Lynn goes out with Tucker to the movies. The Clown then follows them, after killing Phillip, Lynn's babysitter Julie (Lisa Willis Brush), and the projectionists Jeff (Jeff Volpe) and Bobby (James Fellows). The clown chases them throughout the movie theater, until they lock themselves in the projection room. Meanwhile at home, Detective Peters get a match on the blood under Amanda's fingernails (matching to a guy named Doug Richardson), and finds out there's more than one killer. Back at the movie theater, Tucker and Lynn look out through the projection window and they see the clown holding Lynn's son Nicholas, threatening her to come down stairs to retrieve her son. Lynn goes downstairs to retrieve Nicholas, but preceded to tell Tucker a plan she has. As she goes downstairs to retrieve her son, the Clown chases Lynn up the stairs near the projection window and Tucker shines the projection light at him, blinding him. As Lynn tries to leave, she accidentally hits a plastic cut, making her pause. As the clown regains his sight, he attacks Lynn, but Tucker jumps out of no where and starts fighting with the clown. As the Clown's about to kill Tucker, Detective Peters arrives and arrests the Clown. Later that night while Lynn's asleep, Detective Peters calls and tells her...that the Clown escaped from prison. Lynn goes to check on Nicholas and sees the clown in his room. Lynn slowly walks back towards her bedroom until she sees Nicholas's bedroom door open and the screen cuts to black. During the ending credits, it reveals that the Clown escaping from prison was just a dream.


Actor Role
Rick Ganz Tucker Reid
Jacky Reres Lynn Blodgett
Mark Lassise Shivers The Clown
Carl Randolph Bert Tokyo
Frank A. Lama Detective Peters
Ted Taylor Heston
John Patrick Barry Officer Patrick
Andrew C. Schneider Phillip
Lauren Pellegrino Amanda
Lisa Willis Brush Julie
Christopher Lee Philips Osbourne
Judith Furlow Gale Wroten
Patrick McCowan Endle Parish
Jack Porter Nicholas Blodgett
Darla Albornoz Mediator
Steven Gleich Marty
Jed Duvall Happy Clown
Rick Herard Black Cop
Ronald Lee Ward, Jr. Paramedic
James Fellows Bobby
Jeff Volpe Jeff
Bill Stull Veteran Cop
Jeremy Cavey Young Cop
Samantha Koehler Young Lynn
Steve Carson Cop with Children
Kevin Kangas Cop Who Ate Too Many Doughnuts
Justin McArthur Restaurant Extras
Raymond Krick III
Gabe Uhr
Lisa Kangas
Jenn Young
Royal Ross
Billy Marsters
Rick Fleshman
Pevon James
Smantha Lott
Rennie Grant Gallery Extras
Dona Grant
Megan Lexington
Angela Terrace
Ben Doyer
Matt Klaug
Barry Nash
Sarah Cook
Allison Hadley
Valerie D. Stewart
Tyree Thomas
Debra Thomas
Melissa Kangas
Mark Lassise
Anne Gray
Al Wroten
Mary Kogut
Juan Faidley

Fear of Clowns 2

Template:Infobox Film Fear of Clowns 2 is a 2007 horror film and a sequel to Fear of Clowns. The film takes place two years after the events of the first one and continues the story of a young woman (Jacky Reres) getting stalked by a clown killer (Mark Lassise).


