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Keyboard : A4Tech Bloody B120 Mouse : SteelSeries Rival 100 Mouse-pad : SteelSeries QcK Headset : SteelSeries Siberia Raw Prism

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Play | Aimer - Brave ShinePlay | Hiroyuki Sawano — aLIEzPlay | Aqua Timez - Mayonaka no OrchestraPlay [] | SPYAIR – Sakura Mitsutsuki

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Steam Community :: The Evil Within 2

Posted: 23 October

Hands down the best Survival Horror game of the decade, it even tops RE7 which was my previous top.

TL;DR at bottom.

The graphics are absolutely stunning, especially in the facial region. I don't think I've seen a horror game with facial animations these good, it flows so well with the rest of the characters body and it doesn't have any awkward faces (in my experience). Most animations are really good looking, fluid and smooth. (except maybe for the standard jog animation, Seb must've forgot to use the toilet)

Upgrades are still here, using the typical green gel, however there is now crafting, meaning you can make your own ammo and decide yourself what you believe is more important than other, for example you might want shotgun shells instead of handgun bullets if you want to take down a group of enemies you know are near. While most of the crafting is made on crafting benches in safehouses (and some laying around randomly in the world), you can craft out in the open streets, however this will cost more materials, so choose wisely.

TEW is now not fully linear, it has a semi-open world with linear areas as most missions are mostly indoors or in places you are otherwise not really able to enter. And I have to say, it does this perfectly. I know many games that try to combine open world with linear sections but they usually flop pretty bad. There are multiple playstyles for each player, if you want stealth, you got it. If you want to go in guns blazing (you'll need ammo...), you've got it. So do not feel limited to one playstyle.

Overall creepy game, the atmosphere will drag you in even more, you will encounter normal people getting killed in the middle of the streets, you will run from multiple enemies and you will get spooked or grossed out by some. There are also smaller events which will make you interact with people in the world ( I only came across one though). The enemy variety is also quite nice, I some you will believe are just normal enemies but they are a little bit more special than others, while some look like pure brutes. You will be kept on edge.

There are also, like most open world-ish games, optional side missions that will give you stuff you will appreciate having (even a special for TEW1 fans ;>), but they are not really needed as you will find good stuff by just exploring or doing the main missions.Like most of Shinji Mikami's games there are some small activities that you can play which will give you crafting gear or other items.

4 Different difficulties, Casual (easy), Survival (Normal), Nightmare (Hard, however is the same difficulty as survival in TEW1), and Classic Mode, which you unlock after finishing the game in either Nightmare or Survival difficulty. I'm not going to spoil Classic Mode but I believe fans of Classic RE and Dino Crisis will appreciate this. It is however quite sad to see AKUMU Mode gone. Finishing the game will give you unlockables to use in New Game+, boosting replayability alongside the Classic Mode.

A good variety of guns, from a Standard Pistol to a Flamethrower, aswell as weapons you can unlock after you finish the game and start a New Game+. Some weapons you need to find parts in order to use them, which enhances exploration. There are different weapons within a category (eg. Pistols), All of them will have their own positives and negatives, which lets you explore how you want to play.

TL;DR:+ Graphics and Animations+ Good Semi-open world w/ side missions+ Great variety of weapons for different situations+ Enemy Variety+ Fun side activites to relax and just blast with your weapons+ Crafting+ Wide range of difficulty+ New game+ and unlockables+ Replayability+ Creepy atmosphere will keep you on edge+ Small events throughout the world

- Standard jog animation looks like Sebastian needs to take a♥♥♥♥♥♥real fast.

Overall, this game is a solid 10/10 from me, coming from a Survival Horror fanatic.

The Evil Within 2 General Discussions :: Steam Community


19 hours ago

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13 Oct @ 6:47pm

PINNED: The Evil Within 2 | Race Against Time [Gameplay Trailer]



11 Oct @ 11:34am

PINNED: The Evil Within 2 | Launch Trailer [Red Band]



Just now

Soooooo this isn't really a horror game is it?



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Русское обсуждение ! [RUS]



12 minutes ago

♥♥♥♥ing damm bloody ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ stefano



27 minutes ago

Anyone find a file to config yet?



41 minutes ago

Alternate dialogue with Kidman (slides)



42 minutes ago

this game gets good reviews but



1 hour ago

120 FPS?



1 hour ago

GTX 970 outdated ? Bad Optimization

Rohit Tulsyan


2 hours ago

Best Game 2017

Six Sticks


2 hours ago

BUGS/GLITCHES (list here please)

Justin J (PuNk)


3 hours ago

Selling The Evil Within 2 Steam key for 25$. (Global Key)



4 hours ago

The Evil Within 2 is the best that Silent Hill fans can rely on today.


Is Steam evil? | TechRadar

I'm warming my hands over the fire made from the last of my furniture when my phone bings. It's an assignment! From my favourite editor! Starvation allayed for another day!

Yet my face falls as I read it: "Prove Steam is evil." My penury means I can't refuse it but... it's mad. Everyone knows Valve is the good guy. No one in their right mind could call Valve evil.

We've talked to many members of the company over the years and they're a singular mix of high-achievers dedicated to making the best possible games they can. Most developers I contacted refused to even contemplate the idea of Valve being evil. It's both unthinkably wrong and commercial suicide.