The film begins two years after the events of the first film, with Detective Peters (Frank A. Lama reprising his role) at the Doctor (Neil Conway)'s office, who reveals to Peters that he has Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and there is no treatment. Two months later, it's revealed that after being send to jail two years ago, Doug Richardson a.k.a. "Shivers The Clown" (Mark Lassise reprising his role) was sent to a mental asylum, and Lynn Blodgett (Jacky Reres reprising her role) has quit her painting career and went on to write a book called "Coulrophobia", which talks about her "fear of clowns" and the story about the stalking killer clown two years ago; also she and Tucker Reid have broken up and haven't seen each other for a while. But things go terribly wrong: An orderly named Ralph (Johnny Alonso) helps Shivers and two other inmates escape the asylum. Shivers takes Ralph and the inmates back to his old house, which is now occupied by a junkie (Jed Duvall), who is later strangled to death by Shivers. The next day, after hearing Shiver's escape, Lynn calls Detective Peters and tells him that she will be home soon. Meanwhile, the Junkie's group of friends (Valerie Saunders, Clayton Myers, Johnny Sullivan) arrive at the house, only to be killed by the inmates, Giggles The Clown (Phillip Levine) and Ogre The Clown (Clarence McNatt). Meanwhile, Lynn arrives back home and meets Detective Peters at a restaurant, where he reveals that he's going to kill Doug Richardson. As Detective Peters takes Lynn home, they find out that Shivers has just killed Tucker outside an amusement park, where Tucker was constructing a new design for a roller coaster. Peters then calls two police officers (Rob Stull, Steve Carson) to guard Lynn's house before they leave at 9:00 to secluded cabins in the woods. Before they leave, Ogre kills the police officers, while Shivers tries to kill Lynn. But during the process, Shivers kills Giggles instead.

Peters and Lynn escape through the cellar, while Shivers takes off in the van (where Ralph is handcuffed in), leaving Ogre behind to mourn over Giggle's dead body, who was Ogre's best friend. Ogre then takes off to go after Shivers for revenge. The next day, Peters and Lynn arrive at the cabins, where they are greeted by Hot Rod (Adam Ciesielski), Stoltz (Lars Stevens), and Rego (Tom Proctor), who are all friends of Peters. Meanwhile, Shivers leaves Ralph in the van while he takes a leak, and Ralph calls an anonymous caller, telling him that he needs to pay him (Ralph) more money if he (the caller) wants the job to be done. Then, Shivers leaves to go find Lynn, only end up at the Horner's place, killing the entire family: Old Man Horner (Dave "Bullet" Wooter), Mrs. Horner (Michelle Trout), Craig (Mike Baldwin), Owen (Chris O'Brocki), and Craig and Owen's sex girlfriend Maggie (Savannah Costello). Shivers then continues to find the cabins. Meanwhile, Ralph finally escapes from his handcuffs, but Shivers took the keys with him. With no sign of a house nearby or a phone booth, Ralph continues down the road. Meanwhile back at the cabins, Lynn explains to Peters why she has coulrophobia a.k.a. "fear of clowns": when she was little, she and her parents got into a car accident (which killed her parents), and while in the hospital, the hospital staff send in a clown to try to cheer her up, only to frighten her. They then see a bright light in the woods, which turns out to be Stoltz's car on fire. The guys and Peters stay behind to wait for the fire to go out while Lynn waits back at the cabins. While Lynn's outside waiting for the guys to come back, she sees Shivers behind a tree and runs off. Meanwhile, the guys head back to the cabins while Stoltz stays behind to get his stuff out of the car. Stoltz hears something behind him and takes out his gun. The person behind him is Ogre, who swings a nail bat at his head right before the screen cuts to black.