Dan Marshall, developer of cult classic Time Gentlemen, Please! and forthcoming heist caper The Swindle, explained why:

"The first problem with any argument that Steam's evil is, as anyone who has ever worked with Valve will tell you, that they're all thoroughly pleasant people who are genuinely striving to create something good.

"It's not just about good people doing a good job - it's more than that. There's a feeling of ethos that they're all trying to make something amazing, and empowering devs and gamers alike however they can. They'll tell you about the systems they're putting in place, and they'll explain why. They'll help you however they can. No, Steam's going to live or die by how popular it is. If it suddenly starts making a load of bum moves and doesn't do anything to rectify them, people will shift elsewhere. But the people I've worked with just wouldn't let that happen."

But what if there's something in my editor's mad contrariness? What if Steam, personified in its owner Valve, is evil? Or at least, could be one day? How would such a company function? How would it affect us, the gamers? What would change? Is an evil Steam the worst thing that could happen to PC gamers?

We've tried to answer that in this article and supplied three alternate dystopias for PC gamers, if a Steam teeming with fire-eyed demons proves too ridiculous.

Why Valve is good

We all know that Valve is capable of producing some great games...

Google famously chose as its corporate slogan "Don't be evil" and struggled to live up to it. Valve, back when it was just a nobody developer, chose the slightly less catchy "Open your mind. Open your eyes."

Despite this mealy-mouthed aphorism, Valve has been the more generous corporation over the years, creating and popularising the digital distribution model for selling games, making it as egalitarian as it could, and creating endless new ways to improve it.

Recently, after an uncommunicative hiatus, the signs are that Valve is attempting to live up to its slogan, pushing new forms of input and output to make games more exciting, innovating where the console manufacturers aren't, looking forward while others look backwards, and making the PC its platform rather than Microsoft's.

The biggest change we could see to the gaming ecosystem would be if Valve, the company that owns the world's most effective digital distribution service, started acting as a real corporation, rather than a benevolent dictatorship as it does today.

...though it can take its time about releasing certain sequels

It's odd to think that most people in the world take 'behaving like an efficient corporation' to mean the same as 'evil', but that's reflective of most people's experience of profit-gouging corporations.

Whether it's horse meat in your crispy pancakes, train tickets increasing 200 per cent since privatisation, or the dangerous and expensive lie that is the global nuclear industry, people are used to being screwed by big companies.

So imagine how Valve might be run if it was owned by someone else, say a Microsoft or an EA. Imagine unnecessary updates like Windows 8, feature creep, everything being charged for, thriving but unprofitable servers being switched off, and monopolistic behaviour with cross-promoted applications.

Playing Monopoly

The Swindle is the next game from Dan Marshall and will probably appear on Steam

Yet, looking at the games market today, one does have to worry that it's becoming a series of walled gardens - Apple, Sony and Microsoft all have tremendous controls over their sales fora. On PC, the other major digital retailers sell nowhere near the number of games that Valve does, and Steam is turning the PC into Valve's own walled garden.

The company has a virtual monopoly on the discoverability and community aspects of gaming, such as social networks, gifting, modding, multiplayer and promotion. Having this much power concentrated in one spot can't be good for the consumer, can it?

These intimations of Valve becoming a monopoly don't worry Marshall. "Having a monopoly isn't necessarily a bad thing - when all the systems at play work well together, a monopoly can be pretty damned useful for the end user. If I organise a meeting over Gmail, it's automatically put into my Google Calendar, and my Nexus 7 tells me what the weather's going to be like when I get there. It's brilliant! Anyone who's tried to use iTunes on Windows can tell you that having more than one set of fingers jabbing at a service can really mess it up."

EA and Ubisoft recently agreed to sell each other's games in their own eShops

Similarly, anyone trying to construct a replacement Steam will understand why one company controlling everything isn't always a bad thing. Admittedly, Valve doesn't quite have a monopoly over the PC gaming market, but it's very close.

To have a real monopoly a company needs to control the price of its products, and it needs to have a significant, relevant market share so that consumers have no choice but to buy its product. Regarding market share, anecdotal evidence from developers has Steam selling more than 10 times the rest of digital retail put together. Yet consumers are still price-mobile; if they find a game cheaper elsewhere than it is on Steam (such as a developer's own site), they can buy it there.

However, consumers mostly don't as the other facets of Steam - community, fast downloads, auto-patching, mods, easy DLC and so on - mean a discount isn't as valuable as it seems relative to the functionality that's been lost. Moreover, games are often cheaper on Steam - especially older ones.

So Steam has pretty near 100 per cent of the market for PC gamers, but is it controlling prices? No, it's not. As far as we can tell, it takes a percentage of all revenues, altered depending on the developer's leverage - Activision gives less, an indie would give more.

The price is set by the developer or publisher of the game, unlike, say Microsoft's XBLA with its set price points ($5, $10 or $20), or Amazon, which once forced certain developers to give their apps away for free on its marketplace.

Valve itself says: "Pricing is very title specific, and we've got a lot of data and experience to help you decide on what the best price is for your title. We'll work with you to figure out pricing." This means we can't classify Steam as a monopoly until it has price controls. Is there really a threat here?

On the next page: what if Gabe Newell leaves?

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