As the guys head back to the cabins, they find the tires on there cars flattened and their radios' have been trashed. As they head outside to search for Lynn, Ralph pops out of nowhere and calls out to them for help, only to runoff after realizing that Peters is there, who he recognizes and knows his name. As Ralph runs off, Shivers pops out of no where and axes Ralph's head off. Ogre then comes up behind the guys and starts shooting at them with Stoltz's gun. Though the guys don't know that Ogre used Stoltz's gun, Rego goes out into the woods to get Stoltz. As he arrives to the now blown up car, Rego finds blood on the ground. Ogre comes up behind him and attacks him, only to nail him in the hand with the nail bat .Rego and Ogre start fighting each other until Shiver shows up and axes Rego in the back. Ogre, who followed Shivers to avenge Giggle's death, attacks him and the two put up a huge fight, ending with Shivers axing Ogre's head off. Meanwhile, Lynn makes it back to the cabins and meets up with Hot Rod and Peters, and they hide in the storage closet. Lynn then asks Peters how did the clowns knew where to find them. Hot Rod, knowing that they're in an awkward moment, goes outside to guard the closet. Peters explains to her that due to the CJD, Peters has to complete all of the things he wanted to do before he dies, one of them being to kill Shivers. So Peters bribed Ralph to help Shivers escape, so Peters can kill Shivers once and for all. However, Ralph messed up by realizing the other two inmates, who were helping Shivers throughout the entire film. Everyone that is dead is Peter's fault, but he's gonna kill Shivers if it's the last thing he ever does. Meanwhile ouside, Hot Rod hears something and goes to check it out, only to not notice Shivers on top of the roof. Shivers jumps down and axes Hot Rod in the head. Peters hears Hot Rod thud outside, and finally calls all units to come to the cabins.

Peters goes outside to see if the coast is clear, only to be axed in the side. Lynn then takes off into the woods with Shivers on her tail, leaving the axe inside Peters. Peters who is still alive, reloads his gun and drags himself to where Lynn and Shivers ran off to. Peters finds them, and shoots Shivers two times: once in the hand, the other in the back, and Shivers falls into a gully. Lynn goes to check to see if Peters's okay, but then looks to see Shivers rise up out of the gully. Lynn takes Peter's gun and points it at Shivers, but before she can pull the trigger, Stoltz (who was only injured in the face) pops out of nowhere and shots Shivers three times in the chest, knocking him back into the gully. It is unknown whether if Peters is dead, or he's just simply unconscious. The police arrive, only to find out that there's no body in the gully. All that's there is a trail of blood that leads a hundred feet south, and then Shivers climbed out of the gully and went into the woods. Sgt. Raup (Vincent T. Brown) decides to break the news to Lynn in the morning after she gets a good night sleep. It is unknown if Shivers is alive, or he died after heading out into the woods.


Actor Role
Jacky Reres Lynn Blodgett
Mark Lassise Shivers The Clown
Frank A. Lama Detective Peters
Tom Proctor Rego
Phillip Levine Giggles The Clown
Clarence McNatt Ogre The Clown
Johnny Alonso Ralph
Adam Ciesielski Hot Rod
Savannah Costello Maggie
Lars Stevens Stoltz
Leanna Chamish Carol
John C. Bailey Doctor Jones
Vincent T. Brown Sgt. Raup
Dave "Bullet" Wooters Old Man Horner
Michelle Trout Mrs. Horner
Mike Baldwin Craig
Chris O'Brocki Owen
Jay McCarey Officer Ripley
Rob Stull Officer Rickenhouse
Jed Duvall Junkie
Valerie Saunders Punk Girl
Clayton Myers Head Punk
Johnny Sullivan Knife Punk
Neil Conway Doctor
Steve Carson Officer Stewie
Gloria Makino Fan at Gallery
Josh Wheaton Reporter
Justin Mather Kid at Phone Booth
David Mun Orderly
Krystal Dorsey Waitress
Kayla Cooper Paramedic
Michael C. Trois Restaurant/Gallery Extras
Rick MacDonald
Jeff Moran
Anthony Hammock
Ben Hammock
Ken Bulcruft
Dale Rauch
David Foster
Jeremy Paris
Todd Makino
Rebekah Moore
Meghan Hope Moore
Sue Ridout-Moore
Jennifer Borass
Lawren Beryl Bland
Ashley Fetty
Lissie D. Cherson
Erik Butter
Keith H. Martin
Gwen O'Connor Crime Scene Extras
Bill Stull
Josh Davidson
Kyle Parker
Ethan Myer
James Craig
Erik Butter
Laura Dickenson
Robert Ziegler
James Bender
Mark Lassise
Noah Schaftel
John R. Berke Police Station Extras
Ron Freels
Luke Theriault
Jared Noe
Kevin Kangas

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